If you’re looking to expand your investment portfolio, and make some more money over time, there are an overwhelming amount of companies you can invest in. If you’re unsure of where to start, it’s worth looking at a few companies who you use daily. These five companies are all consumer-based and offer lucrative investment opportunities.

Apple: The Tech Giant

Apple has sold 42 million iPhones in just the last quarter, but that’s only the start of where their revenue is coming from. The company, worth $1 trillion, is one of the most diverse companies out there, raking in nearly $8 billion a year just in augmented reality products. This tech giant isn’t going anywhere but up, and their shares sell for just over $200.

National Beverage Corp: The Beverage Company With A Secret Weapon

With the introduction of a simple, flavored, sparkling water, National Beverage Corporation’s stock jumped by 110 percent in 2017. With the popularity of La Croix still on the rise, the company has seen a 19 percent jump in sales and expects it to continue. Now is the right time to get involved with shares at around $115 each.

Stitch Fix: The Company That Provides Easy Access to Style

At a current market value of $3.3 million, this company has the cheapest buy-in on the list at $33.75 per share. The company is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and is using powerful innovative systems to provide their customers with a very personalized shopping experience. After announcing an expansion into kid’s clothes, their shares spiked 9 percent.

Lululemon: The Company Who Embraced A New Culture

When yoga and pilates studios began popping up in every city in every state, the founders of Lululemon found their niche in the athleisure market. After some questionable years, Lululemon is back in the spotlight with its new leaders who previously served as executives for Sephora, Gap, and J Crew, the future of Lululemon is bright.

Amazon: The Company That Raised Our Shipping Standards

The online retail giant has changed the way the world shops. If you don’t know where to buy something, you go to Amazon, and your Prime purchases are expected to arrive at your door within 48 hours. Their stock prices are high, at nearly $2,000 per share, but are worth every penny. The company is worth $937 billion dollars and is only expected to grow.