Looking for an easy way to keep track of money? Much like the answer to almost everything else today — there’s an app for that! In fact, you’ll likely find that your problem won’t so much be trying to find money tracker apps, but attempting to figure out which of the many choices out there is the best personal finance app of them all.

That’s why we’ve assembled a handy list of some of the best money management and budgeting apps around. Whether you’re on the hunt for a convenient budgeting app for couples or simply want to take a look at some of the best money tracking apps to help keep you on a budget, you’re sure to find a great choice to help you reach your goals. Much like most other apps, some of the apps you’ll find here have offers which allow you to level-up for a small charge, but all have a basic version which is totally free.

Mint: Never wonder where your money goes again

Okay, so it’s one of the oldest budgeting apps in existence but it’s definitely stood the test of time for a reason. If you’ve ever wished you could figure out where your money’s always running off too, then Mint is the easy way to turn your dreams into app-based reality. Once you sign up, it will help you track your money as it passes through your bank accounts, credit cards, brokerages, lenders, and more. Not only will it keep you aware of how much you’re spending in different categories, but it will also allow you to customize budgets in order to stay on track.

Acorns: Best app for painless investing

If you ever find yourself talking yourself out of investing because you think you can’t afford it, think again. Acorns lets you link your debit card and automatically invests your spare change every time you make a purchase. Say, for instance, that you make a purchase of $4.57. In that case, Acorns would take the extra $0.43 out of your account. Where exactly does it go? That’s the fun part. Acorns will invest your spare change in a portfolio of low-cost exchange-traded funds, or ETFs. You can even select your risk preferences and start saving without even having to think about it.  Acorns is free for students and only costs $1 for everybody else who has less than $5,000 in play.

Albert: Best app for savings and lowering bills

A relatively new player to the financial app game, Albert is steadily gaining in popularity. The free version of the app offers a handy way to access all your accounts in one place, track your budget, and keep an overall eye on your financial health. You’ll also get access to automatic savings which can help you stash away cash for a rainy day, as well as a bill lowering tool which can help you trim unwanted expenses. If you find that you need a little extra help, you can go the extra mile and sign up for the Albert Genius. Not only will you get to pick how much you want to pay (with a $4 a month minimum), with a Genius level subscription, you’ll get access to actual human advisors who will help you get your financial life in order with a personalized savings plan. From there, they’ll be available to answer any questions you may have about anything from investing to budgeting.

Honeydue: Best app for couples

If you and your significant other tend to have a hard time seeing the overall picture of your combined finances, Honeydue may be for you. The app will allow you to see all your accounts in one place, as well as track the bills you share. Sound intimidating? Never fear, for Honeydue also allows each of you to decide exactly how much information you want to share with the other. That way you can still plan for joint goals without having to cop to splurging over a much-needed latte every once and awhile.

Robinhood: Best app for the new investor

Think investing is only for those rich enough to sit down with fancy advisors? Not anymore. Robinhood was created with the aim of making the stock market accessible to the 99% and is especially popular among millennials. Once you sign in, you can load your account with however much money you like and begin to buy and trade stocks, all for absolutely free.

Earnin: Best app for cash advances

It’s happened to all of us. You open up your mailbox one day and find yourself faced with a bill you forgot about, complete with an unfriendly threat to cut off a service you’d really like to keep unless you pay up. What to do if you don’t happen to get paid before the cut off date? Well before you run down to some sketchy payday loan service, check out an app called Earnin. Once you create an account and link Earnin to your bank, it will start keeping track of how many hours your work each day via the wonders of GPS tracking. It then allows you to borrow money from your next paycheck anytime and simply deducts it from your account the next time you get paid. Best of all? It’s totally free. That said, it does give you the option to say “thanks” by including a tip in any amount you’d like. While you’re never forced too, it’s such a great setup that you may just find yourself throwing in an extra dollar or two from time to time.