Money Tips

Goal Bound You

We can all stand to be a little more responsible when it comes to spending our money. A lot of things that we’re spending excess money on could be avoided and those bucks could be used somewhere else. Check out these five easy-to-apply tips on how to be smarter about your everyday spending.

Ground Your Wallet

Set aside one weekend a month where you don’t spend any money. There are lots of free things you can do over the weekend other than hitting the restaurants and bars. Clean your home, go to the park, and find local free events happening in your city. You might find yourself enjoying your weekends even more once you see all of the fun you’re having for free!

Thrifting Is Essential

Thrifting is perfect for the shopaholic on a budget. You can get great, quality items at thrift and consignment stores for a fraction of the price. A lot of times you can get items that still have the tag on. Thrifting can keep you on top of your fashion game without breaking the bank. Your wallet will certainly thank you.

Meal Planning

Meal prepping will save you from lots of impulsive food buying. When you have your meals planned out, cooked, and in the fridge, you’re less likely to splurge. Don’t just meal prep lunch either. There are lots of dinner recipes that you put together, freeze, and pop in a crockpot the next morning for a delicious meal ready when you get off of work.

Separate Accounts

Having separate checking accounts for your spending money and bill money will save you a lot of overdraft fees and headaches. It’s so easy to dip into your bill money when you’re swiping your debit card everywhere. Having your bill money literally set aside into another account will let you know exactly how much money you have to play with and that needs to last you until your next paycheck.

Credit Card Rewards

Use your credit card as often you can so that you can take full advantage of the rewards. Whether it is cash rewards or point rewards, they can be turned into something useful. However, make sure you are paying the card off in full every month. Paying it off ensures that you don’t pay interest and it also keeps your credit score high.