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The economy can be unpredictable at times. This means that a city that once thrived can waste away. As technology increases, some of these towns lose their economic center. Others simply go out of fashion. Either way, these five cities are shrinking rapidly. Small cities are more likely to be affected. That’s why the last one on our list is bound to disappear soon.

Beckley, WV: A Dying Mine Town

Founded in 1838, this mining town is on the decline. In the past seven years, it has lost 5.1% of its population. Almost 2000 people migrated in just one year (July 2016-July 2017). This may be due to a lack of job opportunities. The median income here is only $44,178. For a town in even worse shape, check out the next slide.

Sierra Vista-Douglas, AZ: A Declining Metropolis

Sierra Vista-Douglas is part of a larger metropolis in Arizona. Unfortunately, it seems people are migrating toward the suburbs. This city’s population has declined from 131,782 in 2010 to 124,756 in 2017. However, it isn’t the only large city to experience this change. This next one comes as a surprise to us all.

Charleston, WV: A Capital City In Trouble

The only capital city on our list, Charleston is in bad shape. The median income sits well below a capital city average at just $41,689. Likely because of this, the city has lost 5.5% of its population in the last seven years. That sounds bad, but the last city on our list lost almost double that.

Johnstown, PA: A Victim Of The Times

Located less than 100 miles outside of Pittsburgh, Johnstown is shrinking fast. Over 2000 people migrated out of the city from July 2012-July 2013. In total, the population has shrunk by 7.2% since 2010. Sadly, those numbers don’t even compare to this next city. With its declining population, it might just disappear soon.

Pine Bluff, AR: A Soon-To-Be Ghost Town

Although Pine Bluff is the tenth-largest city in Arkansas, that is rapidly changing. Over 10,000 people have fled the city since 2010. That’s almost 10% of the city’s original 100,093 citizens. With a median income below $40,000, it’s likely these people are looking for work. Afterall, that is the common trend in America today.