Going to the ER is never a pleasant experience. Not just because of the medical dilemma facing you or your loved one, but also the financial burden that comes with receiving these all-important services. Let’s dive into the real cost of taking a trip to the ER in greater detail…

The average cost

Your bill largely depends on whether you have health insurance. If you don’t have appropriate insurance, you may be forced to fork out anywhere between $150-$3,000 for emergency treatment.

Naturally, this depends on the severity of your affliction. Sadly, if you require critical care, the costs could be as much as $20,000!

Location. Location. Location.

If you’re forced to visit an ER that’s outside of your network, be prepared for a whopping bill for their services.

Plenty of insurers will try and claim your visit wasn’t a ‘true emergency’ and refuse to cover you. You may also get stung if your insurer won’t pay the full amount because they feel the hospital’s charging too much for their ER services.

The bottom line

It’s effortless to spend the equivalent of a month’s rent when you head over to the ER. This isn’t a financial burden many people can afford. Especially, when you don’t have ample insurance to cover you.

The principal concern for medical professionals is providing the emergency attention you need. This means that there isn’t much you can do to prohibit ER’s charging overwhelming costs.

Sadly, there’s no indication ER costs will go down anytime soon. However, you should note that under the Affordable Care Act ER charges are limited in non-profit hospitals if you’re single and earn $48,284 or under, or if you’re a family with an income under $92,000. Be sure to make the most of this perk if you’re entitled to it!