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Before doing a home repair or remodel, you should always consider if the work is going to add to your home’s value. Some projects are much more impactful than others.

Kitchen Remodeling Is Popular, But Not The Best Investment

Fresh, new, modern kitchens are all the rage in home magazines and design websites. Kitchens are a focal point in the home— families meet, eat, and entertain in this space— but new cabinets, countertops, and appliances hike even a small remodel’s cost into the stratosphere. The best bang for your buck is a more visible, but much smaller, project.

According to a survey by real estate website, a sharply painted front door can add considerable value to your home.

Possible Return On Investment Of 60 Times The Cost

Where a kitchen return on investment (ROI) might slightly go over the cost after a few years’ of appreciation, the survey found that painting the front door black adds over $6,000 to the sales price. Black door paint is a job that requires less than $100 in materials and equipment and just a few hours of time. Black exterior doors aren’t the only paint jobs that put cash in your pocket.

Carefully choosing an interior paint color can also increase your home’s value. While extreme colors can put-off a buyer, so can stark white.

Taupe Walls Make An Impression On Buyers

A mix of grey and beige, taupe is an excellent color choice for the entire home. It is plain, but not dull, and when paired with contrasting off-white trim, you can make a room look like it came straight out of a designer’s portfolio.

Improving your home can be tricky if your goal is to increase your home value. Start small and at the entrance, you’ll make a bold and welcoming change to your home that is proven to be a good investment.