Cheap Lunch Tips


When it comes to eating lunch, there are many creative ways to plan meals on a dime. Eating cheap doesn’t have to make you feel deprived, but it can make you feel smart about your choices. From eating last night’s leftovers to preparing box meals, here are five lunch ideas to help you save money and build up your savings over time.

Leftovers Are A Gem

A well-known option to saving money is taking leftovers. You might be full from a plate of spaghetti at dinner, so think of the savings for tomorrow’s lunch when you pack your leftovers. If you were to prepare a meal say four or five nights per week and pack a few servings for lunch, you’ll definitely save money over time and your budget will thank you.

Soup For The Soul

Whoever said a can of chicken soup was only for the soul? It can help you save money as well. Imagine your favorite can of Campbells or Progresso soup with a few club crackers by Townhouse or Pepperidge Farms—you have all you need for lunch with just a simple can of soup and crackers. And, of course, adding your favorite beverage will compliment this nice budget-friendly meal. Bon appetit!

Eat Healthy And Light

Salads and raw veggies are a great alternative for lighter lunch options. Have you been longing to shed a few inches or extra pounds, anyway? Alternating days of the week between salad fixings or raw veggies with a light dressing will definitely make you proud of either choice. When you consider a plate of carrots, cucumbers, broccoli and so many tasty others, veggies make a sensational lunch option.

Prepare A Box Meal

There are countless meals in a box at local grocery retailers. From Betty Crocker’s Suddenly Pasta Salad and Southwest Grains to Pasta Roni’s Angel Hair Pasta with Herbs, these are great selections for helping you save money. Anything wrong with spending $1.50 or less for each? Many of these can be prepared in 30 minutes or less and can be stored right into a lunch container soon after preparation.

Lose The Crowd

Let’s face it, peer pressure is real! When it comes to eating lunch, teenagers and adults alike are pressured to follow the in-crowd to a myriad of fast-food chains and fancy eateries. It’s okay to treat yourself on occasion with the lunch bunch, however, if saving money is your end goal, learning to say “no” and losing the crowd is a far better choice to achieving your goals. Try eating your prepared lunch in a park. You’ll not only feel inspired being outdoors but you’ll feel good by staying on track with your savings.