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Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to get a new job? Perhaps you’re ready for a career change or graduating college very shortly. Either way, it’s good to know what fields are ripe for hiring. We’ve compiled a list with data from Glassdoor on the best jobs of 2018. You’ll find out how much they pay, the number of openings on Glassdoor and what it takes to land the job of your dreams.

Are you in any of these desired career fields? If you are, you could be looking at a six figure salary if you play your cards right!

1. Corporate Recruiter — $65,000

Job satisfaction: 4.3/5
Job openings: 2,330
What is it?: A recruiter finds talented workers that make a company tick. They’ll do most of the candidate search for human resource departments by sorting through resumes, doing interviews and calling references, all while analyzing candidates’ skill sets. Recruiters can work for either big or small companies.

best jobs 2018best jobs 2018
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Necessary qualifications: Recruiters will need a college degree in a related field and at least one year of experience according to You might take an entry-level gig at a staffing agency before moving onto a corporate recruiter position.
NEXT: This job is in demand as U.S. manufacturing produces 18.2 percent of the world’s goods, says The Balance.

2. Manufacturing Engineer — $72,000

Job satisfaction: 4.0/5
Job openings: 4,241
What is it?: Ever wonder how factories work so efficiently? The assembly lines, creating perfect products — how do they do it all so quickly?! Manufacturing engineers are the ones behind the designing of the processes and development of tools to make factories pump out goods as fast as possible.

best jobs for college studentsbest jobs for college students
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You’ll find that a manufacturing engineer is involved with most kinds of factories whether they’re making frozen burritos, bicycles, clothes, etc.
Necessary qualifications: Becoming a manufacturing engineer will require a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or a related field for entry-level positions, says
NEXT: This job first began in WWI as “reconstruction aides.”

3. Occupational Therapist — $74,000

Job satisfaction: 4.0/5
Job openings: 11,903
What is it?: Occupational therapists treat those that are injured and/or disabled so they can manage daily tasks and/or recover quickly. You’ll be on your feet a lot, helping patients with exercises and monitoring their progress. Helping someone heal can be a rewarding experience!

occupational therapist, occupational therapyoccupational therapist, occupational therapy

Necessary qualifications: Unlike a manufacturing engineer, you’ll need to attend a master’s program in order to become an occupational therapist. School is expensive but you’re bound to get a return on your investment — Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates employment to grow 26 percent.
NEXT: Masters of schmoozin’ will do well at this gig.

4. Business Development Manager — $75,000

Job satisfaction: 3.9/5
Job openings: 4,060
What is it?: Most kinds of companies could use a business development manager to assist them in acquiring new customers and selling more products and services. Businesses with room to grow — or a need to diversify — will require the help of a business development manager.

best jobs 2018best jobs 2018
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Necessary qualifications: Being able to maintain professionalism at all times when talking with clients, several years worth of experience in sales or marketing, plus a college degree in business. Since this is a manager position, employers are looking for those with several of years experience in the field.
NEXT: Did you know the word “engineer” comes from a Latin word meaning “cleverness”? 

5. Mechanical Engineer — $75,000

Job satisfaction: 3.8/5
Job openings: 5,079
What is it?: Mechanical engineering is a wide field — you can work on products big and small with a focus on developing and maintaining their mechanical systems. Things like elevators, refrigeration, and air-conditioning systems are just some of the things made by mechanical engineers, says BLS.

best jobs for college studentsbest jobs for college students
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Necessary qualifications: You can’t mechanical engineer something professionally until you get your bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. Getting licensed as an engineer is also necessary, as well as passing several exams, according to A lot of engineers get higher degrees for higher pay.
NEXT: This kind of engineer earns more than a mechanical one.

6. Electrical Engineer — $76,000

Job satisfaction: 3.9/5
Job openings: 5,839
What is it?: Computers, robots, cell phones — electrical engineers can engineer any product as long as it has some sort of electrical system that makes it tick. Engineers design electrical systems and make those systems do the things they need to do. That might involve working out kinks until the system works seamlessly.

best jobs for introvertsbest jobs for introverts
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Necessary qualifications: Like mechanical engineers, electrical engineers will need their electrical engineering degree from an ABET-accredited program. Getting licensed is encouraged, according to Pass the FE exam and you can be an “engineer in training.”
NEXT: Nurses that want to take their careers to the next level might consider this career path.

7. Nursing Manager — $84,660

Job satisfaction: 3.7/5
Job openings: 4,209
What is it?: Nursing managers will supervise nursing staff, whether they’re in a clinic or a hospital setting, and make sure the workplace is safe for both employees and patients. Specific tasks might be overseeing budgets, setting schedules and coordinating meetings, says Duquesne University. Those interested in management rather than just patient care will like this career.

best jobs for introvertsbest jobs for introverts

Necessary qualifications: Become a nurse first by getting a bachelor’s in nursing and passing the nursing board exam. Nursing managers need at least five years of experience with patient care and sometimes a masters in nursing, healthcare, or business administration.
NEXT: After competition increased in the job market, companies introduced this position.

8. Human Resource Manager — $85,000

Job satisfaction: 3.9/5
Job openings: 4,458
What is it?: Human resource (HR) managers oversee all employees within a company. They might write company policy and procedures, make sure employees follow them, and reprimand those that don’t abide. They’ll manage the hiring and firing of individuals and protect the company’s reputation and resources.

best jobs for introvertsbest jobs for introverts
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Necessary qualifications: You’ll need a bachelor’s in HR management, business administration or anything related to those realms. Like most manager positions, you’ll need 5 years or more experience in HR as well, says A recruiter or HR associate are good stepping stones.
NEXT: An outgoing person will do best in this job.

9. Marketing Manager — $85,000

Job satisfaction: 4.0/5
Job openings: $85,000
What is it?: Someone in this role can work for any kind of company and will be in charge of promoting and selling a product or service. Marketing managers can be in charge of one product or service or many, says career advice site, Sonaku.

best jobs for introvertsbest jobs for introverts
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Necessary qualifications: Being outgoing and gregarious are highly desirable qualities when companies are searching for a new marketing manager. You’ll also usually need a college degree in marketing or a related subject and five plus years of experience in the field.
NEXT: People in this next job design the look, feel and usability of a product.

10. UX Designer — $90,000

Job satisfaction: 3.8/5
Job openings: 1,963
What is it?: Here’s where design and technology meet. UX, which stands for “user experience,” is a field which focuses on designing how a product feels. It could be any sort of product like a website, piece of software, workflows, and more, says Fast Company.

highest paying jobshighest paying jobs
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Necessary qualifications: Familiarity with programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, InVision, and Fireworks helps. A bachelor’s degree in UX or a related design field is desirable. Some get graduate degrees in the field but it isn’t necessary to get a job.
NEXT: Many in this role decide to work for themselves instead of a company.

11. Mobile Developer — $90,000

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5
Job openings: 1,809
What is it?: This is a type of software developer which focuses on building mobile technology for mobile devices whether it be Android, Windows Phones or iOS. With every company wanting to get their own app, there should always be work for mobile developers.

highest paying careershighest paying careers

Necessary qualifications: The industry continues to grow for this field and so does the demand for skilled mobile developers. A degree in computer science will help, as well as knowledge of user interface design, cross-platform app development, backend computing, programming languages, and more.
NEXT: The history of this job starts in World War II when ammunition needed to be tested before use.

12. Quality Assurance Manager — $92,000

Job satisfaction: 3.8/5
Job openings: 1,741
What is it?: You might also see this written as “QA manager” for short. You can work in many different kinds of industries as a QA manager. However, typical tasks across the board will be setting standards for the quality, health, and safety of workplaces and products, says TARGETjobs.

highest paying careershighest paying careers
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Necessary qualifications: Usually QA managers will have their bachelor’s in business or related field. Graduate education isn’t necessary but those that pursue higher education might get an MBA with a focus on project management, says
NEXT: Data nerds can work their way up the corporate ladder to this gig.

13. Database Administrator — $94,000

Job satisfaction: 3.8/5
Job openings: 2,370
What is it?: Sometimes shortened to “DBAs,” someone with this job is in charge of making sure databases are easy to find information within. BLS says DBAs make data searching easier for data analysts and other users and sometimes lead the development of new databases. Database maintenance is important as companies rely on them.

highest paying jobs 2018highest paying jobs 2018
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Necessary qualifications: A tech-savvy and organized person with a bachelor’s in information systems or computer science will do well in the role of a DBA, says Also, get about one to five years experience in an entry-level data job before applying.
NEXT: A Bossy Rossy who loves following the rules will love this job.

14. Compliance Manager — $96,000

Job satisfaction: 4.3/5
Job openings: 1,222
What is it?: Many kinds of companies use compliance managers. Across the board, compliance managers will make sure a workplace and its employees are following all laws and regulations applicable to their industry, says career advice site Robert Walters. Basically, they’ll keep businesses out of trouble.

highest paying majorshighest paying majors
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Necessary qualifications: Some compliance managers have degrees in economics but many companies seek candidates with backgrounds in law. It makes sense — someone that needs to interpret and implement regulations will need knowledge of the law to begin with.
NEXT: This next professional might like the movie Risky Business but will avoid risky business IRL.

15. Risk Manager — $97,000

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5
Job openings: 1,209
What is it?: Those working in risk management are aware of events that threaten cash flow and will implement plans to avoid business losses. Such plans might minimize, monitor, or control the likelihood and/or impact of unfortunate events and increase business opportunities, says They might prioritize which risks to focus on first, as well.

highest paying jobshighest paying jobs
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Necessary qualifications: Aspiring risk managers will have backgrounds in finance. Perhaps a degree in business or a related field and at least five plus years of experience in a business industry.
NEXT: If you’re interested in web design and have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Java, you’re good to go in this career path.

16. Front End Engineer — $100,000

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5
Job openings: 1,122
What is it?: Front end engineers use programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to implement designs into a website. Skillcrush says there’s no shortage of demand for this kind of work — a variety of companies are looking for front end engineers to add to their team.

highest paying jobs 2018highest paying jobs 2018
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Necessary qualifications: Some skills necessary for this line of work are attainable when earning a computer science degree. Skillcrush lists some of these as must-haves: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive design, browser development tools, web performance tools, and command line.
NEXT: Prior to the 70s, this job was called “computer programmers” or “software developers.”

17. Software Engineer — $102,500

Job satisfaction: 3.6/5
Job openings: 29,187
What is it?: They’re behind all aspects of computer software — design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation. Software engineers are behind all of your favorite computer programs like Word, Photoshop, and Garageband. They will specialize in various stages of development of software, says

highest paying careershighest paying careers
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Necessary qualifications: Software engineers will have studied computer science or software engineering in college. says that many employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree. Software engineers should be creative in addition to tech-savvy.
NEXT: The first education program for this career was at Duke University. The first class had only three students.

18. Physician Assistant — $104,000

Job satisfaction: 3.6/5
Job openings: 5,517
What is it?: You can work in any area of medicine as a physician assistant like primary care, emergency, and dermatology. Often called PAs, they can examine, diagnose, and treat patients under the supervision of a doctor, says BLS. PAs are easier to see as doctors are slammed.

highest paying jobs 2018highest paying jobs 2018

Necessary qualifications: Unlike the grueling eight years of college and medical schooling medical doctors must undergo, PAs will have less. Four years of college, experience in the health field and completing a master’s program is necessary to become a PA.
NEXT: Most of the people in this field live in the U.S. and India.

19. DevOps Engineer — $105,000

Job satisfaction: 4.0/5
Job openings: 3,369
What is it?: DevOps engineer (stands for development and operations) don’t have a formal career path, says Puppet. People in this role are responsible for creating, deploying and generating revenue from consumer-facing software, says Medium. Those expert in scripting and coding can move into this career path.

highest paying majorshighest paying majors

Necessary qualifications: A background and degree in computer science is necessary to move into a role of a DevOps engineer. There aren’t really any “junior DevOps engineers,” says Igor Kantor on Medium. Thus, years of experience are desired in potential candidates.
NEXT: Eighty-eight percent of people in this profession are happy with their job, according to statistics gathered by Crowdflower.

20. Data Scientist — $110,000

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5
Job openings: 4,524
What is it?: Data scientists might work in a variety of different kinds of tech companies analyzing and interpreting digital data to inform business decisions. You’re in luck if you wanna be a data scientist — IBM predicts demand for data scientists will grow 28 percent by 2020.

highest paying jobs in americahighest paying jobs in america
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Necessary qualifications: A degree in computer science or a related field, plus a good handle on skills like scripting, statistical languages, Adobe and Google Analytics, Adobe Campaign, reporting data, and the ability to communicate effectively.
NEXT: If you’re more business and creative minded, you can make the same as a data scientist in this position.

21. Creative Manager — $110,000

Job satisfaction: 4.3/5
Job openings: 824
What is it?: Someone that’s a creative manager will be in charge of the creative output of their company from projects’ conception to production, says Payscale. They’ll need to coordinate with various departments within an organization and develop project ideas to see a product to completion.

highest paying jobs in americahighest paying jobs in america
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Necessary qualifications: Most companies will look for candidates with a bachelor’s in marketing, advertising or even media. Before jumping to a managerial role, you’ve ideally had experience in entry-level positions and in guiding a small team.
NEXT: For this next job, you’ll need to be certified as a CPA and pass the Uniform CPA exam.

22. Tax Manager — $110,000

Job satisfaction: 3.7/5
Job openings: 3,309
What is it?: Those that are tax managers can either work in a company preparing state and federal taxes or they can lone wolf-it, consulting businesses and preparing their taxes. They’ll develop strategies and policies to help their clients or workplace maintain compliance and not get dinged by the feds.

highest paying jobs in americahighest paying jobs in america
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Necessary qualifications: Education in accounting, business, economics or a related field will help you reach tax manager six-figure salary status. Then, you’ll need to get licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and pass the Uniform CPA Examination.
NEXT: This role might work closely with a creative manager while making more money.

23. Product Manager — $113,000

Job satisfaction: 3.7/5
Job openings: 7,531
What is it?: In basic terms, product managers are in charge of developing a product. Like creative managers, they’ll coordinate with various teams, develop ideas, and ensure that the organization can reach its goals, says Aha! Tech companies need a product manager to stay organized.

highest paying jobs in americahighest paying jobs in america

Necessary qualifications: Although many tech companies will employ product managers, you don’t necessarily need to be a computer scientist in order to become a product manager. Instead, years of experience managing employees and degrees in marketing, businesses, etc, will do.
NEXT: At the end of the day, this professional helps inform decision making.

24. Analytics Manager — $115,000

Job satisfaction: 3.9/5
Job openings: 1,381
What is it?: An expert in data interpretation, analytics managers will collect and decipher raw data into comprehensible information for their companies or clients. This helps businesses make informed decisions so they can grow as a company. In addition, analytics managers have project management duties, according to Social Science Careers.

highest paying jobs in americahighest paying jobs in america
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Necessary qualifications: As with any and all manager jobs, you’ll need some years spent in the field at entry and mid-level jobs gaining experience in the field and building your managerial skills. A background and an education in data visualization and data mining are necessary to be considered.
NEXT: There’s mechanical, electrical and software engineers, but this one makes more than they do.

25. Hardware Engineer — $115,000

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5
Job openings: 806
What is it?: A hardware engineer will get their hands dirty overseeing the installing, making, and testing of computer systems, servers, chips, circuit boards, and more, says Balance Careers. Good for those that like tools, have a steady hand and like learning about how computers tick. Hardware engineers to be might have found themselves tinkering around on computers in their youth.

highest paying jobs in americahighest paying jobs in america
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Necessary qualifications: You will need a degree in computer engineering, preferably from a program approved by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). It’s similar to electrical engineering coursework but, of course, with more computer focused instruction, says Sokanu.
NEXT: Do you like money? You might enjoy this next job.

26. Engagement Manager — $115,000

Job satisfaction: 3.7/5
Job openings: 2,169
What is it?: An engagement manager is responsible for the billing and invoicing of clients, managing clients’ expectations, and being accountable for the revenue and profitability of consumer relations. BLS defines this role as a “management consultant” so when you see postings for both roles, just know the term is interchangeable.

highest paying jobs in americahighest paying jobs in america
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Necessary qualifications: Engagement manager hopefuls should have a strong background in business, management and client relations. They also need to communicate effectively as to not upset clients and make the most out of their transactions.
NEXT: Professionals in this role are responsible for the financial health of an organization, says the BLS.

27. Finance Manager — $116,000

Job satisfaction: 3.8/5
Job openings: 2,998
What is it?: To monitor the financial health of their company (or one that they consult for), finance managers will create reports on a company’s finances, lead investment activities and develop strategies to maintain long-term financial success, says BLS. The job outlook is positive for financial managers, says BLS.

highest paying jobs in americahighest paying jobs in america
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This field is expected to grow 19 percent from 2016 to 2026, says BLS.
Necessary qualifications: Those with bachelor’s degrees in finance, accounting or other business-centric disciplines will be preferred over other candidates. Also, five plus years experience is a must.
NEXT: Google was the first company to create this position.

28. Site Reliability Engineer — $120,000

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5
Job openings: 1,064
What is it?: This type of engineer (typically called an SRE) is a mix of a software engineer and systems enthusiast. They might write the software used to automate server configuration processes, for example, says Hackernoon. Before such a job was created, system administrators did the work of SREs.

jobs near mejobs near me
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Necessary qualifications: A degree or solid background in computer science is preferable for companies to consider potential candidates. Krishnelle Hardson-Hurley lists online resources from Google and more in Hackernoon to learn about the field of SRE.
NEXT: Despite what the name sounds like, this job has nothing to do with architecture.

29. Solutions Architect — $125,000

Job satisfaction: 3.6/5
Job openings: 3,325
What is it?: Like buildings, computer systems require an architect to oversee its development. They might be privy to the “50,000-foot view” and be able to keep it in sight while a product is reaching completion, says Equinox. They’ll work with other information technology (IT) specialists.

jobs near mejobs near me
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However, they’re more are focused on how tech decisions impact business.
Necessary qualifications: Degree in computer science or a related field plus five to 10 years of experience in network administration, says You’ll need to be able to see the “big picture” in a system and guide a team to project completion.
NEXT: SURPRISE — our highest paid job on this list ISN’T a computer scientist job!

30. Strategy Manager — $135,000

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5
Job openings: 1,195
What is it?: Like a lot of the jobs on our list, you can work in almost any industry as a strategy manager. Informed by data, strategy managers basically make business goals a reality. They’ll make business objective recommendations, develop reachable goals and manage projects.

jobs near mejobs near me
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Necessary qualifications: But no matter the industry, you’ll need lots of work experience as this isn’t an entry- or mid-level job, says Job Hero. Often they’re executive level positions, not a position anyone can jump into. A degree in business management or a related field will help get you into the field initially.