Ricky Koski

Have you checked in on your 401k lately? If you have, are you sure it’s where it needs to be? Well buckle up, ’cause it’s time to get savvy about your 401k savings plan and figure out if you’re going to be set when retirement rolls around.

Ages 25-34

If you’re young and just starting your career, don’t freak out! It’s common to contribute less earlier in life, mostly due to lower wages, higher housing costs, and those darned student loans. The average 401(k) balance is usually around $24,728 for those 24 to 34.

Ages 34-44

Over time, your contributions will add up and your savings will start to blossom. Hopefully, by the time your age falls in between the 34-44 range, you’ll be sitting pretty at $68,935. Trust us, if you take care of your 401(k), it will certainly take care of you.

Ages 45-54

You probably know that the more you earn, the more you will be able to save. When you’re a little older and hold a more advanced title than your younger self (let’s say around 45-54), your 401k should be hovering somewhere around the $129,051 mark.

Ages 55-64

If you’re between 55-64, then you’ve almost reached that retirement finish line! A June 2018 Vanguard report suggests you should have around $190,505 saved at this point. This is a good benchmark for your planning. Now for the big event, the final figure in your 401k journey!

Ages 65+

The average age of retirement in the U.S. is 66, so this is the big goal to hit. By the time you’re 65, you should have at least $209,984 saved. With all these numbers in mind, check on your 401k! You don’t want to be the sad sack in the office when you don’t plan ahead.