Mia Khalifa, funny shirt

daniaybae via Twitter

Well played

When Ryan Gosling decided to pay homage to Macaulay Culkin with a T-shirt, Culkin decided to return the favor in the most meta way imaginable.

Ryan Gosling and McCaulay CulkinRyan Gosling and McCaulay Culkin
Funny Or Die via Tumblr

We can only hope the gag stops here, otherwise they may continue doing this forever. 

Fun fact: Macaulay Culkin’s full legal name is Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin. Seriously.

Cage’d rebellion

Now, while we’d never say we’d expect anyone to own a tank top where the graphic is a close up of Nicholas Cage’s face, we can’t say we’re surprised to learn that Aubrey Plaza owns one.

Aubrey Plaza tank topAubrey Plaza tank top
plazathings via Twitter

The quirky Parks & Recreation actor is about as strange as the characters she plays. And that’s saying something.

What do you think, will Aubrey start a trend with this look?

But does she really?

If so, we suspect she’s not a Lit. major. Remember when your teacher told you, “You can’t always rely on spellcheck?” Well, it seems she was right.

I love collageI love collage
Brunosquillace via Pinterest

Maybe she’s studying art, and the real joke’s on us for doubting her spelling skills.

OK, let’s move on. We’re making her late for class.

Rub it in, why don’t you?

We can’t all be married to movie stars, OK? In fact, it’s quite bold of you to assume we’re married at all. It gets so, so lonely …

Gal Gadot and husbandGal Gadot and husband
TheManOfSteel13 via Reddit

Joking aside, this is a pretty cute way for Gal Gadot’s husband Yaron Varsano to show off. When you love your significant other, why not let the world know?

Motivational or discouraging?

There’s a fine line between the two. I suspect there are two types of people in this world — those that would see this message in front of them and turn on the jets, and those that would throw there running shoes away and go home.

marathon runnermarathon runner
ConfederacyOfDunces via Imgur

It seems to have a motivational effect for the guy pictured with it, however. You can bet he has a hearty chuckle to himself every time he breezes by a Lycra-clad 20-something with a thin frame.

I guess one out of three ain’t bad

With all these superhero movies going around it’s hard to keep track of the right universes, which explains how Batman ended up as an Avenger. The character from Avatar must have just been an oversight.

Avengers bootleg t-shirtAvengers bootleg t-shirt
AdmitOneOnly via Reddit

I hope someone does buy this shirt and wears it to Comic-Con. Seeing the look of horror on the guests’ faces as they witness this monstrosity would be well worth the cost of the shirt plus the price of admission.

A dream come true

Some people believe that in order to make your dreams come true, sometimes you must will them into materializing. In this guy’s case, he just had to print it on a t-shirt.

Steven Spielberg funny t shirtSteven Spielberg funny t shirt
Ich bin gestern vom Boden gefallen. Es war seltsam. via Facebook

Steven Spielberg has probably had many memorable (and sometimes strange) interactions with super fans throughout the years, but we’re willing to bet that this is a first.

Makes you think

Somehow, this little girl’s t-shirt makes sense and doesn’t make sense at the same time. What a work of art. It also works in reverse: “Think more. Stupid less.”

funny shirt, think less, stupid morefunny shirt, think less, stupid more
Emily D via Pinterest

We believe it’s a clever re-imagining of the well-worn cliché: “Speak less. Think more.”

Let’s try one out: Keep read. Funny more.

‘OK, smile and say ‘Hodor.’’

Hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor, hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor. Hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor. Hodor hodor hodor — hodor hodor hodor — hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor.

Hodor picture funnyHodor picture funny
ASHLEEEEEEEE via Pinterest

Kristian Nairn, best known for his role as Hodor in Game of Thrones, met a fan wearing his character’s nickname and catchphrase at a convention and had to take a picture. It’s almost enough for us to get over the heartbreak.

That’s helpful

It seems Rita’s husband has a habit of getting lost. Perhaps he’s just easily distracted, bad at using a cell phone, or terrible at following directions. For whatever reason, Rita’s had enough.

funny shirtsfunny shirts
OlderRelative via Twitter

She’s come up with a creative solution to make sure she doesn’t lose him for good. As long as they’re in the same general vicinity, they should be able to rely on a good samaritan to reunite the couple. This type of ingenuity comes from years of marriage (or frustration).

Inappropriate clothes for the occasion

Read the room, man! For all you know you could be wearing a picture with her grandfather’s face on it. While this must’ve been quite a traumatic experience for Minnie, we can’t help but laugh at the situation.

Deadmau5 , DisneyDeadmau5 , Disney
CIAM via Imgur

Fun fact: DJ and producer Joel Zimmerman, who goes by the stage name Deadmau5 (pronounced “dead mouse”) had to fight a long, arduous legal battle to retain the rights to his signature headgear. It seems a certain other mouse has some pretty deep pockets.

Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone took time to pose with a fan wearing a T-shirt depicting a certain iconic (and oft-paused) scene. According to Hollywood lore, Sharon Stone had no idea what director Paul Verhoeven’s intentions were when filming that scene. When she found out, she slapped him.

Sharon Stone, basic instinct, t-shirtSharon Stone, basic instinct, t-shirt
Malu Moraes via Pinterest

Reportedly, she later conceded that it worked out the best way possible, which is probably why she’s comfortable enough to pose with fans wearing a t-shirt like this one now.

Yeah, that tracks

You know how people catch a lot of flack for wearing t-shirts of bands they don’t listen to or movies they’ve never seen? Well this guy is clearly no poser.

dumb things, funny shirtdumb things, funny shirt
RecreationLaw via Twitter

You can tell he’s “about that life” from the moment he waves hello. We’re hoping this drew a chuckle from the doctors and nurses as well.

You had one job

Well, you’re only off by like … half a hemisphere, I suppose. Sometimes it’s hard to tell why certain shirts go on sale. But in this case, there’s really no mystery.

funny shirt, geography failfunny shirt, geography fail
Gibscreen via Reddit

I say, go ahead and buy it. No one will notice.

Wouldn’t a continent called by any other name still be a large expanse of land on the Earth’s surface … or whatever Shakespeare said?

Thanks, mom …

To be fair, knights and samurai are basically peas in a pod. One’s from feudal England and the other’s from feudal Japan. Once again, the failure to grasp simple geography may be the problem here.

samurai costumesamurai costume
Bootleg_Stuff via Twitter

But none of that matters to poor Jeffrey, pictured above. Right now, the only thing on his mind is how badly his anime-loving friends are going to roast him on Halloween.

You’ve probably never been there …

To be completely honest, this isn’t that much worse than whenever I try to spell “Massachusetts” without using spellcheck. In any case, we have to assume this store doesn’t sell too many of these shirts.

Boston shirtBoston shirt
RedBardIsCool via Twitter

Bonus history factoid: There actually used to be 17 original colonies and 11 states, even though your history books never mention this (I am just kidding. Do NOT quote me!).

A lot to ‘unpack’ here

This is — quite literally — the greatest backpack ever made. The harder you look at it, the more you notice. It’s hard to imagine getting so many things wrong at once.

funny bootleg backpackfunny bootleg backpack
Worldbreakers via Reddit

I’ve never related to an accessory more in my entire life.

Look at the smirk on bootleg-Sonic’s face. He just knows you want to buy this catastrophic fail of a backpack. And he’s right.

Yeah, she’s got a point

When picking a T-shirt slogan, it’s best to go with something incredibly relatable. In supermodel Gigi Hadid’s case, about 7 billion people can read her shirt and say, “OMG! It me.”

Gigi, Zayn MalikGigi, Zayn Malik
Manal Ait via Pinterest

While Zayn himself can’t relate, we think he’ll be just fine continuing to be Zayn Malik. I, for one, won’t be shedding any tears for the pop star.

Think safety, but do danger

Didn’t anyone tell this guy it’s not enough just to think about doing something, you also need to act on it. And while “do as I say, not as I do,” is a popular phrase, no one likes a hypocrite.

think safety think safety

Maybe this is all just an elaborate performance art piece, meant to showcase the duality of man. Either way it’s dangerous (albeit hilarious), and he should really just call a cab next time.

None of these things are mutually exclusive, Mia

As far as we know, Mia Khalifa is not pregnant, nor has she ever been pregnant. That’s what makes this T-shirt all the more confusing. Also, you can be a boy or a girl and still be a D1 athlete.

Mia Khalifa, funny shirtMia Khalifa, funny shirt
daniaybae via Twitter

If there’s one thing this former Whataburger turned model and sports analyst (among other things), it’s that she’s got some razor sharp wit. So it’s likely we’re just not in on the joke. Perhaps it’s some scathing commentary on the fluidity of gender. Who knows?

Yes, he is

He is Groot. Vin Diesel has voiced Groot in all the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers films in which the character appears. It’s a role that really shows off his incredible range as an actor. 

Vin Diesel is GrootVin Diesel is Groot
MarshallJulius via Twitter

In case you weren’t aware who voiced that lovable piece of wood, Vin Diesel is here to remind you. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of the things you’ve accomplished.

A slim-fitting tee

Many people are looking to slim down a bit. We’re fans of body positivity over here, but if you’d rather look a little thinner, that’s fine (as long as you’re being healthy). Now this guy came up with a truly brilliant idea.

squeeze t-shirt funnysqueeze t-shirt funny
Mighty Optical Illusions via Pinterest

Why diet and exercise, when you can just buy a T-shirt? Sure, you’ll look a little strange but that never hurt anyone.

Who doesn’t want to feel like a bottle of ketchup squeezed in a giant’s hand?

Always there for you

Has isolation got you feeling lonely? At least you can always count on your “hamberger friend” to be there when you need him.

Hamberger friendHamberger friend
cordialsavage via Reddit

In Japanese, the term “kuchi sabishii,” roughly translates to “lonely mouth.” It’s used to describe the times when you aren’t hungry but eat anyway, because there’s little else to do. When have kuchi sabishii, your “hamberger friend” truly comes in clutch.

Hindsight is 20/20

It happens to the best of us. “Best laid plans,” as they say.

However, for the life of us, we can’t tell what the plan was here. Driving a boat on the land is always a bad idea (unless you’re Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion).

boat accident, funny shirtboat accident, funny shirt
UNILAD Tech via Facebook

One thing is for sure, these guys immediately regretted their decision. To that, I think we can all relate, boat or no.

Can you spot the problem?

No? Oh well, whatever. Nevermind.

Looks like somebody mixed up the long-haired ‘90s artists. While Hanson and Nirvana look like they shared the same stylist, their music sounds very different.

Nirvana shirtNirvana shirt
felt_poker via Twitter

We have to imagine that somewhere up in the clouds Kurt is looking down on this shirt, cracking up.

It’s just an honest mistake. In the immortal words of Taylor Hanson, “All Apologies.”

Be careful what you wish for

We may have stumbled upon a cosmic secret. Perhaps the way to get what you truly want is to just print it on a t-shirt. It worked for the Steven Spielberg fan, and it seems to have worked for the girl pictured below.

Andrew Scott and a fanAndrew Scott and a fan
jimmyolsenblues via Reddit

All she wanted to do was stand beside actor Andrew Scott — best known for his role as Jim Moriarty on BBC’s Sherlock — and look what happened. I’m gonna get “I wish I had millions of dollars” printed on a shirt.

‘Yer a wizard, magic boy!’

It’s Voldemort you’re not supposed to refer to by name, not Harry Potter! Guess this bootlegger didn’t get the memo.

You have to imagine J.K. Rowling and the movie studio don’t appreciate being ripped off, but I think even they’d have to laugh if they came across this.

Magic Boy backpackMagic Boy backpack
Bootleg_Stuff via Twitter

You also have to appreciate the way this bootlegger got straight to the point. In case you were confused about what these movies were about, he or she has cleared the air right in the title. It’s about a magic boy, duh. You gonna buy it or not?

Just Blending In

This shopper was certainly coordinated when he stopped in to pick up a bottle. Outfit on point or pour one out for the fashion victims? What would be stranger, still, is if he didn’t plan this little coincidence. Maybe it’s just his ‘Friday’ shirt, pre-gaming for the weekend?

Man looks invisible standing in front of a rack of liquor bottles wearing a t-shirt with the background printed on it.Man looks invisible standing in front of a rack of liquor bottles wearing a t-shirt with the background printed on it.

Either way, we’re glad we spotted him. It’s not easy. Sadly, however, this camouflage job only works until the store runs a special promotion. Then, he’ll have to switch out this tee for one with the sale prices!

Cup Noodles Psych-Out

O.K., admit it – you did a double-take, right? This super convincing t-shirt makes it look like the wearer is chowing down on some instant noodles. I mean, who doesn’t love cup noodles, right? The guy in front even looks like he’s getting a little bit hungry

This shirt can also make a good misdirection for copying that homework or practicing your magic act. Poof! Pull some rabbits out of a hat, everyone will be fixated on those tasty noodles

Man wearing shirt that makes it appear as if he is eating cup-o-noodlesMan wearing shirt that makes it appear as if he is eating cup-o-noodles

We don’t recommend trying this one while studying in the library, however. It can land you in a heap of trouble. Just read the signs:  No food or drink allowed!

Leave Britney Alone

You’ve rocking your fanboy finest, got some hubcaps, and need caffeine. We’ve all been there, right? Well, maybe not all of us. This style icon put the pop queen on his sweet custom shirt and brought his auto parts to grab a double vanilla latte LIKE A BOSS

Not quite there yet? Don’t worry, ten years from now we’ll all be carrying hubcaps around and rocking some sweet spandex (wait, is that pepperoni?) pants. Facts

Man in strange outfit carries hubcaps in coffee shopMan in strange outfit carries hubcaps in coffee shop

Whatever he was going for, we know for sure he sent it 100%. And isn’t that the whole point? No, seriously, we’re asking. Is that the point? At least we can be certain of his response when asked if he wants to add another shot….  “Hit me baby one more time!”

2 Meta 4 Words

This proud pup owner went full inception with his pooch. It must be almost like staring into a mirror. A weird, weird mirror. While the pet lover thought this would be a good call, his canine pal had no choice in the matter. How embarrassing

Just imagine the questions at the dog park… Is that your owner? Are you guys always twinning? Totally cringe

Man wears shirt with his dog's face on it, dog wears shirt with man's face on itMan wears shirt with his dog's face on it, dog wears shirt with man's face on it

The whole gag pretty much requires they stay together, however. Just a man in a dog t-shirt is pretty weird. Even weirder, a dog in a man t-shirt. Awkward

No Touching!

Based solely on the smile, we’d say the man in the blue t-shirt planned for just such an occasion. It seems like a lot of work for the payoff, but the animated character he’s rocking seems pretty psyched about it

Maybe he’d been wearing the shirt for weeks, just hoping he found the right moment. Maybe he bought it just that morning. Either way, it seems like things, ahem, lined-up perfectly for the lil’ guy (the cartoon, of course)

Man poses for picture with woman in a crop-top. Man is wearing shirt with cartoon seemingly touching womanMan poses for picture with woman in a crop-top. Man is wearing shirt with cartoon seemingly touching woman

We don’t recommend trying this one at home. You never know who you’ll end up standing next to. Guessing it could be pretty sus in a family photo or a police lineup!

Autocorrect FAIL

Let’s get this one straight – Nobody ever intended to type ‘duck.’ While our phones’ autocorrect keeps us out of trouble sometimes, it also tends to get a little riduckulous, sorry, *ridiculous when you’re going for some strong language

Putting it all out there on your t-shirt erases any lingering doubts, but let’s be real, we know what he meant. Still, there are those times you mean to type something fowl and end up with duck. Get it? Fowl? Duck? OK, OK, couldn’t help it

Man walking through metro with shirt with slogan written on it Man walking through metro with shirt with slogan written on it

It can be so flicking trucked up when you’re trying to text an angry massage and end up using the wrong ward. Super frustrating. Just be glad it doesn’t happen the other way around. You could be going to feed the flying ducks, or practice playing the sax

Truth In Advertising

This traveler lets you know where she’s coming from. Maybe it’s a list of priorities, maybe it’s just a statement about life. Even the casual reader can tell it’s some pretty deep stuff, for sure

While some sartorial choices are unintentonal, this outfit looks planned. Some ladies are just too boss. IYKYK, right?

Woman exits bus with luggage wearing ironic shirtWoman exits bus with luggage wearing ironic shirt

We can all take a page here and live our truth like this absolute queen. Just because you’re wrestling a few rollaboards doesn’t mean you can’t be an icon while you’re doing it. We have only three words for her: Slay. All. Day.

Putting The Baet Before The Horse

It’s close. Soooo close. Unfortunatley, close doesn’t count as Baet Simpson never really caught-on the way his contemporary Bart Simpson did. The public has fickle tastes, what can you do?

While some elements of this shirt may seem a little off, there are a few definite improvements, also.  Everyone can agree that “Don’t Have A Box New” is a better catchphrase than “Don’t Have A Cow, Man” That’s just science.

Shirt reads "Baet Simpson" with picture of cartoon Bart SImpsonShirt reads "Baet Simpson" with picture of cartoon Bart SImpson

Foruntately for everyone, the designers of this tee didn’t even attempt “Cowabunga”… We’re not really sure how that one would have ended up. Double yikes

Gettin’ Silly With The Syllabus

This professor clearly got tired of repeating himself. Doesn’t anyone read the syllabus?! Well, evidently not. The face of exaspiration may be for show, but what led this professional academic to the printers shop was clear

With zero, uhm, cares left to give, this prof. went full-on Hulk. You won’t like him when he’s angry (or maybe you will, seems like he’s got a good sense of humour)

Professor standing in front of chalkboard points to shirt reading "It's in the syllabus"Professor standing in front of chalkboard points to shirt reading "It's in the syllabus"

We’re wondering just how many times a student asked a question that could be answered by the syllabus. Was there a straw that broke the camel’s back? While this message could have been written on the board, the t-shirt was almost certainly the better approach