Idris Elba, celebrities with coronavirus, COVID-19

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Kristofer Hivju

The Game of Thrones actor revealed on Monday, March 16 that he had tested positive for the novel coronavirus. In an Instagram post, Hiviu explained that he and his family were self-isolating, and that he was only experiencing mild cold symptoms.

celebs with coronavirus, COVID-19celebs with coronavirus, COVID-19
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“There are people at higher risk for who this virus might be a devastating diagnosis, so I urge all of you to be extremely careful; wash your hands, keep 1.5 meters distance from others, go in quarantine; just do everything you can to stop the virus from spreading,” he wrote in the caption.

Rachel Matthews

Matthews, who voiced Honeymaren in Disney’s Frozen 2, decided to get tested for the novel coronavirus after she came in contact with someone who had it. She had a tough time finding a place that would test her, but eventually she did — and tested positive for COVID-19.

Rachel Matthews, celebrities with coronavirusRachel Matthews, celebrities with coronavirus
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She’s decided to self-quarantine at her home, medicating with Tylenol and Dayquil to ease her fever and clear her lungs. “More than anything, it’s a waiting game,” she said in her Instagram story.

Olga Kurylenko

The Ukrainian-born French actress best known for her role as Bond girl Camille Montes in Quantum of Solace, and as Julia Harper in Oblivion. In an Instagram post she wrote that she was “locked up at home after testing positive for the coronavirus.”

celebs with covid-19celebs with covid-19
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For her, the main symptoms were fever and fatigue. “Take care of yourself and do take this seriously!” Kurylenko wrote. She’s fully recovered since her initial announcement on March 15.

Her symptoms lasted about two weeks.

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Rudy Gobert

Gobert was the first NBA star to test positive for the novel coronavirus after spending time in China. Before he knew he was infected, he made a childish joke out of the situation by touching reporters’ microphones at a press conference. Days later, he was diagnosed. The NBA responded by postponing the remainder of the season.

Rudy Gobert, coronavirus, testing, celebs with coronavirus, Rudy Gobert touching micRudy Gobert, coronavirus, testing, celebs with coronavirus, Rudy Gobert touching mic
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To Gobert’s credit, he apologized for his actions, and he and the Utah Jazz took great measures to prevent further spread. “I was careless and make no excuse,” Gobert posted to his Instagram. “I hope my story serves as a warning and causes everyone to take this seriously.” Gobert and the rest of the Jazz have since all tested negative.

Andy Cohen

Bravo TV host and producer Andy Cohen tested positive for the novel coronavirus as well. Like the majority of others, he was able to make a full recovery without hospitalization. However, it wasn’t easy. Cohen said he suffered from chest tightness, fever, a cough, and the temporary loss of taste and smell. But that wasn’t the worst part.

Andy Cohen, celebs with coronavirusAndy Cohen, celebs with coronavirus
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For Cohen, the worst was separating from his 13-month-old son, Benjamin. He’s since recovered and can once again spend time with his son. Cohen returned to hosting his SiriusXM radio show on March 30 to describe his experience.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is arguably the best player in the NBA, but even he wasn’t spared being infected with COVID-19. Luckily for KD and two of his teammates, the virus did not affect them with any noticeable symptoms. 

Kevin Durant has coronavirus, celebs with coronavirusKevin Durant has coronavirus, celebs with coronavirus
Sarah Stier via Getty Images

One player did suffer some characteristic symptoms, but all four players on the Brooklyn Nets appear to have fully healed. However, the 2020 NBA season has been postponed indefinitely to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Daniel Dae Kim

We’re happy to report that Daniel Dae Kim, the actor best known for his role as Jin-Soo Kwon on Lost appears to have recovered from COVID-19. However, it was no easy task. After his course of treatment ended, Kim decided to “let (his) immune system take charge the rest of the way.” Unfortunately, the illness wasn’t done with him yet.

Daniel Dae Kim coronavirus, celebs with coronavirusDaniel Dae Kim coronavirus, celebs with coronavirus
danieldaekim via Instagram

“Maybe I was a bit too confident,” Kim said in a video he posted to his Instagram. “A day after (completing treatment), I started to feel sluggish, tired. I was still congested and weirdly I lost my sense of smell, which led to a loss of sense of taste.” As of March 31, however, the actor says he is “virus-free” and almost fully recovered. “Even though I’m not 100 percent, I’m pretty close,” Kim explained.

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Tom Hanks

While in Australia working on a new film, beloved actor Tom Hanks began to feel under the weather. The doctor recommended a test for coronavirus, which came back positive. COVID-19 is especially dangerous for people with underlying health issues, like Tom who has type 2 diabetes.

Tom Hanks has coronavirus, COVID-19Tom Hanks has coronavirus, COVID-19
tomhanks via Instagram

Despite the bad news, Tom seems to have kept in good spirits. And it seems to have helped — he’s announced that he “feels better” weeks after the initial symptoms. He’s since returned to the United States, but remains in isolation until the illness fully passes.

Rita Wilson

Actress Rita Wilson was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus in Australia alongside her husband Tom Hanks. Like Hanks, she kept a positive attitude about the situation, and similarly appears to be making strides toward recovery.

Rita Wilson has coronavirus, celebs with coronavirusRita Wilson has coronavirus, celebs with coronavirus
ritawilson via Instagram

While isolated, she recorded a video reciting the lyrics along to Naughty By Nature’s classic rap record “Hip Hop Hooray.” Wilson returned to the United States with her husband, and remains in self-isolation. She’s since referred to herself on Instagram as a “COVID-19 survivor.”

Donovan Mitchell

Mitchell and Gobert of the Utah Jazz were the first NBA players to test positive for the novel coronavirus. The news prompted the NBA to postpone the remainder of the 2020 season. Fortunately, as of March 27, both players have recovered and tested negative.

Donovan Mitchell, NBA players with coronavirus, NBA season postponedDonovan Mitchell, NBA players with coronavirus, NBA season postponed
spidadmitchell via Instagram

The virus affects people differently, and symptoms range between feeling nothing at all, to needing hospitalization. Mitchell was asymptomatic, so for him, the worst part about COVID-19 was having to isolate himself from his family. 

Scarface (Brad Jordan)

The Houston rapper/politician — whose bid for city council ended in December 2019 — spoke with his former Geto Boys bandmate Willie D on Willie’s YouTube channel to reveal some terrible news: Scarface tested positive for COVID-19.

Scarface has coronavirus, celebs with coronavirus, COVID-19 celebritiesScarface has coronavirus, celebs with coronavirus, COVID-19 celebrities
brothermob via Instagram

The “My Block” rapper urged people to take the illness seriously and to follow social distancing protocol to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Unfortunately, Scarface appears to be dealing with some serious symptoms. We hope to hear some good news about his health in the coming weeks.

John Prine

Legendary American country singer-songwriter John Prine was in critical condition after being diagnosed with COVID-19. According to his wife, Fiona Whelan Prine, his health has now stabilized, but he is still in intensive care breathing through a respirator.

John Prine coronavirus, celebrities with coronavirusJohn Prine coronavirus, celebrities with coronavirus
john_prine via Instagram

“I need to clarify what I mean by ‘John is stable,’ ” Fiona further explained on Twitter. “That is not the same as improving. There is no cure for COVID-19. He needs our prayers and love — as do the thousands of others who are critically ill. Stay at home. Wash your hands. We love you.”

Update: On April 7, John passed away from complications due to COVID-19. Our condolences go out to his family. May he rest in peace.

Debi Mazar

The Goodfellas actress revealed on March 21 that she too had tested positive for COVID-19. She believes her husband and daughters had contracted the illness about two weeks before her, but their symptoms were relatively mild, and none of them had been tested. Debi, a cigarette smoker, had more serious symptoms.

Debi Mazar, coronavirus, celebs with COVID-19Debi Mazar, coronavirus, celebs with COVID-19
debimazar via Instagram

She had some difficulty obtaining a test and had to wait five days to hear the results, but doctors confirmed what she suspected. She says her symptoms have been up and down — some days more serious than the others. Her family has been placed on a 14-day quarantine, but she hopes she’s moved past the worst of the illness already. On March 27, she announced that she’s finally able to taste and smell again, which is hopefully a sign that she’s turned the corner toward a full recovery.

Idris Elba

The star of Luther, The Wire, and Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw has also been afflicted with COVID-19. Fortunately, he’s asymptomatic — as an asthmatic, COVID-19 could have been a very serious blow to the actor’s health.

While most were concerned but relieved to hear the positive side of the news, his announcement did spark a bit of controversy. 

Idris Elba, celebrities with coronavirus, COVID-19Idris Elba, celebrities with coronavirus, COVID-19
idriselba via Twitter

Many wondered why asymptomatic celebrities appear to have an easy time getting tested, when many average people suffering from serious illness can’t. Most notably, rapper Cardi B posited the question in an expletive-filled rant, even going as far as to accuse some celebrities of accepting financial compensation to say they have the virus, a claim Elba dismissed as illogical.

Sabrina Dhowre

Actress and model Sabrina Dhowre appeared with her husband Idris Elba on his Instagram when he first made the announcement that he had tested positive for COVID-19. The couple had decided to quarantine together, so it was no surprise that she later caught the virus as well. Like Idris Elba, Dhowre was spared the seriousness of the virus that others have been forced to endure, but did complain of some symptoms that may or may not have been seasonal allergies. 

Idris elba's wife coronavirus, celebs with COVID-19Idris elba's wife coronavirus, celebs with COVID-19
sabrinaelba via Instagram

The fact that the pair had decided to remain together in isolation sparked some curiosity. Dhowre spoke to Oprah Winfrey via video chat about her decision. “I could have made the decision to put myself, maybe, in a separate room or stay away … They’re tough decisions to make,” Sabrina said. “But I made the decision to want to be with him and, you know, still touch him.” Well, she is married to Idris Elba — can you blame her?

Manu Dibango

Cameroonian soul and jazz musician sadly passed away on March 24 due to complications brought on by COVID-19. If you’ve ever sang along to the refrain, “ma ma se, Ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa” in Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin,” or Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music,” then you’ve paid homage to the man — it came from Dibango’s 1972 single “Soul Makossa.”

Manu Dibango, jazz player coronavirus, COVID-19Manu Dibango, jazz player coronavirus, COVID-19
Selbymay via Wikimedia Commons

Dibango was responsible for bringing African music to foreign audiences around the world, collaborating with everyone from jazz musicians Fela Kuti and Herbie Hancock, to artists like Peter Gabriel and Sinead O’Connor. He refused to be defined by his past accomplishments, however. “I must compose the music of my time, not yesterday’s music,” he said in a 1991 interview with UNESCO Courier Magazine. Rest in peace, Manu Dibango, you will be missed.

Greg Rikaart

Sadly, The Young and the Restless star has suffered some serious symptoms as a result of COVID-19. “I am a pretty healthy 43-year-old who doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink much, eats well and exercises regularly and this has been the hardest experience of my life,” Rikaart  explained on Instagram.

Greg Rikaart has coronavirus, COVID-19Greg Rikaart has coronavirus, COVID-19
gregrikaart via Instagram

Though his family also got sick, their symptoms were mild, whereas Greg’s were much more serious. “I had a fever for 11 days, difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with pneumonia,” he went on. Fortunately, he appears to have gone through the worst of it. “I’m confident that I have finally turned the proverbial corner and am fever free today for the first time since this all started … So, nice try coronavirus, but I have another 4-5 decades worth of experiences to have with (my family).”

Charlotte Lawrence

The young “Joke’s on You” singer revealed that she tested positive for the novel coronavirus on March 18. Luckily, she appears to be in good health and spirits. “I’m feeling okay and am gonna be completely fine,” she posted on Twitter. “We have the power to slow this down. Protect those who need it.”

Charlotte Lawrence, celebrities with coronavirusCharlotte Lawrence, celebrities with coronavirus
charlotteslawrence via Instagram

She then listed social distancing guidelines designed to slow the spread of the virus. We hope to hear more from her about her experience after she has fully recovered.

Michael Yo

Comedian and actor Michael Yo has also revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 and was hospitalized with some serious symptoms. He arrived at the hospital suffering from pneumonia, and was told by the doctor that his situation was “gonna go good fast, or this is gonna go really bad fast.”

celebrities with coronavirus, COVID-19celebrities with coronavirus, COVID-19
michaelyo via Instagram

“They let you know right away, you’re not gonna see your family,” he continued. “No matter what happens … It was a rough couple of nights, but I made it through.” The comedian is happy to be home and healthy after spending eight days in the hospital.

Marcus Smart

The Boston Celtics star shooting guard revealed that he had tested positive for the novel coronavirus on March 12. About two weeks later, he was cleared by doctors. Smart and several other NBA players have made the noble decision to donate their blood for research into a cure for COVID-19.

Marcus Smart has coronavirus, NBA coronavirusMarcus Smart has coronavirus, NBA coronavirus
youngamechanger via Instagram

The hope is that studying the blood of people who were asymptomatic and/or were able to fight off the disease will lead scientists to a cure or vaccine. Researchers all over the world have been looking for ways to improve treatment.

Adam Schlesinger

Adam Schlesinger, the bassist of Fountains of Wayne (best known for their 2003 megahit “Stacy’s Mom”), passed away on April 1 due to complications from coronavirus. Schlesinger also won a Primetime Emmy for writing “Antidepressants Are So Not a Big Deal” from the show Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and for penning the songs performed by Neil Patrick Harris at the Tony Awards.

Stacy's mom bassist passes away due to coronavirusStacy's mom bassist passes away due to coronavirus
Left to right: Adam Schlesinger, Rachel Bloom and Jack Dolgen (Amy Sussman via Getty Images)

In 1996, he scored an Oscar nod for writing the eponymous song to film That Thing You Do! — the hit single by the film’s fictional band The Wonders. He also wrote the song “Way Back into Love,” which served as the centerpiece of the romantic comedy Music and Lyrics, starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. These accolades only scratch the surface of the man’s catalog; the world of music truly lost a luminary. 

Mark Blum

On March 25, Mark Blum, known for his roles in Crocodile Dundee, Desperately Seeking Susan, and Succession, as well as countless appearances on Broadway, passed away due to complications from the novel coronavirus.

Mark Blum dies from COVID-19, coronavirusMark Blum dies from COVID-19, coronavirus
cine__movies__arte__ via Instagram

Madonna, Bernadette Peters, and Rosanna Peters among others, took to social media to express their condolences to the family of the 69-year-old actor. I’m so deeply sad for his family and for his fans,” Arquette wrote on Twitter. “[He] was a wonderful actor and a very good and kind man.” 

Sean Payton

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton revealed on March 19 that he had tested positive for the novel coronavirus. “I was fortunate to be in the minority, without the serious side effects that some have,” Payton told ESPN. 

Sean Payton has coronavirus, COVID-19 New OrleansSean Payton has coronavirus, COVID-19 New Orleans
SeanPayton via Twitter

“I’m lucky. Younger people feel like they can handle this, but they can be a carrier to someone who can’t handle it. So we all need to do our part. It’s important for every one of us to do our part.” On April 1, Payton announced that doctors have cleared him of COVID-19.

Patrick McEnroe

Retired tennis champion and current tennis commentator Patrick McEnroe was afflicted with a mild case of COVID-19. “My tests just came back positive,” McEnroe said on Twitter. “That’s the bad news. The good news is I feel fine. My symptoms have passed. I feel 100%.”

Patrick McEnroe has coronavirus, celebs with coronavirusPatrick McEnroe has coronavirus, celebs with coronavirus
PatrickMcEnroe via Twitter

Sports analysts have expressed concern about the economic effect the outbreak may have on professional tennis. Many of the lower events on the tennis tours may not be able to continue in the future.

Joe Diffie

On March 29, the country music scene was hit with some devastating news: 61-year-old singer-songwriter Joe Diffie passed away due to complications from COVID-19. Diffie sold millions of records and released a string of hits in the 1990s, including “Pickup Man,” “Third Rock From The Sun,” and “Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox.”

Joe Diffie dies of COVID-19, celebrity coronavirusJoe Diffie dies of COVID-19, celebrity coronavirus
officialjoediffie via Instagram

Diffie’s friend Trace Adkins — another heavyweight in the country music scene — took to Twitter to express his condolences. “Oh my God,” he wrote. “One of the all-time GREAT vocalists. Joe Diffie was my friend. RIP, buddy.”