Budgeting is one of those things about adulthood that might make you wince or cringe, but it is a necessary tool to manage your money. Maintaining a budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy splurging on a treat now and then. Knowing when to make a money move, and when to scale back on your spending habits can help you reach your financial goals faster in life.

Cut the cord already

We are living in the age of streaming television via Internet-connected devices and digital programming. There is absolutely no reason to suffer the expense of maintaining a cable bill, for old-fashioned, overpriced services. Cut out your cable bill altogether, or reduce the number of channels on your plan. Seriously, your budget doesn’t have time or money for that.

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Foodie indulgences

Ever since you discovered the magic of food delivery apps, you stopped worrying about having enough time to cook lunch or dinner. A growing waistline won’t be your only problem if you never eat at home. The average American spends upward of $3,000 annually dining out. Taking time out of your schedule to prep meals in advance saves you money, and keeps you slimmer.

Living that fake rich life

Paying full price for most things isn’t a penny-wise choice, but is pound foolish. You may think to pay the asking price makes you look like you’re rich, but most well-off people look for discounts and sale prices without shame. Save your budget by waiting for the cost of items to drop, or scour the web for coupons for purchases.

Puff puff pass

Smoking is a nasty habit that is challenging to give up permanently. If you needed a good reason to drop cigarettes or e-cigarettes from your life, it’s making your finances and health go up in smoke. Smokers typically earn less than their non-smoking counterparts, which means less money to invest and save. Having to frequently restock on e-liquid, lighters, ashtrays, or purchasing costly cartons adds up fast.

Can’t stop charging

Credit cards are an excellent tool if you already have the money for your purchase in escrow. If you are living and shopping off of credit without cash to back you up, you are more likely to incur unnecessarily high payments because of interest. Pay your credit card bills off in full, or else you are leaking money and paying too much for things.