We all have those cheap items that we just keep replacing. Instead of buying a higher quality version, we just buy more of the same cheap stuff. Everyday items that you use all of the time, should be ones that will last through a lot of wears. Things like gloves, socks, exercise gear, and shoes are often items that are worth the investment. It’s time to break the cycle and invest in better quality items that will last longer and save you money in the long run.

Ask for gifts

If you have had your eye on a high-quality item that you aren’t able to buy for yourself, keep it as a gift idea. When the holidays or your birthday come around you’ll have a list of a few things ready to give people as ideas. Think of things you use every day and are constantly replacing because they break or fall apart.

Keep extra money aside for higher quality replacements

For a lot of people, it’s hard to find the money to buy expensive items. You know you need a nicer pair of winter gloves but when you don’t have the money, you buy a cheap pair again. A month later, the new gloves are ripped and ruined. If you have an item in mind, stash away a little money over time to save up for the big-ticket items you need.

Use rewards points

When you need to replace a cheap pair of workout pants that fell apart after a few washes, consider using rewards points. If money is tight, you can use rewards points at almost every major retailer. If you’ve accrued a nice chunk of points you can use those to buy yourself a nice high-quality replacement for your cheap yoga pants. You’ll have a nice new pair of pants and you won’t have to dip into your savings.

Upgrade slowly

It can be very expensive to try and replace all of your favorite items at once. Instead, focus on one thing at a time. Save your money, do some research and start replacing items slowly. This will give you time to save and the time to look around for the right item for you. You can try some stuff on, test out different brands and make an educated decision. Doing it slowly will soften the blow.

Start small

Taking the slow and steady approach will also allow you to be selective about the items you want to replace. Start small with lower priced items. You’ll be able to knock some of those out of the way while you save up for bigger ticket items. Some smaller items are also sold in larger quantities which reduces the cost per item.