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Did you know that some brands are linked to being wealthy? That’s right. It has been determined that items with a higher price point are bought more by people who have a larger income. Now, we know the obvious big-ticket items that are clearly more expensive. However, this rule is also applicable to smaller items like sandwich bags and soy sauce. Keep reading to find out what brands are indicative of a higher income. You might be signaling to others that you’re wealthy and not even know it!


There are dozens of companies that manufacture phones and tablets. However, using the Apple-branded iPhone and iPad indicates that you might be bringing in a higher income than other consumers. Apple products are more expensive than many other tech company devices, although they all have the same basic functions.

Can You Hear Me Now?

There are four major cell phone networks available in the United States. Most people price compare between those four and their subsidiaries to get the cheapest cell phone plans with the most decent network. However, some people don’t care and go straight to Verizon Wireless or AT&T. Of the four networks, those two are the top tier. It is well known that their plans are more expensive, but also that their service is the most reliable. Anyone shelling out big bucks to have service with those two carriers must be bringing in a pretty good income.


There is a large variety of soy sauce brands in the typical grocery store. However, one name is particularly well known. Kikkoman soy sauce is a popular name brand that usually comes at a higher price. Generic brand soy sauces can be purchased for less than $1.00. Kikkoman Soy Sauce was priced at $1.89 at Target recently. To most people, soy sauce is soy sauce so they have no problem getting the cheapest on the shelf. Anyone that prefers the name that has remained at the top for three decades must have more money to splurge.

Bag That

Many people have realized that the generic brands of items are just as good as the name brands, if not better. The same rings true with Ziploc plastic bags. The sliding lock is not exclusive to the Ziploc brand. They just made it popular and therefore, they cost more. However, some people don’t mind. They chose Ziploc because it’s a brand that they feel they can trust.

Squeaky Clean

Even the dishwasher detergent that you use could indicate a higher income. Cascade Complete dishwasher detergent retails at $5.99. When you’ve got the cash, that may not seem like a lot. However, most people know that there are other brands that do a good job at getting those dishes squeaky clean for a cheaper price tag.