Let’s be serious, who couldn’t use a raise these days? With minimum wages steadily rising, it’s hard to find a job generous enough to hand out a healthy pay increase every year or two. When you decide you’re overdue for a raise, here’s how to approach your boss.

Be Realistic

Yes, I’m sure you would love a raise big enough to end your financial struggles, but that’s likely not going to happen. It’s easy to think that you deserve more than you do, so when asking for a raise, consider why you deserve it, not why you need it.

Highlight Your Accomplishments With Numbers

Show your boss what you’ve done to improve the company. If you’ve increased sales, add a dollar amount or percentage to make a clear case to show what you’ve done. By using specific examples, your boss will be more inclined to recognize how you’ve gone above and beyond to benefit the company.

Talk About The Future

Most bosses like to see that their employees are invested in the company. When asking for a raise, show them you’re committed by talking about your plans to generate business. Explain the new responsibilities you’re willing to take on to reach your goals and volunteer to take on a tough project. They are more likely to invest in someone who is willing to invest in them.

Time It Right

Pay attention to the current state of your company. If layoffs are happening, now is not the time to ask for a raise because money is clearly tight. However, if roles need to be filled, you can offer yourself up to take on more responsibility or possibly move to a higher paying position.

Practice And Persuade

When you show up to your meeting, make sure you’re poised and confident. Nothing’s worse than drawing a blank when asked why you deserve a raise! Anticipate how the conversation will go and practice in the mirror. Now’s your chance to show your boss how awesome you are.