1. Big Hairdos Are A Do Not


“But everyone says that volume in hair is a good thing!” some might remark. And it definitely is! But too much volume can turn a hot hairstyle into a hot mess pretty quickly. “Too often, a mature client thinks she must have height,” a New York City salon owner told The List. 

“Teased-up hair can make anyone look older,” the owner explained. “Volume is different and can look modern and elegant.” However, overly-teased hair, especially styles that involve the use of hairspray, can  have the unintended side effect of quickly aging a person. Instead, invest in a volumizing shampoo and put down the teasing comb.

2. Long, Long Hair

Flickr/hair freaky long hair

Women often try to hide behind their hair, thinking that long hair will more easily cover up any imperfections or mask other body-based insecurities. But in an effort to have young, flowing hair, many women risk achieving the opposite: making themselves look much older.

“Too long always ages a woman,” celebrity hair stylist Mitch Stone told The List. “I’m not talking past your shoulders long, but cat lady long (not to be confused with Cat Woman).” Stone qualifies “cat lady long” as going past one’s ribs. Instead, this stylist says that women should opt for a longer bob hairstyle that doesn’t weigh them down with all that hair.

3. Matching Lipstick To Your Outfit


This one can be tricky. It is common knowledge among the makeup-obsessed that it is always good to coordinate one’s lipstick with their outfit, like wearing a pop of red lipstick to offset an otherwise boring outfit. But where we draw the lip liner in the sand is when it comes to matching one’s lip color to their outfit.

If anyone is wearing a bubblegum pink sweater, for example, we would highly advise against pairing that with bubblegum pink lipstick. Why? Because this level of coordination is generally considered to be a “mom-style,” meaning that its days of being on-trend are long over.

4. Jeggings Are A 2-For-None

Flickr/Tina Dupree

We imagine that most women who are picking up a pair of jeggings are thinking about how they can get two benefits for one pair of pants. On the one hand, this particular style of pants is said to be much more comfortable than jeans, but on the other hand, they still look like jeans!

We are not here to dispute the comfort of jeggings, but rather, to reiterate the obvious yet painful truth that jeggings are decidedly not jeans. While the right pair of jeans are cut to flatter one’s figure, jeggings do the opposite. The thin material shows every lump and bump that come along with age, and they themselves quickly lose their shape.

5. Large and Gaudy Jewelry Is Too Much


Statement necklaces are given that name because they do exactly that — they make a statement; we get it. Sometimes, while shopping at a jewelry store, that big, intricate, statement necklace might jump out at a shopper. But generally speaking, people should try to resist the urge of buying that louder piece.

Costume jewelry, or pieces that look like they are probably straight from someone’s deceased relative’s hand-me-downs can immediately age a person. These big accessories can weigh someone down. Instead, the best statement is to let your natural beauty shine through. Switch out that statement piece and instead opt to wearing simple pieces that are more in style.

6. An Overdone Fake Tan


Tanning is one of the number one proven actions that ages one’s skin rapidly. The damage that harmful sun rays can cause to someone’s face can create deep wrinkles, fine lines, and a leathery feeling that is not a good look on anyone. So sometimes women decide to offset this aging trend by using a fake tanner.

But while these fake tanners might not ruin someone’s skin, they can still ruin a perfectly good outfit. That is because having too unnaturally dark of a shade can actually draw attention to imperfections on one’s face — not to mention the difficulty that comes with matching a fake tanner to one’s skin and the treat of turning one’s face into an Oompa Loompa orange hue.

7. Over-Plucked Eyebrows Raises Eyebrows


An eyebrow-raising trend that has come and (hopefully) gone is the phenomenon of those thin, strangely shaped eyebrows that closely resemble St. Louis’ Gateway Arch. It’s that signature over-plucked look that dominated the early 2000s as celebrities donned barely-there brows.  But the 2000s have come and gone, and so, too, should this baffling eyebrow trend.

Beyond looking peculiar, the reason that overplucking can make a person look seriously older is because the trend is so out of style and so, well, old. Wearing a 20-year-old trend right on one’s face can quickly age a person, making them look out of place and, frankly, out of date.

8. The Jersey Dress Trend

Flickr/David Ryan

We get why jersey dresses have become a favorite in many women’s’ closets. Everyone loves wearing a comfortable T-shirt. So the thought arises: why stop just at our hips? Why not extend that T-shirt’s hemline down and turn it into a full-length? But there are a ton of reasons why this logic simply does not work.

Jersey dresses might be comfortable, but they can also age a person rather easily. The cotton fabric clings to every imperfection and bunches in all the wrong places. These dresses also easily wrinkle and their lightweight quality means that a jersey dress pretty much never looks expensive. Instead, stick to T-shirts or, if one simply must have a dress, wear a nightgown in the comfort of one’s own home.

9. Head-To-Toe Pastels


Pastels are very on trend, so much so that some are even opting to wear full, monochromatic outfits of the same shade of pale pinks or blues. And for older women, this trend might be welcome. As we age, our skin tones often fade and become lighter, pairing well with a pastel hue.

But because of this, too many pastels can have the effect of washing a person out and can make them look older. Instead, pair a pastel with a dark pair of jeans or another contrasting piece. And if one simply insists on soft colors, opt for neutrals like a beige or off-white rather than a baby green.

10. Long, Floor Length Skirts


We are adding long, floor length skirts to this long, floor length list of trends that are making us look much older. While some women might opt for longer hemlines as they get older, they should proceed with a ton of caution.

These floor-length skirts might do the job of hiding our legs, but they also hide pretty much all of the rest of a woman’s figure. If anyone is going to wear one of these long skirts, make sure to pair them with a more structured, tighter top. Long skirts with more relaxed-fitting tops can easily cross the line from fashion to frumpy.

11. Cakey, Powdery Makeup


As people age, imperfections and sun damage increasingly begin to surface on the skin, especially on a one’s face. And for some women, the quest to cover up those spots might mean packing on a lot of cakey face makeup. But that might be doing more harm that good.

Even for young women who are not trying to cover up such damage, packing on a ton of face makeup almost immediately makes someone look much older. Instead, focus on using cream foundations or tinted moisturizers. And when it is necessary to add a little powder, apply only to the areas that need it rather than all over one’s face.

12. Covering Up Your Neck Too Much


When it comes to imperfections or areas we feel self-conscious about, the knee-jerk reaction is often to cover it up. Sometimes that could mean applying makeup, and other times it could mean extended hemlines. But when fighting back against aging skin on one’s neck, sometimes covering up is not for the best.

The skin on necks loosens with age, and many choose to hide those signs of aging by wearing a lot of turtlenecks. But that fashion choice might be aging people even more. Too tight of a fit can draw attention to that problem area, and wearing a dark turtleneck might contrast the fading of one’s skin tone with a dark shade too harshly.

13. Wearing The Same Hairstyle For Years


Why mess with perfection? When it comes to our hairstyles, sometimes we find the one that is exactly what we desire and suddenly we do not want to touch a single hair on our heads ever again. But even the best hairstyles fade over time and can begin to age a person.

We know it will be tough to part with that signature hairstyle, but it is best to switch up a hairdo every few years. Hair, like fashion, evolves dramatically over time. A rule of thumb: if a person’s hair matches a photo of them from 5 to 10 years ago, chances are they are long overdue for an upgrade.

14. Dark Lipsticks Leave A Bad Mark


Sometimes we might just be feeling moody, and other times we might just want to match the colder season around us, but either occasion usually calls for a dark lip. And while this look might be in style, it could also be aging someone unintentionally.

As we age, our lips inevitably become thinner and paler, and those once strong lines that outline lips become more faded over time. A dark lip can often accentuate these signs of aging, making a thinner lip even more pronounced. Also, as the lips become more prone to drying, a dark hue can highlight every crevice on one’s lips.

15. Matchy-Matchy Jewelry


When it comes to fashion, it is pretty safe to say that Coco Chanel is the expert. So we will refer to her when it comes to jewelry: Chanel once famously advised women, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Just like statement pieces can age someone, so too can overly matched accessories. Wearing that bubble necklace with its matching earrings and bracelet can not only weigh someone down, it can add years to their style. Instead, take those matching sets and break them up to be worn separately with different outfits, creating more varied (and better) looks.

16. Floral Patterns Are Out


Sometimes it is nice to stop and admire the flowers. That’s all fine and dandy when it comes to a nice spring walk outside, but when it comes to shopping at a local department store, we actually would not recommend admiring all of that floral. These patterns can oftentimes be outdated and age whoever wears them.

Larger floral patterns can sometimes flirt with that precarious line between fun and gaudy, and that is never a safe line to toe. For the floral lovers out there, sometimes the smaller flowery patterns look much better and younger. For other prints, go for more abstract or geometric patterns rather than designs like animal prints and polka dots.

17. Ill-Fitting and Exposed Undergarments


There are tons of undergarment options that basically can work with any outfit now, and many of them are designed to work miracles. Even Kim Kardashian has begun selling a line of “high-end” undergarments that include one-legged stockings and skin-toned fashion tapes.

So there is absolutely no excuse anymore (nor has there ever been) for wearing exposed underwear. Seriously, tuck those unsightly straps away. But what is even worse, according to fashion experts? Wearing ill-fitting undergarments that create those unsightly lines under even the best of outfits, that’s what. Luckily, that issue can be easily solved by getting a quick measurement from any local lingerie store.

18. Big, Baggy Outfits


As people age, many decide that their best bet is to go baggier when it comes to the fit of their clothing. That reaction, combined with the fact that looser fitting clothing is very much back in style, makes it all the more enticing to pick up that big, tent-like dress hanging in one’s favorite store. But keep that look on the hanger.

Wearing a completely over-sized outfit can actually make one look older, since it does nothing to accentuate any shape on one’s body. Instead, pair a baggy piece with something a bit tighter, such as a looser-fit pair of pants with a more structured top.

19. Long Sleeves Get The Cold Shoulder


Almost every person has an area on their body that they are self-conscious about. And as we age, for many people, that problem area is on the arms, especially that area on the upper arm where skin seems to hang, sag, and wave around.

A natural reaction is usually to want to cover up one’s arms. The hope is that wearing long sleeves hides the issue and hopefully might draw less attention to that area of one’s body. But wearing long sleeves exclusively might, instead, achieve the opposite. No one will notice some arm imperfections on the beach, but they will notice a person sweating through their long-sleeved shirt — and they’ll wonder why.

20. Tan, Shiny Pantyhose


Nothing ruins a good outfit like a bad pair of tights. Years ago, it would be considered crazy to consider leaving your home in a skirt without a pair of tights. But times are changing, and these undergarments meant to make skin look young might actually age a person even more.

“I know it is a bit controversial as they are a huge staple of most women’s wardrobes but I find tights really ageing,” stylist Roxie Nafousi told one fashion blog. Simply put, this look has long been out of style. But if someone insists on wearing tights, it’s best to stick with opaque styles and dark shades like black or navy blue.

21. Dark, Heavy Eyeliner


When it comes to the truth, we like to lay it on thick. But when it comes to eyeliner, truthfully, it is better not to lay it on that thick at all. Dark, heavy eyeliner can actually make a person look much older for a few reasons.

First, makeup artists say that thick eyeliner can weigh down the face of even the youngest makeup-wearers, accidentally adding years to one’s look. Also, as makeup fades and smudges throughout the day, dark eyeliner can get stuck in the wrinkles, crevices, and fine lines around one’s eyes. And with all that smudging, that black eyeliner might further accentuate all of those issues we often try to cover up.

22. Small, Stiff Handbags


Before we talk about the perfect bag, let’s talk about talking about the perfect bag. By that we mean, call it a purse, call it a handbag, but do not call it a pocketbook. No matter what bag one wears, calling it a pocketbook immediately ages even the most trendy accessory.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk bags. Picking the right one is crucial. A small, structured, leather bag might seem chic, but it could age a person and veer too close into “grandma purse” territory. Instead, try a slouchier style that is a bit more relaxed and youthful.

23. Take Off The Brooch


Now let’s broach the subject of an old-fashioned fashion statement: the brooch. Maybe someone has a brooch that has been passed down for generations, or perhaps they happened upon an eye-catching brooch in a vintage store. Regardless of the situation, maybe it is best to keep this particular accessory tucked away in a jewelry box.

It has been a long time since brooches were in fashion, and now, unfortunately for some, these pieces have been considered too gaudy, old, and out of place. To put it bluntly, most outfits are better off without the glitz of a brooch, so pass on this fashion faux pas.

24. Short, High Water Pants and Capris

Flickr/Fred Clark Jr

Shorts can be difficult for people. In some people’s experience, as they get older they become less eager to expose their legs. For others, it could be that wearing shorts makes them feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. For those reasons, as the weather gets warmer, those very same folks might decide to wear high water pants or capris as an alternative.

But those particular styles of pants are likely to age a person without them even realizing. Most capri pants cut off at the mid-calf and are unflattering, often giving the appearance of shortening a person’s legs and making them look heavier. Instead, opt for an airier culotte pant or a skirt that cuts off at the mid-calf.

25. Never-Ever Wearing Jeans

Flickr/Perfectly Good

In the minds of some, nothing says youthfulness like a good pair of jeans. And for some reason, this sentiment has sometimes translated into women believing that as they get older, it is no longer acceptable to wear a pair of jeans.

But we are here to tell you that a good pair of jeans is for everyone, and should be a staple in any closet, no matter one’s age. As long as the jeans themselves are flattering for one’s particular body type, these denim pants can make any outfit more youthful. So stop avoiding jeans and wear them as much as you like.

26. Wearing Unflattering Colors


When on a shopping trip or scrolling through pages online, most of the time we get to choose between a wide range of colors when it comes to our clothing. But that does not mean that every single color is meant for us. Instead, there are certain colors that can be unflattering to some skin tones.

A simple rule of thumb is that people with warmer skin tones tend to look best in warmer colors like peaches, corals, reds, and golds. Cool skin tones tend to look best in cooler tones like blues and greens. A trick for identifying a skin tone is that warmer tones tend to get tan in the sun while cooler tones are more prone to getting sun burnt.

27. Anything Tweed


Put down the tweed. We repeat, put down the tweed. Even during those times when tweed is considered to be in fashion, it is not a particularly good fabric choice for anyone who is trying to look a bit younger. That is because this heavy fabric basically screams “old.”

Instead, anyone who is trying to go for the menswear look should opt for some more flattering fabrics. Some alternatives include suit fabrics in patterns like pinstripes or windowpanes. These options are going to be a lot more flattering, and they will probably fit a lot more comfortably than that thick, tweed fabric.

28. Too Much Blush


For years, women have been using blush to try to achieve that glowing, youthful look. A little bit of rosy rouge on the apples of cheeks can go a long way. But too much blush can end up taking a look way too far.

Instead, too much blush can make a person look older very quickly. The key with blush is to just use enough to be able to see some color on the cheeks, but not too much to turn cheeks completely pink. That way, blush wearers get that glowy look without looking like their cheeks are on fire.

29. Sticking Too Much To The Trends


Trends can be enticing. Maybe someone is scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and notices that everyone seems to be wearing bike shorts these days and quickly want to hop on that trend train. But just because it is in style does not mean it is fit for every body type.

Sticking too much to the current trend-of-the-time can make anyone look like they just are one of those teenagers trying to fit in with the crowd. Because of this, anyone who is not a teenager can inevitably look older. Instead, pick and choose trends that are flattering while still maintaining a personal style.

30. Out-Of-Date Eyewear


Just like all other fashions, eyeglasses can have times where they are in style and times when they are out of style. But unlike most other clothing, these accessories are worn right on a person’s face, and are usually the first thing a person sees.

Wearing glasses that are considered out-of-date is one of the fastest ways to age a person’s face. Luckily, it has the simplest solution. Make sure to update glasses every so often, just like one might update their wardrobe. A rule of thumb is that if anyone has had the same framed glasses for a few years, it is time for a style upgrade.

31. Any Cardigans


On a breezy afternoon, sometimes grabbing the closest cardigan might seem like the safest bet. What could possibly be better than snuggling up in that cozy, cashmere cardigan? Well, we hate to say it, but a lot of things could be better when considering style.

Cardigans are one of those pieces that immediately makes the person wearing them look older. Maybe it is the material or maybe it is about their cut and fit, but they just do not do anyone any favors. So ditch that cardigan and go for something a little bit more flattering. Some great alternatives are comfortable, stylish jackets or a good blazer instead.

32. Adding A Large, Decorative Scarf

Is it cold out? No? Well, then please take off that scarf. We know that adding a decorative scarf to an outfit has been in style lately, but this style is sure to make most of its wearers look accidentally much older.

Some women try to use a decorative scarf to hide their skin or neck. But no matter the shape, color, or style of scarf, the trend makes most wearers look more buttoned up and covered up, and inevitably much older. So unless it is a very cold day when a scarf is necessary, take it off and let that neck see some sunlight.

33. Forgetting To Belt


For most women, no matter what age, showing off one’s figure is always stylish and always flattering. But sometimes we run into items of clothing that do not naturally show of a waistline. And in those times, it is important to grab a belt.

While a loose fitting dress might seem appealing for comfort reasons, usually having a straight line from our armpits to our hemlines is unflattering. Instead, a quick fix is to either take a cloth or leather belt and gather the waist of a dress a bit in order to show off at least some of that figure.

34. All Black, All The Time


Don’t get us wrong, a black outfit can be an amazing thing. But there are times where that all-black-everything look can be taken way too far, and inevitably may be making a person look much older. So before anyone ditches their black clothing, here are some tricks for an all black outfit.

Try mixing black fabrics so that the outfit is not too matted, like mixing cottons with more luxury silks or lace. Another good idea is to add a fun belt or a pop of interesting jewelry that can really be shown off against all that black. And when all that fails, use makeup for a light pop of color.

35. Not Sticking To A Skincare Routine

The rule to a good skincare routine is simple: one needs to be consistent. Once anyone finds a good skincare routine, stick to it. Stop trying out new products or new trends, just do what works for one’s particular skin type.

Having dull or tired skin is one of the easiest ways to look older, and unlike clothing we cannot particularly change our skin. This giant organ covers our entire bodies, so treat it well. Use toners, serums, moisturizers, face masks, eye creams, cleansers, anything anyone needs to make their skin feel loved like it should. Good skin can make all the difference and can make anyone look years younger.

36. Using The Wrong Foundation


Anyone can put on the most perfect outfit for a special occasion and there still might be one glaring mistake that will inevitably age them. Looking one’s best goes beyond the clothes, and it is definitely a bad look to wear the wrong shade of foundation.

Everyone should make sure to put their best face forward. And that means getting the perfect shade of foundation. Makeup artists say that those who are unsure should stop testing shade on the back of their hands, since the rest of our bodies are usually a shade or two darker than the face. Instead, put some on the cheek. And when in doubt, go a bit lighter since the foundation will wear off a bit throughout the day.

37. Matching Tracksuits


We get it, track suits are back in style after taking a long hiatus from the fashion magazines. Atheleisure is in, it is comfortable, and a matching tracksuit is, frankly, pretty easy to throw on in the morning. But just because something is in style does not mean that it should be in everyone’s closet.

Unless anyone is heading to or from the gym, stay away from a tracksuit. And if anyone absolutely must wear a tracksuit, do not pair it with heels. That look is bound to make someone look much older than they are. Instead, pick one piece at a time from the matching look, or don’t wear it at all.

38. Shoulder Pads


Unless anyone is on their way to an ’80s themed birthday party, there is just no excuse to wear shoulder pads. Not only are they very much out of style, but adding shoulder pads to any look is one of the quickest ways to age a person unintentionally.

Looking too boxy can add a decade to anyone’s look. And shoulder pads do just that. As a good alternative for anyone who is sad to see shoulder pads go, try purchasing something with a more structured look. A suit jacket can have strong shoulders without the cumbersome shoulder pads, and the result will be chic and leave anyone looking younger.

39. Shiny, Shimmery Makeup


Adding a little shimmer to a makeup look can be tempting. But a little bit goes a long way when it comes to shine. The truth might be hard to face: but piling on too much of shimmery fake makeup can end up aging someone. But before anyone goes and throws out their makeup palettes, there’s still hope.

The reason why sparkly makeup adds years to a look is because all of that glimmer can end up gathering in all of those creases that someone might have on their face. So if anyone is going to apply some shine, just use it sparingly.

40. Chunky Highlights


The fastest way to appear older is to wear a look that is dated, and chunky highlights look like they were taken straight from the pages of a 90s magazine.Today, it is time to do away with those chunky highlights and replace them with balayage-style highlights instead.

And don’t just take it from us. A spokesperson for L’Oreal told Good Housekeeping, “Look at any celebrities these days and you’ll never see a stripy highlight; everyone has balayage because it’s painted in exactly the right place to suit you, it grows out naturally (so is lower maintenance) and looks up to date, and therefore youthful.”

41. Ill-Fitting Suits


A suit can be one of the most timeless and chic fashion choices a woman can make. And the best part is that suits come in so many different colors, cuts, and styles, there really is a suit for everyone. But no matter which kind of suit a person chooses, there is only one way to ruin the impact of this classic look.

Ill-fitting suits don’t suit anyone. And that is not to say that someone cannot pull off a more relaxed style suit. The trick is, if one piece of the suit is more relaxed, try pairing it with a more fitted pant or blazer. No one should ever look like they’re drowning in their suit. It isn’t a swimming suit, after all.

42. Loud Nail Polish


Bright nails, as well as sparkly nails or fake nails, can draw unwanted attention to someone’s hands, along with any wrinkles or imperfections. Instead, go with a more nude color like a light pink. A lighter nail will look younger, and also makes a person look a bit tanner, too.

43. Kitten Heels


The cat is out of the bag, these shoes are out of style and out of date. Kitten heels, the term given to a short stiletto heel with a slight curve, are way passed their time. But for some reason, women are still making this fashion faux pas.

Like many of the other styles on this list, the reason this fashion choice ages people is because it is outdated and out of style. Rhinestones might look cute on a young child, but they really should never go on adult-sized clothing. But if anyone absolutely must have some rhinestones, make sure to keep the bling to a minimum.

44. Rhinestone Details


Want to add a little sparkle to an outfit? Well, please don’t add rhinestones and definitely don’t bedazzle it. Not only will that look raise some eyebrows, it will also raise someone’s age, or at least how old they appear to be.

Like many of the other styles on this list, the reason this fashion choice ages people is because it is outdated and out of style. Rhinestones might look cute on a young child, but they really should never go on adult-sized clothing. But if anyone absolutely must have some rhinestones, make sure to keep the bling to a minimum.

46. Unsupportive Bras

fashion mistakes that make you look older
Museum at FIT via Flickr

If you want your outfits to look fantastic and well put together, you’ve got to wear the right bra underneath. It can certainly add a fitting touch to your outfit. Wearing the wrong bra will make your clothes look baggy and cause your breasts to sag over time. The next time you’re about to wear your favorite outfit, visit a good lingerie shop and ask them to take your bra size.

Make sure the bra is well-fitted and not loose. A loose bra will not only make your boobs sag but will leave out bulges that are quite visible through your clothes. The bulgier your appearance, the older you tend to look.

47.  Short Heels

fashion trends that makes you look older, kitten heels
Fashionby He via Flickr

If you want to wear shoes with heels, you should go for ones with stiletto heap heels or stick to block heels. Either way, the consensus among fashion efforts is, commit to going all the way – or don’t. Shoes with shorter heels, especially ones with pointy-toes, are slowly making an exit.

If you don’t like wearing heels, you can go with ballet flats as these are quite trendy and have made it through enough fashion seasons to be considered a safe bet. Your heels should always be tall enough so you can achieve a sexy and confident look with your favorite bodycon black or red dress.

48.  Drug Store Eyeglasses

fashion trends that make you look older,pdrug store glasses
Godong via Getty Images

You might want to get rid of drug store eye-glasses if you currently own a pair. If you have to wear eye-glasses and don’t have a choice, opt for frames with a modern style. Cat-eye frames are perfect for helping you achieve that attractive and youthful look.

You can always use lenses as an alternative. They will make you look younger, and you won’t have to worry about your prescription glasses ruining your outfit. Nevertheless, remember to consult your eye doctor before getting contact lenses.

49. Gray Hair

Grey hair that makes you look older

No, we’re not talking about the new gray hair color trend that gives a classy, metallic touch. However, if you have grey hair, you have to keep maintaining the color. Otherwise, you will look older, as hair loses sheen.

That’s not to say a head of grey hair can’t look great. As long as it looks healthy and moisturized. This means going for regular toning appointments and updating your color. It’s the best thing to flaunt your natural hair color, but make sure to maintain it at the same time.

50. Unfit Jeans

fashion trends that make you look older, poorly fitting jeans
Jean-Paul Aussenard via Getty Images

You may easily fit into any pair of jeans, but are they the right fit for you? Often, we don’t realize that a particular pair of jeans is ruining the look, and these don’t fit the inseam properly. To get the right inseam size, you must know your waist size.

A pair of jeans with the right waist size and inseam will help you achieve the perfect look, so you look youthful as ever. This article was originally published on IcePop: Be Careful, These Fashion Trends Might Be Making You Look Much Older

51. Dry Hair

dry hair, fashion trends that make you look older
Unskinny Bobby via Flickr

As we age, our hair starts getting flaky and dry, but you can control it by regularly moisturizing your hair. Not moisturizing your hair enough will definitely make you look older and ruin your ability to try cool hairstyles.

You must use the right hair oils that will suit your hair texture. More importantly, remember to use a hair protectant before applying styling tools. The heat from these tools usually adds to hair damage.

52. Jersey Clothes

fashion trends that make you look older, jersey dresses
Drika via Flickr

You must avoid wearing overly fitted clothes that consist of jersey material as this highlights all the flaws on your body and at times make you look unfit. Yes, no doubt jersey clothes are very comfy to wear, but they ruin your overall appearance and make you look bigger and older.

You can opt for a denser double-knit jersey as these mostly provide a more structured shape and are perfect for you if you’re not fully ready to let go of jersey material.

53. Sweater Sets

fashion trends that make you look older, sweater sets
Boseritwik via Wikimedia Commons

Sweater sets look quite cool some of the time, but they are definitely not going to make you look any younger. Wearing a cardigan right over a matching shirt will make you look older because this look tends to be popular with the backgammon and knitting club.

You can go for a loose cardigan with a single colored top underneath and match it up with a belt at the west for a more youthful appearance.

54. Poor Posture

fashion trends that make you look older, posture
Steve Laggert via Flickr

Wearing the right outfit is not enough for you to look young. If you don’t want to ruin the appeal of your outfit, you’ve got to maintain the right posture. Bending too much or slouching will definitely make you look old.

In the worst-case scenario, you may get a hunchback sooner than you expected. To maintain confidence in style, you have got to keep up the right posture. The right posture can accentuate your outfit and enhance your figure, making your body look slimmer and toned.

50. Extra Layers

fashion mistakes that make you look older
Annie Mole via Flickr

During the winters, you may wear extra layers to keep yourself warm. But remember to style your extra layers properly because haphazardly putting them on will make you appear older.

Ideally, you should wear fewer layers made from warm materials so that you don’t have to wear a million layers, one on top of the other. In the event that you want to wear extra layers, try contrasting them with classy accessories or shoes, so you sport a youthful aesthetic.