20 degrees

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The desire to change the world is an admirable one, but you need to have a plan and the knowledge necessary to do so. By choosing to work in a field that influences important factors in society and life, you can make a big impact on the world. Here are 20 degrees that give you the opportunity to make changes in the world without sacrificing financial freedom.


With a degree in architecture, you have the ability to not only build homes but also to design them at lower costs so that they are more attainable. You can also make sure that homes and buildings are built safely. The median annual salary for architects is around $78,000.


By studying how to maintain health as well as heredity and disease, biochemists can discover and share new ways to improve the health of humans in general. Biochemists’ median salary is over $91,000 per year.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers develop medical technology that can improve the lives of people with health problems. As this field expands, more sickness and disease can be treated or cured. The median annual salary is around $88,000 per year.


With a communication degree, you have the ability to share messages effectively and efficiently. Communications degrees can be used in a variety of jobs, one of which is a public relations specialist. PR specialists have a median salary of $59,000 per year.

Computer Science

With a computer science degree, you can help design the applications and programs that the world will use in the near future. Computer scientists have a median salary of over $114,000.


Our world needs people that can understand our current economic problems and find ways to solve them. With a median salary of $102,490 per year, economics is a great field for changing the world and making a pretty penny.

Environmental Sustainability

If you love the environment and want to keep it healthy, you should consider a degree in environmental sustainability. Change the world physical world for future generations while making $70,000 or more per year.

Film Studies

Movies are great, but documentaries can bring light to the dark parts of the world. With a film studies degree, you can make films that educate people and inspire change while making over $71,000 per year.

Healthcare Administration

With a degree in healthcare administration, you can open and run facilities that make affordable and quality healthcare more attainable to all. There are many other positions for this degree as well, such as medical and health services managers who earn a median salary of more than $98,000 per year.

Justice Studies

Our justice system has the ability to improve lives, but it also has the ability to ruin them. We need people analyzing the laws and setting right the wrongs. Influence judicial change and American law while making more than $115,000 per year with a justice studies degree.

Liberal Studies

Many people do not understand what liberal studies are because it does not fit into a box. This type of degree can offer the student the ability to be anything from a teacher to a philosopher. Many writers and authors attain this type of degree and make a median annual salary of more than $61,000.

Mental Health Counseling

With a mental health counseling degree, you can change the health and wellbeing of your patients which will trickle down to change many lives. The median salary is over $40,000 per year.

Molecular Biology

Influence and create the medications of tomorrow with a degree in molecular biology. This very important field reports a median annual salary of over $91,000.

Nonprofit Management

People around the world need assistance to live well and stay healthy. With this degree, you can manage or start a nonprofit organization to provide aid to those in need and make over $64,000 per year.


A nursing degree can provide you the opportunity to help patients get and stay healthy. The knowledge you gain can also be used to influence health programs and make around $70,000 per year.

Political Science

Through the study of politics and government, you can find ways to improve a field that affects everyone’s lives on some scale. Political scientists usually make over $110,000 per year.


For those who wish to improve mental health beyond counseling, psychology is a great field. This field reports a median annual salary of more than $77,000.

Social Justice

If you want to help push society toward equality, social justice is a great choice. For more than $40,000, you can learn how to influence change in society.


To influence peace on a larger scale, consider sociology. By studying cultures and human behavior, you can help bridge the gaps in humanity. Sociologists can make more than $79,000 per year.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance abuse has always been an issue in many societies, and it can destroy lives, families, and futures. With a substance abuse counseling degree, you can help change this and make over $43,000 per year.

Any of these degrees provide you with access to different influential fields. Each also provides great financial opportunities and growth, and the need for these positions is not going anywhere. Choosing one of these fields will let you impact the world without going broke in the process.