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Are you feeling the entrepreneurial spirit? If so, you don’t have to quit your day job to become your own boss. Today, many Americans are finding contentment as the owner of a side business. There are plenty of benefits to taking the plunge, and minimal risks.

An additional boost to financial security

If you have concerns about your financial future and current nest egg, you should build a side business. Placing all of your eggs in one basket will keep your money limited. Creating a side business that you enjoy doing helps to create an additional stream of income.

Income earned from a side business can cushion your fall during an emergency or if you are between jobs. If you wish to make your side business a full-time business, you’ll be happy you gave yourself the opportunity to create your own luck. A stable future depends on multiple streams of income to strengthen your sense of economic security.

An outlet to let passions flourish

It might seem daunting transforming a hobby or creative idea into a thriving business. It may not be feasible for you to leave your day job, especially if it provides a regular paycheck and security. However, you can start up a micro business fueled from your passions.

Being able to profit from unused skills at your day job, or exploring creative passions like photography or cooking boosts morale. Owners of a side business have enjoyed improved life satisfaction and a sense of inner fulfillment, versus people who only work their main job.

For freedom and control

Feeling stagnant or trapped at a stable job can leave you looking for a quick exit, even when it’s not immediately possible. If you are lamenting for a greater sense of freedom and control over your life and finances, a side business can help.

A secondary source of income allows you to take more risks with your money, put more funds into savings, or take that vacation you wanted sooner. A side business allows you the freedom to decide the direction you want to take your business ideas. You can restore your sense of pride and purpose when you are fully accountable for your success.