Several factors influence longevity. Lifestyle choices, including diet and activity level, make a huge difference in one’s health. Income levels also dictate whether one’s quality of life will bolster longevity or beat them down with hard work.

Recently, a report came out which ranks all 50 states (and District of Columbia!) in order of resident longevity. Here are the top five states where you can live the longest. Some of them may surprise you!

The Empire State Excels in Income and Prosperity

When most people think of New York, they think of New York City – and for good reason! Over two-thirds of the state’s 19.5 million residents live in the NYC metropolitan area, where economic opportunity equates to great health. Statewide, residents can expect to live until age 80.5, six years more than the lowest ranked state, Mississippi.

The Land of Lakes and Great Healthcare

In another prosperous state, Minnesota, residents can expect to live until 80.8. The state is home to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, one of the world’s most renowned non-profit academic medical centers. Minnesotans also have access to many outdoor recreation opportunities that help increase their overall health and longevity.

New England Charm

Connecticut boasts the highest per-capita income in all of the United States. While wealth equals health, Connecticut’s southern New England setting adds exciting coastal activities as well. Expect to live to 80.8 in the Constitution State, while you enjoy sailing, proximity to Boston and New York City, and colonial charm.

The Golden State is Filled With Sunshine

California immediately brings the outdoors to mind. Home to lush green vineyards, majestic mountains, emerald forests and an 840 mile-long coastline, California’s nature is nearly endless. Residents live an average of 80.9 years, thanks to eternal sunshine, countless outdoor activities, bountiful healthy food, and a laid-back west coast attitude.

Sun and Sand

In the tropical paradise of Hawaii, you can expect to live to an average of 81.3 years. Who wouldn’t enjoy a retirement filled with soaking in the sun and watching the waves from white sand beaches in a floral patterned shirt? Hawaii boasts the 18th highest income in the country, so it must be the perennially pleasant weather that is the key ingredient for longevity.