Robert Pagliarini is a long-time contributor on personal financial matters for Forbes. He’s an absolute expert in the field now, but he hasn’t always been as knowledgeable. If he could, he would give his younger self a lot of advice on his personal finances. Here are five tips he most wishes he knew earlier.

Take more chances while you can

Pagliarini wishes he would have taken more risks with his finances when he was younger. You don’t have a mortgage, marriage or children to worry about when you’re young. That is the time to take chances, risk losing big to win big! Honestly, you have less to lose than you probably think.

You are your own best investment

There is one thing you will always have throughout your life: yourself. Invest in yourself, in your mind, your body, and your life. Start investing in yourself as early as possible so you can benefit you for the rest of your life! Read informative books, take extra classes, and get into a healthy lifestyle as much as you can.

Learn to be financially decisive

Making no decision can be even worse than making an uninformed decision. If you learn early how to be informed and decisive with your finances, it will pay you back every year for as long as you live. You don’t need to know absolutely everything about personal finances, but you do need to know enough and be confident enough to make quick, good decisions.

Devote yourself to one thing at a time

Most people will hear a lot about striving for balance: balancing their work with their personal life, balancing their goals against each other. Pagliarini wants to go back and tell himself that isn’t always the best way. Instead, he wishes he had focused on one goal at a time, striving towards it with almost all his strength. Accomplish one goal, then move onto another.

Make a habit of saving and investing

The earlier you begin saving money and investing as much of it as you can spare, the better off you will be. Learning to make saving money and investing it a habit in your 20s will lead to you being much more financially secure for the rest of your life. Make saving something you do on reflex, without needing to think about it.