If you’ve been blessed to have a solid position for the past decade, but have suddenly found yourself job hunting again, it won’t take you long to realize that a lot has changed. The past few years have seen a drastic change in job hunting tactics and understanding the right approach can make or break your job hunting quest. Here you’ll find a breakdown of how hiring practices have evolved over the past few years, as well as job hunting tips to help you get ahead.

Make sure your online presence is on point

Gone are the days when companies would flip through a pile of paper resumes, pick a candidate who looked legit, and hope for the best. Never underestimate the power of an online search to tell a potential employer a great deal about you. If you don’t yet have a LinkedIn page, it may be worth it to invest the time to get one up and running. Many companies both recruit and filter candidates through the online networking site. Use this to your advantage by making sure your LinkedIn profile properly presents the image you want to reflect. Ask previous clients to help your profile stand out by providing recommendations and reviews of your services. This can go a long way in setting you apart in a positive way.


That said, don’t count on your LinkedIn profile being the only way future employers may check you out online. Google searches can easily turn up things you never intended a prospective employer to see. Make sure your social media is free of incriminating photos of you and your late night antics. Though your private life is your private life, keep in mind that any photos you post of yourself online may be a would-be employer’s first (and only) impression of you.

The art of on-screen resumes

These days, resumes are rarely of the paper variety. Make sure you understand how to properly format an electronic resume and include plenty of keywords that highlight your skills. This is important because many large companies are now using resume scanning software in order to highlight the best potential candidates, a trend that’s only likely to become more common in the future. If you’re not sure which skills to highlight, then head over to a job seeking site such as Indeed and see what words you find yourself using to search for jobs that fit your interests.

Don’t be afraid to play up your strengths because now it’s easier than ever to find a job much more tailored to your unique interests and talents. Rather than scanning wanted adds, many job hunting sites now make it incredibly easy to search for positions that really hone in on your specific skill sets.

Real world interactions are still king

One thing that hasn’t changed, and isn’t likely to any time soon, is the importance of networking. Though job hunting sites have made it easier to find jobs than ever before, they’ve also vastly increased the number of applicants who apply for each position. What employer wouldn’t love to save themselves hours of wading through online resumes by hiring someone they’ve actually met in real life?

Start networking with people in the field that interests you as soon as possible. The more people you meet, the more likely you are to meet someone who could hire you. Ask plenty of questions and soak up all the knowledge you can about your field of interest, as employers tend to gravitate towards informed candidates. Never underestimate the power of knowing exactly what the job entails and what you could bring to it.

Look for work in your current company

One new job trend among larger companies is the implementation of “role experimentation” programs. These allow current employees to try out new jobs at the same company so that they can ultimately transition into a new career without having to go on the job hunt. It might be worth it to take a trip down to HR and see if your current company offers any programs that cater to evolving skill sets.