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When young couples are looking for a place to settle down and have a family, many factors come into play. Characteristics like affordability, quality of child care and schools, and overall safety all play a role in making an area a suitable place to raise children.

If you’re trying to determine which locations are most family-friendly, consider these five cities.

Overland Park, Kansas

Sitting just outside of Kansas City, Overland Park holds a sought-after zip code with some of the best schools around. In addition, the city is known for its high-quality healthcare and low crime rates. With the low cost of living, Overland Park residents can spend their extra money playing in an area where there is plenty to do.

Plano, Texas

Plano, Texas, has recently become a more popular destination for young families due to a boom in employment. In fact, the average median income in Plano is more than $83,000. In addition to the abundant job opportunities, the area is known for its low crime rate and affordable housing prices.

Franklin, Tennessee

This small suburb outside of Nashville has a tremendous sense of community and gives young families a chance to raise their kids in a quiet place with access to a big city. Franklin is low key and is a place where everyone knows everyone. Mixed with the affordability of the area, this Tennessee town has seen families flock to it to settle down and raise their kids.

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin sure gets cold, but the amazing school system is well worth having to bundle up and walk uphill both ways to get to class. There are tons of parks and lakes to enjoy when it’s warm that give families a lot of options to spend time outside. In addition, it’s a college town, so there are a lot of job opportunities and your kids don’t even have to leave town to get a college education.

Leesburg, Virginia

Many young professionals move to the suburbs of D.C., such as Leesburg, Virginia, in order to afford a home that accommodates a growing family. The area is booming with new breweries, wineries and outdoor activities for both kids and their parents. With areas like Tysons, Reston, Arlington and Downtown, D.C. close by, there is no shortage of job opportunities. The schools in Loudoun County are great and on the weekends, families and kids can have a lot more room to play in Leesburg than if they were to live in a crowded area like D.C