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Car insurance can range from cheap to pricey depending on the coverage. Another big factor you may not know about is the car itself. Safety features, dependability, and theft rates all play a key role in your insurance premium. If you want a car that can keep your insurance rates low, continue reading. You’ll be surprised that such popular models are on the list.

Nissan Frontier: For The Off-Roader

The majority of trucks on the market will have high insurance rates. The Nissan Frontier is an exception to that rule. It’s cheap to insure because it has been around for a long time. Insurers know that it is dependable. You can expect 12 months of insurance for the Frontier to cost about $1204. If you think that’s cheap, just wait until the last slide.

Buick Encore: For The Everyday Driver

In general, medium-sized vehicles will be the cheapest to insure. This is due to their ideal balance between safety and size. The Buick Encore is one of these. That means you’ll only pay around $1200 for a year of insurance. If you want something with more flare, visit the next slide. It might be the perfect fit.

Ford Escape: For The Style-Savvy

There is a key factor keeping the insurance low for this car. Based on data, it likely won’t get many miles. It’s expected to hold up better because of this. Therefore, you can find a provider that will only charge you $100 per month. Coming up is a popular vehicle that you never thought would make this list. Keep reading to find out what it is.

Jeep Wrangler: For The Journeyman

Maintenance on a Jeep Wrangler can be expensive but not insurance. It will only put you out about $1183 per year. Be wary, though. The Sports Guide model is the cheapest. It’s a little safer than others, so insurance companies like it better. Don’t stop here! The last vehicle is the cheapest of all.

Honda Odyssey: For The Family

Honda has earned a reputation for being dependable and consistent. That’s why insurance companies are willing to cut you a deal. The Odyssey, in particular, is a minivan. Generally, these models are driven with more care. Expect to pay only $1113 per year for insurance on this family-friendly car.