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Hello Kitty Food Truck

The Japanese company Sanrio is famous for producing Japanese pop culture products. While the company has loads and loads of characters to capitalize on, it would be fair to say that Hello Kitty has been the most successful. Hello kitty apparel became incredibly popular upon its release and remains so to this day.

You’ll find people wearing Hello kitty shirts, bags, trousers etc., all across the world. However, could anyone have ever imagined that there would actually be a Hello Kitty Food truck? Well, there are now. Most countries have loads and loads of food trucks belonging to reputable brands like Eat Morris and The Taim Mobile. The latest addition to these is the Hello Kitty food truck.

Clothing designers with their own food brands – Hello Kitty Food Truck Clothing designers with their own food brands – Hello Kitty Food Truck
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This bright pink truck draws huge numbers as people wait in hour-long lines to get a taste of what Hello Kitty has to offer. The truck offers donuts, colorful macarons, water bottles shaped like the Hello kitty bows, and a variety of Sanrio merchandise. You can find the Hello Kitty food truck in different states, which goes to show how successful the idea was. There are even Hello Kitty themed pop-up café’s in different countries.

Tommy Bahama Restaurant

Tommy Bahama, the lifestyle and clothing brand has three stores in San Diego.

However, the company plans to introduce more restaurants in the area’s Fashion Valley Mall. Tommy Bahama will be bringing The Marlin Bar close to Macy’s, replacing the famous All Saints store. The company has casual eateries and a full-service restaurant. Some of them are combined with their clothing retail stores.

fashion designers with their own resturnats, Tommy bahamafashion designers with their own resturnats, Tommy bahama

The space acquired in Fashion valley will be a blend of Tommy Bahama’s retail store, outdoor patio, and counter-service restaurant. To most people’s surprise, the menu is quite diverse and ranges from blue crab and avocado salad, Cuban sandwich, coconut shrimp and much more. The cocktail menu includes rum drinks, margaritas, martinis, and other take-me-away libations.

Prada Bakery in Milan

Prada is a lot more than a mere luxury brand.

Initially, the company started the Prada Foundation, which was a Milan-based art museum that also contained a bar made by highly acclaimed filmmaker Wes Anderson. However, Prada did not stop there. It acquired a famous pastry shop in Milan called Pasticceria Marchesi. The fashion company founded this bakery in 1824. What’s most impressive about it is that its management is still under the founding family.

Besides offering baked goods, Pasticceria Marchesi also has a decent range of wine and beer. It only serves these beverages at night, making it a lot more easygoing than traditional bars. You may be wondering why a fashion brand as famous as Prada would want to step foot in the food business. Well, the answer is quite simple –Miuccia Prada has a deep-rooted history in Milan. She was born and raised there. Most of her work is based on Milansese culture. Plus, she also received her political science Ph.D from the University of Milan.

Prior to the Prada Foundation, which already has a coffee shop, library, and a variety of other social hosting locations, Prada stated that she wanted youngsters to be fall in love with culture.

Nordstrom Café

Nordstrom introduced its Classic Café during the 1980s. Its menu heavily leaned on different types of salads like barbecue chicken salad, Caesar salad, and Chinese chicken salad. Later, the company started to rebrand its Classic Cafes as Marketplace Café. These eateries had updated décor and a longer menu list.

At present, there are more than 250 Nordstrom food and drink shops and restaurants in the United States. The company’s representatives did not disclose much information when asked about the development of their concepts.

However, if you take a close look, you might notice that the inspiration clearly comes from national food trends, like the ones demonstrated by Habitant’s handcrafted cocktails and the Asian steamed buns at Raam’s.


The American fashion company Ralph Lauren does not need any introduction whatsoever, but did you know that it also has a couple of restaurants? Ralph Lauren’s restaurants are for foodies and fashionistas who want to enjoy the best of both worlds.

These restaurants has locations in Paris, United States and several other countries. The food menu that Ralph’s offers is quite similar to what you would find in most restaurants with items like burgers, soups, angus steaks etc being on top of the list.

Café Vogue

Are you an avid lover of fashion and food magazines? If your answer is yes, there’s an incredible place you should consider visiting. Initially a fashion magazine before expanding into a full-fledged apparel brand, Vogue also entered the food business by establishing its own café in Portugal.

After the first café’s inauguration, Vogue expanded by forming more branches in various other European cities.

As you would expect, the Vogue café offers a tremendous blend of food and style to its customers with a variety of elegant dishes like the chia pudding, kofta, bao buns, and a lot more.

Café Kitsune

The Café Kitsune is a tremendous example of cafes that fuse food with fashion. That said, this café is quite different from the other extravagant restaurants you will come across on this list. Instead of having grand décor and furniture, the Café Kitsune has a distinct-yet-minimalistic look. The first location was launched in Tokyo, Japan.

Because of its wild popularity, the brand launched another one in Seoul, South Korea.

Café Kitsune is famous for its savory treats, robust coffee, and a massive shopping area that mostly contains home collection items.

Armani Café

No one needs an introduction to the Italian clothing brand Emporio Armaani. This company also capitalized on its incredible name value and popularity and launched a café in Milan.

What’s most impressive about the Armani Café is that it has a chic design code based on the 30s that consists of clean lines, muted tones, and a variety of exquisite materials. Café Armani serves a wide range of foods ranging from baked nibbles to complete meals.

Gucci Osteria

Helmed by the world renowned chef Massimo Bottura, the Gucci Osteria has an impressive range of foods that will satiate your sweet tooth craving, and then some. Located in the newly developed Gucci Garden in Florence, this café has an atmosphere you could just get lost in.

The dining rooms in this restaurant/ café are decorated with pink plates, gold engravings and green walls, staying true to Gucci’s famous aesthetic.

Thomas Café by Burberry

Burberry is globally famous for its stylish clothing, footwear, and other fashion accessories, but the brand decided to dip its feet in the food world as well. It launched the Thomas café in Georgetown, South Carolina. Burberry fans rushed to it the very day it launched.

This café serves a tremendous variety of English products including artisan cheeses, English caviar, farmed meats and much more.

The Thomas café has a light minimalistic indoor décor with furniture made from dark wood, perfectly complementing the timeless appeal of this clothing brand.

GQ Bar

GQ launched a bar in Dubai, giving fans a place to hang out in style. You will see a slew of renowned GQ stars on the bar’s walls, which showcase this brand’s true aesthetic. GQ also hosts Cognac and Cigar evenings for the gentlemen and “women we love” nights for the ladies every Tuesday.

Unlike most cafes and restaurants mentioned on this list, the GQ bar doesn’t have a vast range of food items. But its sitting area, indoor décor, and excellent drink selection more than make up for it.

Final Thoughts

Plenty of other fashion companies and clothing brands are emulating the success of the companies discussed in this piece. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more crossovers in the fashion and food worlds in the near future.