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Every awards season, people get pumped about the nominations. Going to the movie theater can be prohibitively expensive, though. It’s also easy to miss the coming attractions because of time or budgetary constraints. Some folks prefer to wait until they can stream the must-see movies of the season in general. There’s something to be said about watching a film no matter where you are, particularly if it happens to be the comfort of your bed or living room couch. Many movie buffs turn to Netflix, which is a solid option for sure. However, with monthly streaming prices going up again, it pays to be aware of other streaming possibilities. You can often have more luck finding the newest films, anyway.

Pick your mobile platform

Do you have an iPhone or iPad? Head to iTunes to find the latest award-winning films. Apple often debuts content so quickly that it seems like it was just in theaters. Rentals aren’t expensive, and you can buy the movies you enjoy enough to watch more than once. Sometimes a 24-hour rental simply isn’t enough.

The same goes for anyone with Android devices. Visit the Google Play store to browse the available titles. As with iTunes, the rentals are inexpensive. Renting a movie may feel like a splurge, but you’re saving on your entertainment budget.


In both cases, you save money. You could watch a new movie a week without breaking your budget. A few dollars a month is worth it for the ability to watch a movie wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection and a phone or tablet that can stream at a decent rate. These two platforms are ideal for anyone who wants to cut entertainment costs because you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription.

Apple and Google Play have their own streaming devices, too. An Apple TV or Google stick may cost a bit initially, but both devices pay for themselves over time. You can sync your account and watch your movie on a larger screen.

Turn to Amazon

Amazon snags the streaming rights to blockbuster and Oscar nominations alike. Access is as easy as using the app or visiting the website. In fact, the versatile juggernaut offers customers several ways to stream movies. You can rent movies through Amazon’s site whether or not you’re a Prime member. Prime subscriptions have a variety of benefits, however, including cheaper rentals.

You can watch movies through the app, on the website, or you can purchase a Firestick. Amazon’s streaming device is handy. It allows you to download numerous apps, including Netflix and other streaming services.

Go old-school with YouTube

YouTube has come a long way. It’s now possible to rent movies and even television shows, which you can then stream to whatever device you have on hand. Use your computer, your smartphone, or your tablet. If you have a streaming device or a smart TV, then all you have to do is download the YouTube app, log into your account, and you can also stream content through your television.

It doesn’t cost much per movie, either. Think about setting up a Paypal account strictly for streaming entertainment. You’ll never spend more on films than you can afford when you get them through YouTube.

You don’t have to head to the cinema to see the year’s best films. It’s too easy to bust your monthly entertainment budget in one trip, what with the cost of drinks and popcorn. Combine convenience with your love of movies, then throw in some smart, cost-cutting options. Streaming your entertainment ensures quick access to the biggest hits at a reasonable price.