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  • The difference between the wealthiest Spice Girl and the least wealthy is more than $400 million
  • Generally speaking, they’re all living pretty comfortably
  • Many of them have been busy with TV hosting endeavors, writing projects, and more

The female pop group, the Spice Girls, were everywhere in the 1990s. At times, it seemed that no matter where you turned, you’d hear overhead music playing “tell me what you want, what you really, really want” quickly followed by the nonsensical chant “zig a zig ahhhh.”  In addition, there were multiple albums, videos, books, and even a Spice Girls movie.

During these years, the group’s sky-high earnings, as much as $75 million a year, reflected their popularity. However, it’s been decades since the Spice Girls hit their peak, and a lot of fans might be wondering how they’ve done since coming down from superstardom. We’ve got the details in a list that shows net worth for each member of the group and what they’re up to.

Mel B (Scary Spice): $15 million

Spice Girl Mel B has maintained her reputation for lavish spending, and it has shown, as she’s got the lowest net worth in the group. While $10 million really isn’t anything to look down at, it is incredible to consider how much more it could have been if the singer hadn’t spent so much on luxuries like jewelry, handbags, and private jets.

Her spending became so extreme that she was forced to move out of her Hollywood Hills home, and her ex-husband told the world that she’d blown through most of her $50 million in Spice Girls earnings. That’s a scary spending history for Scary Spice (yeah, we went there.)

With a net worth of about $15 million, Mel B is by far the poorest of the Spice Girls. But she’s not exactly hurting for money, either. As a recurring judge on the hit television show America’s Got Talent, she’s been raking in the dough since 2013. In addition, she’s had two solo albums and appearances on Dancing With the Stars and The X Factor Australia.

Out of all of the Spice Girls, Mel B. may be struggling the most since the group broke up

Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice): $33 million

Life after the Spice Girls may be calmer for Melanie Chisholm, but it has left her quite comfortable. She has maintained a career as a solo performer and sold more than 12 million albums while appearing as a guest judge on several reality talent shows broadcast throughout the world. She has also flexed her acting muscles in stage productions of Jesus Christ Superstar and Blood Brothers. Melanie Chisolm’s 2020 net worth clocks in at 33 million.

Emma Bunton (Baby Spice): $40 million

After leaving the Spice Girls, Bunton worked pretty hard at a solo career, which, unfortunately, didn’t take off. She’s maintained her fortune through brand sponsorships and TV appearances, and hosting a successful radio program, Heart FM. She’s also started her own company that sells ecologically-friendly baby products, and the company has prospered. Emma Bunton’s net worth comes in at 40 million.

Emma Bunton of the Spice Girls Singing on StageEmma Bunton of the Spice Girls Singing on Stage

Gerri Halliwell (Ginger Spice): $40 million

Since parting ways with the Spice Girls, Gerri Horner has been working hard — a fact that shows in her net worth. She has three albums and four number-one singles to brag about, has guested on multiple television shows including Sex and the City, and has written children’s books and two autobiographies. Like other Spice Girls, she’s judged on reality talent shows like American Idol and the X-Factor. Unlike the others, however, she’s had the opportunity to make a difference in the world as a Goodwill Ambassador for the U.N.

Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice): $450 million

Victoria Beckham has hands down, experienced the most amount of financial success since leaving the Spice Girls at a whopping $450 million. Her net worth is more than ten times greater than anyone else’s, partially due to her fashion label “Victoria Beckham and brand sponsorships. More than that, she’s still very culturally relevant. She, along with her husband soccer superstar David Beckham, has become a worldwide influence, even doing her part to help Meghan Markle as the Duchess transitioned into London life.

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