cities to live in


Adulting is really hard! If the cost of living is higher than what jobs pay in your city, moving might be your ticket to financial freedom. So, where should you move? Here are 5 amazing cities with plenty to do that practically anyone can afford to live and work in.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Average Yearly Salary: $86,922

Average Rent: $1,344

There are plenty of opportunities in banking and healthcare. The city also has plenty of service industry jobs in hospitality and food services. Whether you have a degree or not, you can find a job that will allow you to pay the rent.

Dallas, Texas

Average Yearly Salary: $76,726

Average Rent: $1,445

According to, rent in expensive areas of Dallas is $1,500. That’s the same price as rent in terrible areas elsewhere. For the same income you’re scraping by on in your town, you could be living large in Dallas.

Tampa, Florida

Average Yearly Salary: $80,121

Average Rent: $1,344

Tampa is a great place to live. It’s close to Disney World, many professional sports teams, and stunning beaches. There are also major companies like Duke Energy and Raymond James Financial that have established firm roots in the economy and hire often.

Bakersfield, California

Average Yearly Salary: $76,673

Average Rent: $1,353

Many people who work in LA have retreated to nearby Bakersfield for its lower cost of living. With a high average annual salary, this is an optimal city to work in too. The city’s landscape provides plenty of natural beauty to enjoy.

Omaha, Nebraska

Average Yearly Salary: $74,125

Average Rent: $1,324

This might not be one of the first places on your list, but Omaha has much to offer. You get metropolitan conveniences with the charm of a small town. There’s a concert venue that brings big names and plenty of great jobs.