With almost all bank activity now happening online, it can sometimes be hard to track every single purchase. Not to mention, that buying has become a whole lot easier when everything is just a swipe of a card away. But with these five apps, saving money has become easier too, and the tools you need are right at your fingertips.

Mint: Track Your Daily Spending

Mint was one of the first apps to hit the financial market back in 2006 and it has been helping households stick to their budgets for over a decade. The app tracks all of your bills and spending habits, and then notifies you when a payment is coming up or if you have exceeded your budget in a certain category.

Clarity Money: Understand Your Finances

Similar to Mint, Clarity links your checking, savings, credit cards and loans to the app, so that it can help you remember your due dates. It will also notify you when you get paid. It gathers your information to help you understand your financial situation better and clean up bad spending habits in order to save.

Digit: Savings Account with Quarterly Bonuses

As more of an actual savings account, Digit gives you an amount that you can potentially save based on your income and spending, then puts that savings into their FDIC-insured account. As an additional perk, every three months they calculate 1% of the balance in your Digit account and add that amount as a bonus to your savings account.

Albert: Suggestions For Savings

As one of the most accurate apps for day-to-day spending, Albert shows you specific areas to scale back on in order to put more money into your savings account. Each person can set up their own goals and tell the app when and where they want to save, but the app will offer further suggestions for saving.

Acorns: Invest Your Spare Change

This app takes your spare change from purchases and puts it into an investment account based on income and specific personal goals. For example, when you spend $3.54 on a coffee, the app will round up to $4 and put the remaining 0.46 cents into your investment portfolio. They even partner with some major brands, like Blue Apron, who contribute to your savings when you make a purchase with them.