If you consider yourself an impulse buyer and frequently experience buyer’s remorse, these tips for saving money in 2019 are especially for you! It might be an overwhelming thought to tighten your spending, but there really isn’t much to it. Here are some of the easiest ways for you to save.

Before you purchase, run a price comparison

It doesn’t matter if it’s an online purchase or in-store purchase, before you pull the trigger, run a price comparison. The easiest way to do so is to visit a site like PriceGrabber.


All you have to do is type in the item you’re wanting to purchase and it will tell you where to get it for the best price. You’ll be surprised at how many sales you’re unaware of.

Shop on sites with cash back offers

On sites like Ebates, you can shop the best deals while getting cash back. Each time the site points you in the direction of a retailer, they’re paid a percentage of that sale, which they then split with you. Rebates range from 1 to 30 percent, and the retailers usually always offer discount codes.

If you’re going to have a credit card, make sure it’s a rewards card

Choosing the right credit card is important. If you need one, make sure it yields rewards such as cash back, airline miles or hotel points.

Note: avoid applying for cards with annual fees. Money Talks News’ credit card finder can help you choose the card that best meets your needs.

Utilize the dollar store

Most of us never think to look at the dollar store when we run out of things like light bulbs or when we need a mop bucket. There are certainly things that shouldn’t be purchased there, but if you need paper plates for a family barbeque, why spend $5 when you can spend $1?

Always look on social buying sites first

Social buying sites like Facebook Marketplace are gaining popularity. There are usually moving sales where you can find nice, inexpensive furniture and electronics.

Need a trampoline for your kids, cushions for your patio furniture or a washer and dryer? The listings are endless and all within a few miles of your home ready for pickup or delivery.