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1. K&J Reusable Filter Keurig Cups – $9.95

Keurig coffee makers have made their way into homes across the United States because they are simple, easy, and provide a pretty darn good cup of coffee. But all of those coffee pods — called K-Cups — add up, not only in hard dollars, but also in how they impact our planet.

reusable k cups amazon shoppingreusable k cups amazon shopping
Alan R. Vankirk/Amazon

Even the creator of K-Cups, John Sylvan, says he regrets creating the pods because of the negative impact their waste has on the environment. But with this reusable filter cup, compatible with Keurigs and other pod-coffee systems, Sylvan no longer has to worry. Now anyone can take their favorite coffee and make their own K-Cups right from home.

2. Car Seat Gap Filler – $19.99

Here is the product that we didn’t know we absolutely needed until we found it while doing our Amazon shopping — and anyone who owns a car will surely feel the same way. With this under $20 Amazon product, drivers and passengers can leave the nuisance of dropping something through a crack in a seat in the rearview mirror.

car seat filler amazon shoppingcar seat filler amazon shopping

This “Drop Stop”, featured on the show Shark Tank, comes as a pack of two gap fillers, creating the solution for all of those pesky crevices in a car. All anyone has to do is attach the padding to the seatbelt and enjoy a bright, beautiful new life where iPhones no longer slip between the cracks.

3. Matador Mini Pocket Blanket – $19.99

You don’t need to be an avid camper in order to reap the benefits of this awesome pocket blanket. Whether someone needs a beach blanket, wants to have a relaxing day sitting in a park, or usually just runs a bit cold, this pocket blanket is a game changer.

Pocket Blanket amazon shoppingPocket Blanket amazon shopping
Rachel Murray/Amazon

The sleek design folds out to be a full-sized blanket, and then folds up to fit in the palm of one’s hand. But wait, it gets cooler (or, well, warmer). This itsy bitsy multipurpose blanket also just so happens to be water-repellent and puncture-resistant, so it can outlast pretty much anything.

4. Pet Hair Remover Glove – $8.99

We all love to pet our house pets. And we’ve all had to brush and groom them only to find even more hair inevitably ending up all over our floors and rugs. But how about being able to pet our favorite furry friends while simultaneously grooming them? Sign us up. Here’s a wacky yet helpful tool to add to your Amazon shopping.

Cat Hair Glove Amazon shoppingCat Hair Glove Amazon shopping
Stephanie Rojas/Amazon

That’s where these gentle grooming gloves come in. These gloves come in right or left-handed options (or, for those who really want to get into it, there is an option to get both). And the best part? It really, genuinely works. Reviews say that not only do pets love it, but the gloves are actually effective in removing all that excess fuzz.

5. MOSO Natural Air Purifying Bags – $9.95

This product is like a breath of fresh air, literally. Got a pair of particularly stinky shoes that cannot go into the wash? Have an old-reliable gym bag that has seen better days? Wondering what to do with all that sweaty sports gear? This is all a job for these unscented, chemical-free, odor-eliminating bags.

Shoe bags amazon shoppingShoe bags amazon shopping
Michael Sisko/Amazon

But how does something that is called “odor-free” end up eliminating odors? This product uses moso bamboo charcoal, and according to reviews, it actually works. The bags work for two years, as long as they are left out in the sun about once a month. And once they are done, their insides can be sprinkled in a garden to promote plant growth. Pretty cool stuff.

6. Plant Self-Watering Stakes – $11.99

Plants can really change the appearance of a home. It seems like everyone right now is turning their homes into tiny jungles, but all those plants require a lot of work. And any of the progress can quickly be ruined should any plant owner dare go on vacation and forget to keep up regular watering. But finally, there is a solution.

Plant self watering amazon shoppingPlant self watering amazon shopping
Sue Cassell Broadwell/Amazon

These self-watering stakes create an automatic irrigation system for any plants, and they also happen to look pretty cool while doing it. Just bury the stakes in the soil alongside even the most fussy houseplants, and place an upside-down glass water jug inside. The cones help the water self-regulate, and only water the plant when it needs the extra boost.

7. Dash Mini Waffle Maker – $20

What could possibly be better than a whole plate of freshly made waffles? A whole plate of freshly made, adorable mini waffles created from a machine that only costs $20! But wait, it gets better. Not only can this little machine produce some cute waffles, it can also make things like paninis, hash browns, and mini pizzas. Our Amazon shopping list just got longer.

mini waffle maker amazon shoppingmini waffle maker amazon shopping

This little guy packs a punch, and comes in lovely bright colors like aqua, pink, white, and red. It only weighs one pound, so it is easy to share the joy with friends, take it on camping trips, and it does not take up much counter space in a small kitchen.

8. Pencil & Brush Holder – $7.96

Okay, we know what some people might be thinking: what makes a pencil holder part of a must-have list? Well, hear us out, because this pencil holder is the stuff of wonders for any art enthusiast. This holder comes with 96 holes, enough to basically house every pencil and pen imaginable, freeing up tons of space on any cluttered desk.

Pencil holder amazon shoppingPencil holder amazon shopping

But even for those who are not as artistically inclined, this holder is still useful to have around. The slots can fit a ton of things, including paint brushes, makeup brushes, small tools, scissors, and all of those other small loose objects laying around.

9. Blackhead Peel-Off Mask – $14.99

Amazon shopping has never been so bizarre yet oddly satisfying. Hear us out: as gross as it is to admit, there’s a sick sense of satisfaction that comes with peeling off a mask and seeing all of the remnants of clogged pores literally being ripped out of one’s face. And anyone who knows what we are talking about will absolutely love this charcoal mask because it works like a charm.

Charcoal Masks amazon shoppingCharcoal Masks amazon shopping
Alejandro Rodriguez/Amazon

This mask takes toxins, dirt, and everything else that clogs pores, drags them to the surface, and leaves skin brighter, cleaner, and more radiant. Just use the brush that comes with it and spread the mask on problem areas, wait for it to dry, and then slowly peel. The results are astounding and, according to reviews, painless.

10. Rapid Egg Cooker – $16.99

We love to wake up to a plate of freshly made eggs for breakfast. But unfortunately, the reality is that usually there just isn’t enough time in our morning routine to take care of the cooking. Well, this useful little product is about to change all of that. The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker can make hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, and scrambled eggs, as well as omelettes, completely on its own.

Egg Cooker amazon shoppingEgg Cooker amazon shopping

It sounds far too good to be true, but here’s how it works. Just choose a style of eggs from the settings and set the timer. That’s it! A timer will go off when the eggs are ready, and they will always be cooked to perfection.

11. Wall Decal Dots – $13.99

Everyone loves a room redesign…once it is finished. In reality, the process of refreshing a room can be cumbersome, expensive, and overwhelming. Not only do the costs pile up pretty quickly, but it makes a complete mess of one’s home. So put away that paint can and those brushes, because Amazon has a great alternative.

Wall dots amazon shoppingWall dots amazon shopping

Refresh any wall without the mess with these adorable wall decal dots. All of the dots are separate and have adhesive backing, so they can be placed anywhere and in any pattern. Amazon sells options in black, white, gray, browns, reds, pinks, greens, yellows, oranges, purples, blues, silver, and gold, so there really is something for everyone. Make a whole dotted wall or make a small design; anything goes.

12. MUJI Handy Shredder – $25.00

Shredding paper is not only useful for anyone who needs to get rid of important documents, but it also just so happens to be oddly satisfying. So whether anyone out there is some sort of important business type, or they just love a good shredding session, this product is a must-have.

Paper shredder amazon shoppingPaper shredder amazon shopping
Grace Ahn/Amazon

This handy shredder is truly grab-and-go. It requires no charging or electricity. Instead, it uses a crank to power itself, so a user merely needs to twist a lever. And apparently this product also helps with anxiety. “My stress levels have gone down and I have less mail with delicate information,” one reviewer wrote on Amazon.

13. Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder – $6.99

A first impression is important, and a smile is usually one of the first things that a person notices. So it is important to put a good face — and, for that matter, mouth — forward. But let’s be honest, not everyone can afford the expensive, professional teeth-whitening process. And for those times, there’s an easy $6.99 alternative you’ll definitely consider for your next Amazon shopping spree.

Charcoal whitening amazon shoppingCharcoal whitening amazon shopping

This activated charcoal product is a natural teeth whitener and comes with some incredible results, even after just 2 to 3 days. And the benefits don’t only include a brighter smile. This product is also said to rid the mouth of dangerous toxins.

14. Essential Oil Diffuser – $15.99

Oil diffusers are truly life-changing. There really is nothing like entering a room and having the fresh smell of essential oils waft in. And the best part? Unlike candles, which can cause disaster, anyone can just turn an oil diffuser on, walk out the door, and come back to their sweet-smelling home, worry free!

Oil Diffuser amazon shoppingOil Diffuser amazon shopping
Liz Rabold/Amazon

And with this $15.99 option, anyone can get their hands on an oil diffuser. This particular one comes with 8 different LED color options, as well as a sleep option without light. Just put in a few drops of essential oil, add water, and let the cool mist do the rest of the work. Smell that? That’s the smell of savings (and, of course, this oil diffuser).

15. Baby Foot Peel – $25.00

Baby Foot exfoliating foot peel is the number-one best selling foot mask on Amazon. Over 15,000 people have reviewed these strange peels, and we are here to add yet another five-star review. This product yields some serious results, as strange and oddly satisfying as the process might be.

Baby FeetBaby Feet

Suffer from dry or cracked feet? Here’s how they work. Every box of Baby Foot comes with one pair of sock-like bags. Put them on for 20 minutes on day one, and each day after, just soak your feet for 10 minutes. As the days go on, all that dead skin starts to peel away in sheets, pain-free. It might sound a bit gross (and it is), but the end product is astounding, smooth, and totally worth it.

16. Remote Control Outlet with Wireless Remote – $16.99

Getting off of the couch is hard sometimes. And we don’t know about everyone else, but oftentimes we wish there was a remote for just about everything. With this Amazon product, now there is. This remote control outlet can turn any appliance into a remote-controlled device. Yep, welcome to the future.

Wireless Light Switch amazon shoppingWireless Light Switch amazon shopping
Daniel J./Amazon

Setting up this device has never been more simple. All anyone has to do is plug it into the wall and then plug whatever device they want to control into the product. Suddenly anything, from lamps to fans to coffee machines to laptop chargers and televisions, can be turned on and off right from the couch.

17. Olive Erasers – $10.99

Work can be stressful. But thankfully, Amazon has some ways to make the office space a little bit more fun. And that includes these fun, collectible erasers. These olive erasers are designed to look exactly like olives, even down to their tin packaging. But inside, each is filled with six small erasers that definitely should not be consumed.

Olive erasers funnyOlive erasers funny

Not a huge fan of olives? This product also comes in mandarin orange and hot dog varieties as well. Regardless of which type anyone chooses, these erasers are cute, fun, and add a little lightheartedness to anyone’s desk. And once they are done, the keepsake tin can be recycled into an adorable pencil holder.

18. Cat Eye Sunglasses – $11.98

Styles come and go, so why spend an arm and a leg on a trendy piece when that same product can be found on Amazon for under $25? Instead, try something like these narrow, cat eye sunglasses on for size. These plastic-framed lenses are not only super fashionable, they come in a ton of different colors to match anyone’s taste and style.


According to reviews, the plastic frames are extremely sturdy and durable, and won’t break just because someone throws them into their purse. For $11.98 on your next Amazon shopping binge, you can even get two different colored pairs, along with a cleaning wipe, a protective case, and a cool new look.

19. Rainbow Mini Notes

The Lisa Frank days are finally back! Well, sort of. Remember the glory days of gel pens and rainbow scratch art? They’ve returned, at least at Amazon. These Melissa & Doug Scratch Art set of rainbow mini notes was ranked as Amazon’s choice in the category of gifts for girls under 10 dollars.

Rainbow drawing pad Amazon shoppingRainbow drawing pad Amazon shopping

And we tend to agree, it’s a pretty awesome deal. But one does not have to have kids at home to enjoy this fun set of 125 notes. Anyone can scratch off the black paper and turn even the most simple of shopping lists into a fun or goofy art project.

20. Rolling Tube Toothpaste Squeezer – $6.99

Add it to your Amazon shopping must-haves, because this item ought to be in every household. Stop struggling and straining as you try to squeeze every last drop of toothpaste out of the tube. Instead, try this toothpaste squeezer, which can be attached right to the bottom of a tube and ensures that every last drop is dispensed, hassle-free.

Toothpaste amazon shoppingToothpaste amazon shopping

But don’t let the $6.99 price tag fool you. According to thousands of reviews, this plastic product is actually quite sturdy and even looks nice sitting on a bathroom counter top. The sturdy bottom makes it so that toothpaste is always standing upright, and the easy-to-operate crank makes everything easy-squeezy.

21. Cotton Sleeping Mask – $14.44

Looking for the perfect sleep mask? Look no further than Kimkoo’s version of the light-blocking sleep mask. This specific mask is made from cotton so soft, we wish we could just sleep on it. Instead, we will settle for getting to wear it on our faces.

Sleeping Mask Amazon shoppingSleeping Mask Amazon shopping

The mask comes with a flap just above the nose so that everyone can fill in the under-eye gap and adjust to let as much or as little light in as possible. “I am thrilled with this purchase. I’ve gone through countless sleep masks trying to replicate the success I had with a [Kimkoo] mask I bought years ago,” one raving Amazon shopping review said.

22. Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel – $12.90

A few years back, Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel had a viral moment. Thousands of people around the world were getting their hands on this incredibly cheap but incredibly effective skin product, and showing off the strange results they experienced from this Korean beauty trend.

Dr G lotion amazon shoppingDr G lotion amazon shopping

Dr. G’s peel works as an exfoliant, and users can actually observe it working in real time. All anyone has to do is put a drop on their face and rub it into their skin. In seconds, they will see their dead skin cells literally being removed from their face as their pores shrink and their skin becomes brighter, smoother, and moisturized. So what are you waiting for? Hop on this skin care band wagon.

23. Chelsea Rain Boots – $19.99

It’s hard to look cute on a rainy day. But don’t let the dreariness of a drizzle bring down an otherwise good outfit. Instead, try these rain and water-proof Chelsea-style rain booties on for size. They are the perfect mix of style, comfort, and practicality.

Chelsea Rainboots amazon shoppingChelsea Rainboots amazon shopping

Unlike a lot of other rainboots, these ones are stylish and are easy to slip on and off. The anti-slip grips on the soles help prevent any embarrassing or painful wipeouts in the slippery outdoors. And the best part? Every pair of boots comes with a pair of fuzzy socks to keep those feet as warm as possible.

24. Vitamin C Serum – $14.95

It’s hard to dismiss a product that has glowing, exuberant reviews with titles like “I was amazed”, “day one improvement, seriously impressed”, “a skin care must-have”, and “this stuff is freakin’ INCREDIBLE!” And just a quick glance at user-provided before-and-after pictures show that this vitamin C serum is the real deal.

Vitamin C Serum Vitamin C Serum
Angie G./Amazon

This wondrous skincare product has been called one of the best anti-aging serums in the Amazon shopping array. The Vitamin C treatment helps create a glowing complexion, treats even the most stubborn acne, and is packed with essentials like oils, vitamins, and aloe to safely care for, tone, brighten, and enhance even the most sensitive skin.

25. Baby Sun Hat – $22.49

Enough with the baby clothes that include crazy patterns or word slogans. For those looking for simple, classic, and nonsense-free baby clothes, Amazon has some incredible options, including this baby sun hat. And out of the hundreds of options you find while Amazon shopping, this particular hat is the site’s number-one bestseller.

Baby Sun Hat amazon shoppingBaby Sun Hat amazon shopping
Mikhail Viznyuk/Amazon

The simple design can be found in sizes ranging from 0 months to 4 toddler, and comes in beautiful colors like lavender, aqua, navy, hot pink, light blue, orange, white, and gray. And beyond looking good, the hat fits snugly, is machine-washable, breathable, lightweight, and comes with flaps to protect babies’ ears and neck.

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