clothing subscription boxes


Fashion has never been more diverse than it is today. That’s why it can seem impossible to keep up with current trends. Not many of us have the time or money to get a whole new wardrobe every few months. That’s where clothing subscription boxes come into play. They claim to offer you more style for less money, all in a convenient little box. Are they really worth it? Let’s find out!

Work It Women

There are a ton of options for standard-size women’s clothing. Stitch Fix is very popular and charges a $20 styling fee per box. That amount is applied to any item you choose to purchase, which will cost you an average of $55. If you don’t like any of the items enough to keep them, you will be out $20.

Other services, like Le Tote, only do rentals. This will cost you about $70 per month for five items. However, you’ve gotten to wear new items for a whole month, and you have the option of purchasing them later! Some would say it’s worth it.

Plus Size Specialties

While there are benefits to clothing subscriptions for those of standard size, plus size gals get even more. It can be hard to find fashionable, plus-size clothing in stores. Subscription boxes, on the other hand, have tons of options.

Dia & Co. works just like Stitch Fix and reviewers rave about the amazing fit of the clothing. Gwynnie Bee is similar to Le Tote. If you’re looking for variety in your wardrobe, then try them out. Their plans start at $49 per month.

Men Can Be Fashionable Too

It may sound stereotypical, but most men don’t like shopping. That’s why clothing subscription boxes can be of great benefit to them. Trunk Club is by far the most popular and has a fair variety of styles to choose from.

Like other boxes, you’ll only pay for what you purchase, minus the $25 styling fee. One difference is that you’ll receive more items than most women’s boxes, around 6-10. In the end, convenience and flexibility make these boxes a great investment for most people.