Weekend Getaway

Crescent City Retirement

Everyone gets an itch for a fun, weekend getaway every once in a while. These short, sporadic trips can be just what you need to feel refreshed after a dull week at the office. What’s more, is there are plenty of weekend getaway options that won’t break the bank. Here’s how it’s done.

Plan Around Your Free Weekends

Target a few upcoming weekends that might work for your mini-vacay. Don’t obsess over one weekend, as this can end up being expensive and add stress to your getaway planning. By being flexible with your travel dates, you can even score amazing deals – which we’ll tell you all about soon.

Lockdown Pet Or Child Care

Make sure you plan ahead for any ongoing responsibilities you may have, like caring for your children or pets at home. If you can find a way for them to be taken care of for free, that will give you more spending money on your getaway. Consult with friends and family before your trip to see if anyone can help with this.

Consider Destinations Within Driving Distance

Research vacation getaways that are within a few hours from home– ideally one you can head to Friday evening after you get off work. While road trips are one of the most frugal options for a weekend getaway, they can also be great for exploring your surrounding area and discovering new, fun places to dig into. If you’re deadset on flying, we’ve got some tips for that, too.

Get A Pulse On Travel Discounts

Once you settle on a few potential weekends for your getaway, start searching airline tools to find cheap, round-trip flights to anywhere from your closest airport. While we all have vacation destination fantasies, keeping your options open here will help you find a cheap getaway to an unexpected location– which may even turn out to be your new favorite.

Research Public Transit Opportunities

Unless your flying into a remote, rural area, there’s no need for a rental car. Research the public transit opportunities in your destination city. You may be surprised, as some of the most interesting U.S. cities such as San Francisco and New Orleans have cheap transit options like the trolley car.