Let’s face it, you can’t save money all the time. And if you consider yourself the ultimate shopper offline or online, you know your habitual purchases may be causing a money leak. However, leak no more! There are plenty of resources to help you save more moolah when you spend on those need to have items.

Cash back for the clothes horse

Whether you are a budding fashionista, follow certain designers religiously, or simply love dressing up, you are still spending too much.

Make your shopping habits work for you by using a rewards site to get cash back. Your sprees for style will earn you gift cards or cash back, which you can use to splurge on more shoes, a stunning top, or that must-have accessory.

Funds for being a foodie

Frequently dining out for a bite to eat can take a chomp out of your wallet. But, taking photos of what’s on your plate for social media garners street cred and potential income.

Pay the tab for your next foodie adventure using a card that rewards your spending instead of cash. Some restaurants offer unique cards which earn you free meals, or other sweet deals.

More loot for your lattes

Coffee is life. But did you know there is an app that will reward you for getting your regular caffeine fix?

If you love to spend your time and money at specific coffee houses and other retailers, the Shopkick app will reward you for your offline and online shopping habits. Brownie points are given for photos of your receipts and purchases.

Saved for not shopping on sale

You know better than to buy most things when they first hit the rack. There’s nothing like the feeling when you splurge on that new pair of sneakers, skinny pants, or throwback cardigan and suddenly the price drops after you’ve already spent the money.

Paribus is an app that will refund you the difference on the ticket price of an item when you couldn’t save the date for a sale.

Crazy for coupons and deals

You don’t have to become an OCD coupon clipper to score deals on clothes, food, or entertainment. There’s an app for that.

Use Wikibuy or RetailMeNot to score deals when shopping online.  You can also use Swagbucks or Ebates to get rewards. Get your smartphone scanned at the checkout for savings, or snap a pic of your receipt to get cash back later.