Far too many college graduates find themselves disappointed by the lack of jobs (or lack of good-paying jobs) in their field of choice. Some graduates, on the other hand, are facing the exact opposite problem. Recruiters are banging down the doors of universities for one extremely in-demand field.

The Sexiest Job In America

Data scientists take big data (basically, huge amounts of information) and reach conclusions or discover trends that can be used to make insightful business decisions. As abstract as this may sound, huge corporations are paying over $100,000 a year and doing accelerated hiring to get these professionals. Since data scientists are in high demand, they’re often given perks such as working from home.

Often, data scientists already have a background in math, computers, and statistics. Coupled with hands-on practice on how to mine data, they can discover practical, actionable insights in a sea of numbers.

Why Is It Needed?

Our lives are increasingly documented on the Internet. When you pay a bill online, you create a virtual trail. When you vent about your day on social media, you’re publishing information that businesses can use.

Reliable information helps businesses make better decisions and earn more profit. Technology has given businesses access to more information than they can handle or interpret. That’s where a data scientist comes in. He or she can delve into the data and find extremely lucrative facts.

How Can You Get In?

To enter this bustling, emerging industry, you often need a master’s degree in data science. A person who already has a bachelor’s degree is only two years away from a dream career!

So if it’s not too late and you have an aptitude for math and computers, consider trading your Liberal Arts degree for one in data science. Or, if you’re already graduated with some kind of science degree, look into a Masters in data science and see what’s required!