There are many good reasons to consider retiring overseas, including better weather, lower taxes, higher quality of life, and often even a lower cost of living. In fact, there are dozens of places around the world where you could move right now and enjoy luxuries only afforded to the super wealthy here at home.

Mazatlán, Mexico

Mazatlán, Mexico (the northernmost city on the Mexican Riviera) is known for its beautiful beaches and walkable city center. The historic center offers everything you might need from cultural centers to fine restaurants to shopping, and infrastructures such as water and electricity have recently been updated to meet demand. Even better? You can live along the beach for an astoundingly low cost, enjoying the humidity-free warmth all year long.

Occitanie, France

The wine-producing Occitanie region of Southern France is one of the country’s most appealing places, full of old world charm. Property prices are half those of Provence and the Côte d’Azur, and although you’re in the middle of nowhere, Paris is just three short hours away. Of particular note is the region’s Hérault department, which is especially intriguing with its pretty rivers, coastal villages, and a stunning national park.

Algarve, Portugal

According to the website Expat Arrivals, “The reasonable cost of living in Portugal has attracted expats from all over the world.” And there is a reason over 100,000 of those expats live in the Algarve region alone – it’s known for being affordable, welcoming, beautiful and safe. In fact, it’s estimated that a couple can get by there on less than $1,500 a month (and that’s including rent, utilities, groceries, and entertainment).

Da Nang, Vietnam

Imagine paying $350 a month for rent. In Da Nang, Vietnam, it’s possible. Not only that but at less than $2 a month for water and around $3 a month for cell phone service, most retirees can afford luxuries unheard of at home (like a full-time maid or cook). Other perks include great beaches, a thriving university, and just a short drive to the cultural center of Hue.

Città Sant’Angelo, Italy

Città Sant’Angelo might just be the most appealing spot in the Abruzzo region of Italy. With its proximity to the coast, thriving nightlife, top-class ski resorts, and rich history, the city makes an ideal location for the retiree seeking adventure on a budget. It’s estimated that a couple living in Città Sant’Angelo can get by on just $1,400 a month (and you can use leftover funds for a quick day trip to Rome, just an hour away).