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When kids start hitting their teenage years, they start asking their parents for money on the reg to hang out with their friends or go shopping. As a parent, now is the time to teach them the value of hard-earned money. Even with a full schedule of school and extracurricular activities, here are five businesses teenagers can start in their afterschool hours to earn their spending money.


Families who have two working parents or couples with young kids just looking for a date night out are often in need of an extra hand with child care. Teenagers looking for some extra money can spend a few hours babysitting and come home with a wallet full of cash. For younger teenagers, you can find some people who work from home and need a helpful sitter to watch their kids while they concentrate for a few hours.

Dog Walking

Animal lovers can make money offering to walk or feed dogs for people who are going out of town or just work long hours. For this job, you might not even need to leave your neighborhood, which means teenagers who are too young to drive can get to and from their dog walking gig on their own.


If your teenager excels in a certain subject, look into local tutoring centers to see if they need extra teachers. After school programs may also offer homework help and need older students to lend a hand. Non-volunteer positions usually pay well and can be added to a resume as real work experience.

Yard Work

The elderly couple down the street or the businessman who is always out of town for work will likely be great clients for teenagers who can help with yard work. Mowing lawns, raking leaves or watering plants will get teenagers off their phones and outside while also earning them their own money.

Lemonade Stand

This age-old business model is still viable for kids on hot summer weekends. While most people are drawn in to appease the cute kids next door charging 50 cents per cup of lemonade, the other teenage siblings can help keep track of the money and make signs to draw in more customers. This model can be used to help teenagers sell other things as well like at a yard sale.