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Most people will spend at least a couple of decades of their lives in retirement. That is why it is so important to make the most of the time and money you have. One factor to consider when planning for retirement is where you will live. Since you’ll most likely be on a fixed income, the cost of living is something to think about. Of course, there are other considerations to be made. In the end, there is one state that comes out on top in terms of maximum retirement benefits.

Look North

While many people retire to the south, that isn’t where you’ll find this state. It turns out that South Dakota is the absolute best state to retire in! The Mount Rushmore State won this honor after being evaluated in five major categories.

For one, it is a very affordable state to live in. There is zero income tax, which can be helpful for retirees on a fixed budget. Of course, money isn’t the only consideration when it comes to a happy retirement.

Livin’ It Up

You can really have the time of your life in South Dakota. Although it is a smaller state, population-wise, there is still plenty to do. Between all of the national parks and Mt. Rushmore, there are tons of outdoor activities to keep you busy.

If the outdoors aren’t your thing, there are a lot of artistic endeavors to pursue as well. From opera houses to museums, South Dakota isn’t lacking a thing.


While South Dakota is the best option for most people, you may be looking for something a bit different. Maybe something a little warmer? The good news is that there are a variety of other states that score high for retirees.

Florida is always a popular option and many people love the warm weather. If you want to travel further west, consider Idaho or Utah. For those who love the north, New Hampshire is also a great choice. There really is something for everyone.