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1. 10,000 year clock

Thanks to the success of his e-commerce giant Amazon, Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. While he has all the mansions, jets, and fast cars you can imagine, Bezos has one billionaire toy that you would never be able to guess.

billionaire toys, 10,000 year clock, Jeff Bezosbillionaire toys, 10,000 year clock, Jeff Bezos
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On his West Texas land, Bezos has paid $42 million to construct a 10,000 year clock. The clock is meant to inspire forward thinking, and it ticks once every hundred years. The clock runs on solar power, and it can also hold enough reserve power to run for a hundred years without sun. Experimental music pioneer Brian Eno composed the clock’s chimes using a never-repeating melody generator so that each chime is completely unique. It must be awe-inspiring to visit!

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2. 14 foot shark

We’re gonna need a bigger boat. American investor and hedge fund manager Steven Cohen is known for his incredible art collection. Some estimates place the total value of his art holdings at over $1 billion. One piece in this collection tops them all.

billionaire toys, 14 foot sharkbillionaire toys, 14 foot shark
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Cohen is the proud owner of a 14 foot long shark. The shark is a work by the British artist Damien Hirst entitled “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living.” It is an actual shark suspended in a tank of formaldehyde. Cohen reportedly paid between $8 million and $12 million for this incredible piece.

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3. Three private planes

Shark Tank billionaire Mark Cuban has a net worth of over $3 billion, and he spends it in ways that even other billionaires might find hard to believe. Cuban is the proud owner of not one but three private planes. Cuban’s first jet, a Gulfstream V, cost him $40 million in 1999. He’s since bought a Boeing 767 and a Boeing 757.

billionaire toys, three private planes, Mark Cubanbillionaire toys, three private planes, Mark Cuban
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Cuban told Men’s Journal that his planes are the smartest thing he’s ever bought, saying, “It is obviously brutally expensive, but time is the one asset we simply don’t own. It saves me hours and hours.” Oh to have more money than time!

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4. An eight-passenger spaceship

Magnate and investor Richard Branson basically defines what it means to be insanely wealthy. With a net worth of $4.1 billion, Branson spends money like a Bond villain, and we love it. For example, Branson has spent $200 million on his own eight-passenger spaceship.

billionaire toys, an eight-passenger spaceshipbillionaire toys, an eight-passenger spaceship
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Dubbed SpaceShipTwo, the craft is expected to take off in mid-2019. Branson has pre-sold around 600 tickets to ride his rocket to people like Katy Perry and Ashton Kutcher for $250,000. The ticket price includes three days of physical training, a custom spacesuit, and a champagne toast upon returning to Earth. That’s actually quite a bargain!

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5. A candy room

Glass-shattering whistle-voiced singer Mariah Carey is the queen of sugary-sweet luxury. The elusive chanteuse is known to spend over $40,000 a year on spa treatments for her dogs and has the most extensive Hello Kitty collection you’ve ever seen outside of a Sanrio store. However, there’s one room in her house we can totally get behind.

Mariah Carey, billionaire toysMariah Carey, billionaire toys

In 2016, Delish reported that Carey and then-husband Nick Cannon had an entire room in their home dedicated to candy. Called “The Cannon Candy Shop,” the room looked like something from one of Willy Wonka’s fever dreams. The couple kept the sweet room stocked for their kids. Can Mariah adopt us next, please?

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6. A rocket company

Billionaires these days just love the idea of going to space. Unlike Richard Branson, who seems mainly interested in space tourism, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has other ideas for the final frontier. In the future, he says, “heavy industry, all the polluting industry, all the things that are damaging our planet, those will be done off Earth.”

billionaire toys, rocket companybillionaire toys, rocket company
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That’s why Bezos sells $1 billion worth of Amazon stock every year to fund his new rocket company Blue Origin. He hopes to bring regular human life into space and turn Earth into a tourist destination. According to Bezos, we might someday all live in the Earth’s orbit, with large satellites replacing our cities.

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7. Braselton, Georgia

Actress Kim Basinger had just starred as Vicki Vale in Batman when she decided to use her millions to buy a small town in Georgia. The actress spent $20 million to buy all the land in Braselton, Georgia in 1990. Basinger hoped to turn the land into her own film studio, surrounded by homes, shopping, and even a theme park.

billionaire toys, Braselton, Georgia, Kim Basingerbillionaire toys, Braselton, Georgia, Kim Basinger
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However, it looks like the L.A. Confidential star simply dreamed too big. She never got to realize her ambitions, and she sold the land in 1995 for $4.5 million. Ironically, today Georgia is a hot location for filming TV and movies. Although the Braselton deal didn’t quite work out how she’d hoped, we still think it would be pretty cool to be able to say, “I own this town,” and really mean it.

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8. Cartier cuff

Kanye West isn’t exactly known for moderation, but this purchase is especially jaw-dropping. For Valentine’s Day in 2013, Kanye showed his then-girlfriend that he loved her with a $73,000 bracelet. The bracelet is part of Cartier’s Panthere de Cartier collection.

billionaire toys, Cartier cuff, Kimyebillionaire toys, Cartier cuff, Kimye
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

It features a diamond-encrusted panther with emerald eyes and an onyx nose. The panther has white gold trim and is set into a black, satin band. This past Valentine’s Day, Kanye filled their home with roses and hired Kenny G to play to Kim. Say what you want about Kanye’s crazy tweets, but we can all agree that he does Valentine’s Day right.

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9. Custom bathtub

Lifestyle guru and talk show queen Oprah Winfrey relaxes like nobody else on Earth. After a long day of ruling the world, there’s nothing Winfrey loves more than a long, soothing bath with all the frills. She told Harper’s Bazaar, “I love creating bathing experiences — bath gels, bubbles, crystals, salts, lavender milks… I go prune. I go waaaay prune. I’ve gone to sleep.”

billionaire toys, Custom bathtub, Oprahbillionaire toys, Custom bathtub, Oprah
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But perhaps her biggest bath time indulgence is a custom tub molded to the shape of her body. The tub was hand carved out of marble and onyx. Though Oprah has not disclosed how much this tub set her back, we’re willing to bet it was a lot. Oprah’s tub really puts our rubber duckie to shame.

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10. Dinosaur bones

In a caper worthy of some kind of National Treasure sequel, actor Nicolas Cage bought a dinosaur skull at auction, only to learn that the skull had been stolen. Cage outbid fellow A-lister Leonardo di Caprio for the skull. He paid $276,000 at a gallery auction to call a real dinosaur skull his own.

billionaire toys, Dinosaur bonesbillionaire toys, Dinosaur bones
Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

The joy of owning dinosaur bones was, unfortunately, fated to be short-lived for Cage. Soon after the sale, the Mongolian government accused the gallery that sold it of stealing the bones. Cage was not accused of any wrongdoing, but he was forced to return the skull to Mongolian authorities.

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11. Fendi stroller

Kardashian sibling and lip-gloss monger Kylie Jenner was recently named as the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. Though some dispute the “self-made” portion of this title, nobody can argue with the billion in Kylie’s bank account. Kylie’s cosmetics company is worth $900 million, and she’s just 21 years old.

Kylie Jenner, billionaire toysKylie Jenner, billionaire toys

Kylie loves buying herself designer clothes, fancy manicures, and amazing beauty treatments, but she loves to spend on her baby Stormi even more. Kylie has been seen pushing her young child in a Fendi stroller reportedly worth $12,500, and she totes baby Stormi around in a Gucci baby carrier worth $820.

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12. Ferrari 250 GTO

In August 2018, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO claimed a new world record. Ferrari only made 36 of the legendary racers, and they are highly coveted today. The vehicle became the most expensive car ever sold at auction, with a price tag of over $48 million. While the lucky and likely fabulously wealthy buyer remains unknown, the previous owner made a name for himself in tech.

billionaire toys, Ferrari 250 GTObillionaire toys, Ferrari 250 GTO
Michael Cole/Corbis via Getty Images

Former Microsoft executive Greg Whitten previously owned the GTO. He bought it back in 2000 for less than one-tenth of its new $48 million price tag. Whitten told CNBC, “Microsoft was a much better investment. But the GTO is much more fun.”

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13. Fine champagne

Beyonce’s husband is the richest musician in America. With a net worth of $900 million, Jay Z has more than enough money to pay all of Bey’s “bills bills bills,” and still have plenty left over for fun. On one night in 2011, Jay reportedly spent $250,000 on champagne.

billionaire toys, champagnebillionaire toys, champagne
Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Celebrating his joint album with Kanye West, Jay is said to have started by ordering bottles of Ace of Spades, a luxury champagne that costs around $200 a bottle on the low end. He next switched to a magnum of champagne costing $100,000. According to a source, Jay left his server that night a $50,000 tip.

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14. Ghostbusting

Lady Gaga has never pretended to be a normal person. The A Star is Born singer and actress has made a career of her eccentricity, and it’s not just a brand. Behind the scenes, Gaga spends her hard-earned money on some pretty out-there things.

billionaire toys, paranormal investigators, Lady Gagabillionaire toys, paranormal investigators, Lady Gaga
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

According to Glamour UK, Gaga spent $50,000 on top of the line Electro Magnetic Field meters to scan for paranormal activity. She also hires paranormal investigators to inspect hotel rooms and venues when she is on tour. While on the surface this might seem rather kooky, our inner child is rejoicing at the idea of being able to prove your room is monster-free before going to bed.

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15. Golden toilet

Nothing says out of control wealth like covering every surface in gold. One Hong Kong jeweler has reportedly taken his obsession with gold to the next level and given everything the Midas touch. The unnamed gold-lover spent $3.5 million on a gold plated bathroom.

billionaire toys, golden toiletbillionaire toys, golden toilet

Every surface in the room is covered in gold, and there are many jewels and gemstones embedded in the gold. A solid 24 carat gold toilet is the centerpiece of the room and a worthy throne for anyone wealthy enough to drop off their kids in a solid gold pool. The bathroom was gilded in 2001, and it still holds the world record for the most expensive bathroom.

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16. A Hawaiian island

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has a net worth of $66.3 billion and a ton of billionaire toys to show for it. Ellison owns a tremendous amount of property where he stores his fast cars and military planes. This purchase, however, is absolutely unbelievable.

billionaire toys, Hawaiian island, Larry Ellisonbillionaire toys, Hawaiian island, Larry Ellison
Education Images/UIG via Getty Images

In 2012, Ellison shelled out over $300 million to buy 98% of the land on the Hawaiian island of Lanai. In the deal, Ellison acquired 90 acres of untouched land in addition to a 3,200 person town, a Four Seasons Resort, and golf course. Ellison has said that he hopes to make the whole island into a model for sustainable living.

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17. Incredible sleep

While Daniel Radcliffe is best known for his portrayal of the boy wizard with the lightning bolt scar, he’s working hard to change that. The Harry Potter star has recently appeared in a variety of odd, art house pictures, some of which are definitely not appropriate for kids.

billionaire toys, Daniel Radcliffebillionaire toys, Daniel Radcliffe
Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Radcliffe has a net worth of $110 million, so he definitely doesn’t need to work so hard. Though Radcliffe isn’t a flashy spender, he has one indulgence that’s so relatable. The star reportedly spent $17,000 on a custom mattress so he can get his best sleep. Now that’s what we call living the dream.

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18. James Bond’s submarine

In 2013, a spectacular piece of James Bond memorabilia turned up at auction. Bond’s Lotus Esprit submarine was discovered in a storage unit and bought at auction by a mysterious buyer for $997,000. In the movie The Spy Who Loved Me, Roger Moore as Bond drove the Lotus on land and undersea.

billionaire toys, James Bond's submarinebillionaire toys, James Bond's submarine
Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Later, we discovered that the buyer was none other than Elon Musk. Musk and his net worth of $19.5 billion tweeted, “Will keep the original Bond Lotus sub as-is. That design can’t actually convert from car to sub. Have a new design in mind that does.” We can’t wait to see it.

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19. Jeff Koons’ Rabbit

Jeff Koons’ piece “Rabbit” recently broke records for the most spent at auction on a piece of art by a living artist. “Rabbit” stands about three feet tall and it’s sculpted from stainless steel to look like a chrome balloon animal. In a 2019 auction, it sold for $91 million.

billionaire toys, Jeff Koons’ Rabbitbillionaire toys, Jeff Koons’ Rabbit
Santi Visalli/Getty Images

Koons cast the sculpture in an edition of three, along with an artist’s proof. The others are on display in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Qatar. The “Rabbit” that just sold was previously owned by longtime Condé Nast chairman S.I. Newhouse. The 2007 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade featured a giant balloon version of “Rabbit.”

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20. Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook

Microsoft billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates has a net worth of over $10 billion and lots of billionaire toys to choose from. He’s got an actual trampoline room in his house, and his other house is a horse ranch, but still one of the most impressive things he owns is the Codex Leicester.

billionaire toys, Leonardo da Vinci's notebookbillionaire toys, Leonardo da Vinci's notebook
Seth Joel/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

The Codex is one of Leonardo da Vinci’s handwritten notebooks. It’s written backwards in da Vinci’s famed mirror writing, and it contains many of his drawings and diagrams plus musings on topics ranging from astronomy to fossils. Gates has scanned every page of the Codex, and a digital kiosk containing those scans travels to museums around the world.

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21. Luxury yacht

Roman Abramovich is a businessman, investor, and politician worth $12.8 billion. Outside of his home country Russia, Abramovich is best known for purchasing the Chelsea Premier League football club. Oh, and did we mention he owns the most expensive yacht in the universe?

billionaire toys, yachtbillionaire toys, yacht
Levent Kisi/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Abramovich’s mighty impressive superyacht is called Eclipse. Purchased for somewhere between $600 million and $1 billion, Eclipse is 162.5 meters long and features two swimming pools, a missile defense system, two helipads, a hair salon, and its own restaurant. Eclipse also comes equipped with a three-person submarine that can go 160 feet deep.

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22. MJ’s Thriller jacket

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video instantly became a classic and propelled Jackson’s album of the same name to all-time best-seller status. Thriller has sold over 66 million copies worldwide, and Jackson’s style remains iconic though the star is no longer with us.

billionaire toys, Thriller jacketbillionaire toys, Thriller jacket

In 2011, one lucky megarich fan got a piece of Michael Jackson history to call their own. Jackson’s red and black jacket from the “Thriller” video went up for auction to raise money to care for the deceased star’s Bengal tigers. The lucky bidder got to take home the “Thriller” jacket for a cool $1.8 million.

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23. Moist air

French-Canadian diva Celine Dion really knows how to pamper her priceless vocal cords. The greatest singer in the world reportedly spent $2 million on a humidifier during her residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The humidifier was installed above the stage to mist the singer with humidity during her 100-minute performances.

billionaire toys, Celine Dion, moist airbillionaire toys, Celine Dion, moist air
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

When your voice is your instrument, we totally agree that you should spare no expense to keep it in tip-top shape. The dry desert climate of Las Vegas coupled with its arid air conditioned interiors could be a recipe for disaster for most singers, but not Celine Dion. Her voice will go on.

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24. Necker Island

Located in the Caribbean Sea, there is a chain of gorgeous tropical islands known as the Virgin Islands. Back in 1978, the Virgin Islands got the attention of Virgin Group founder and CEO Richard Branson. He first visited Necker Island then and made an incredibly low offer to buy the island, just $100,000.

billionaire toys, Necker Islandbillionaire toys, Necker Island
Marka/UIG via Getty Images

A year later, the island was still on the market and desperate to sell. According to Branson, “Virgin Records was in a much better position than it had been a year before, so I quickly agreed to a purchase price of $180,000.” The realtor had originally been asking $6 million. Branson built a resort on Necker Island and to this day he spends about six months out of the year there.

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25. Personal fire department

Star Wars creator and Indiana Jones director George Lucas has some extra tricks up his sleeve in case wildfires ever come near his extensive property called Skywalker Ranch. Located in Marin, Skywalker Ranch is a sort of filmmakers’ retreat, featuring a top of the line sound studio in addition to an incredible private movie theater.

billionaire toys, personal fire department, George Lucasbillionaire toys, personal fire department, George Lucas
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Keeping the estate safe, we find the Skywalker Ranch Fire Department. Lucas has spent over $100 million on his own private fire department, fully equipped with trucks and a station house. Lucas’ firemen also pitch in and help when there are fires in Marin County, and Lucas recently donated a fire engine worth $55,000 to the Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department.

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26. Puppy Palace

“That’s hot” trademark holder and hotel heiress Paris Hilton takes pampering her furry friends to new heights. In 2015, Curbed reported that the socialite had spent $325,000 on a two-story Italian villa style dog house in Beverly Hills. At the time, the median home price for humans in L.A. County was $481,900.

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

The villa features doggy sized stairs, balconies for catching some sun, and an astroturf lawn perfect for prancing. Inside, there’s designer dog furniture and crystal chandeliers. Did we mention it’s air-conditioned? Hilton currently has a tiny chihuahua named Diamond Baby in addition to a handful of other small and fluffy pups.

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27. Rosebud

Citizen Kane is often regarded as one of the greatest American films of all time. The movie tells the story of a reporter attempting to decipher a dying magnate’s last word, “Rosebud.” Spoiler alert: Rosebud is the name of a sled the magnate had in his childhood and a symbol of the happiness that can be found cheaply and simply.

citizen kanecitizen kane

Movie magician and director Steven Spielberg bought Rosebud in 1982 for $60,500, a price that’s definitely not cheap. At the time, Spielberg called the sled, “a symbolic emblem of quality in the film business.” How cool would it be to own a piece of history that you’re that passionate about?

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28. The Batmobile

Batman’s main mode of conveyance, The Batmobile, has existed in various forms over the decades, but none has been as cool as the Tumbler. Featured in Christopher Nolan’s dark re-imagining of the bat’s iconic comic series, the Tumbler is an edgy mishmash of geometric shapes in cool matte black.

billionaire toys, Batmobilebillionaire toys, Batmobile
Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage via Getty Images

For just $1 million, true batfans can buy their own fully street-legal Tumbler. The car comes with 44 inch tires, driver assist cameras, and a state of the art stereo. The street-legal Tumbler was made in a limited edition, so there are only five of these incredibly cool cars in the world. Can you imagine taking the Batmobile out for a quick stop at the store?

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29. WWII planes

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen passed away in 2018, but before his death, he was an avid collector of World War II aircraft, weapons, and tanks. Allen told Forbes that his father had been part of the landing at Normandy in 1945 and that connection to the war led to his fascination.

billionaire toys, WWII planesbillionaire toys, WWII planes

Allen kept his collection in a museum 30 minutes outside of Seattle. The Flying Heritage Museum displays the incredible international collection of WWII memorabilia, weapons, and planes. Plus, the museum also hosts events with veterans to educate the public. Must be nice to use your money to keep history alive.