The Fix

Vacations are the best part of life! People save for years to go on lavish vacations, and they look forward to a little relief from the everyday rat race. Unfortunately, scam artists take advantage of that to deceive vacationers out of their hard earned money. Protect yourself with these tips.

Getting There Is Half the Battle

There are scams circulating the web that offer prize drawings for exotic vacations. In return for the chance of winning a dream vacation, “contest organizers” ask for credit card information, either in the initial sign up or through subsequent phone calls. Victims are left with no vacation and less money.

Is Your Hotel Catfishing You?

Catfishing doesn’t just happen on dating apps. Hotels do it too! Some hotels advertise stunning (and old) pictures and leave vacationers disappointed to find out that they actually booked a room at the old roach motel. Check reviews on reputable websites to see what the hotel is really like.

Tourists Are Targets

Travelers are aware of the risk of being robbed, but scam artists have found a more lucrative way of stealing all your money. By attaching malicious hardware onto ATMs or using RFID scanners, your credit card information can be stolen with the card still in your pocket. Monitor your balance!

Is That Badge Real?

Being locked up abroad is a serious fear for travelers. That’s why vacationers are quick to hand over money and passports to anyone claiming to be a police officer. In usual circumstances, police will never approach people on the street asking for a passport. Don’t fall for this!

Mystery Wi-Fi Signals

Hackers set up free Wi-Fi networks that appear to be legitimately offered by hotels to trick patrons into using them. Since these imposter Wi-Fi networks are unsecured, hackers have access to everything you do on the Internet. This is especially dangerous if you access flight or banking information.