If your Thanksgiving plans are likely to include travel, then a little early planning can pay off in a big way. It may come as no surprise that you’ll end up paying higher airfare prices if you wait until right around the holidays. But how early should you start planning exactly? As it turns out, one travel site may have the answer.

The Magic Month

A site called did a little digging and determined that the best time to book Thanksgiving flights is in September.

The website explains that “According to our Holiday Flight data, purchasing in September is going to give you the best prices for Thanksgiving week. On average, booking in September will save you $37 more than people who book in October and $107 if you wait until November (so don’t procrastinate!).”

Don’t Go Overboard On Booking Early

While it may save to book your Thanksgiving tickets early, just make sure you don’t book them too early. Flights can actually be 10% more expensive if booked 18-20 weeks in advance.

If you’re looking for prime Thanksgiving air travel prices, your best bet is to wait a few weeks and make your plans towards the beginning of September.

It Pays To Travel On Certain Days

Not only can pre-planning help you save on tickets home for Thanksgiving, so can traveling on specific days of the week. According to research, the cheapest days to head home for the holidays tend to be midweek, so be sure to check out Tuesday to Thursday flights.

If you have enough time to stay away, then aim for the same days on your return flight as well. Weekends may seem ideal, but they also tend to be the busiest. Flying mid-week can save you not only money but a headache at the airport as well.