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Mikaila Ulmer isn’t your average 13-year old girl. She’s the CEO of Me & the Bees Lemonade, a privately-owned company based out of Austin, Texas. Her lemonade is sold in over 500 stores nationwide. Here’s the story of Ulmer ’s journey to the beverage big leagues.

From the Street to the Store

When Ulmer was four years old, her parents wouldn’t get her a bike, but they did offer her a business loan. Ulmer used her seed money to open a simple lemonade stand in 2009.

At age nine, she went on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank.” She charmed the nation and investor Daymond John to earn a $60,000 investment. The money and success continue to roll in. In July, a group of NFL athletes invested an additional $810,000 in the company.

The Rewards of Success

When Ulmer isn’t attending school or running her business, she’s busy mingling with greatness and changing the world. Ulmer started a non-profit called the Healthy Hive Foundation that’s dedicated to saving the bees.

Ulmer was named one of Time magazine’s most influential teens in 2017. Since her appearance on Shark Tank, Ulmer has visited the White House and met former president Barack Obama. Earlier this year, she became a member of Microsoft’s People of Action network.

Ulmer’s Pearls of Wisdom

Ulmer says that one of the biggest secrets to success is to surround yourself with knowledgeable partners and mentors. Growing a company is no picnic, even for a girl who sells lemonade. Ulmer says that you have to be clear about your mission. If your mission is clear, then customers know what you’re about and are more likely to buy into you and your product.

Ulmer has big goals, from expanding her non-profit to writing a children’s book about entrepreneurship. At the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Summit held at the United Nations, Ulmer told CNBC that “It’s important to work step by step and take each little goal one at a time.” Stay tuned for more from this 13-year-old on a mission.