Adrienne Koleszar, fitness cop

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A bit different

34-year-old Adrienne Koleszar is far from your average cop. For one, she has an insane following on Instagram (as of now, she has 643,000 followers).

cop taking selfiecop taking selfie
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That is largely because — and we don’t mean to generalize — she doesn’t exactly look like how you’d picture a police officer to look. Blame society for instilling us with these awful biases. But that’s another conversation altogether.

There’s no faking being a cop

As you already know, being a police officer requires a lot more than a pretty face and an enviable body. Koleszar is thrust into potentially dangerous situations every day. “I’m on active duty – which means I work in shifts, full time – no excuses.”

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In the Dresden-Süd district in Germany, the bulk of the crimes Koleszar deals with are drunken brawls and domestic disturbances. If things get critical, it pays to be in good shape. That’s clearly something Adrienne knows a thing or two about.

A background in fitness

At 17 years old, she started lifting weights, but she’d been hitting the gym hard since 14.. She’s competed in many fitness and bodybuilding competitions throughout her life. While she’s passionate about the way she takes care of her own body, showing off isn’t the reason she posts on social media.

Germany's hottest copGermany's hottest cop
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For her, it’s all about inspiring others. “My hope is to motivate others with my page and my story while helping them to reach their own sports goals.” 

Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way …

A familiar story

Koleszar began going to the gym because she was unsatisfied with the way she looked. Specifically, she wanted to lose fat around her butt and thighs. She had difficulty making the progress she wanted.

selfie, fitness copselfie, fitness cop
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Like many others, she found that even though she was working incredibly hard, the results just weren’t coming. She had to face a hard truth: Getting in shape requires changing your habits outside the gym as well.

Putting in work, on and off the streets

Just like being a cop, staying in peak physical condition requires constant vigilance. While Adrienne Koleszar had been exercising hard and lifting weights since she was a teen, it wasn’t until 2014 that she drastically changed her diet.

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From then on out she’d take nutrition very seriously, eating almost exclusively non-processed foods, and taking great care to make sure her diet was rich and balanced with all the necessary nutrients.

It gave her a competitive edge

At my first competition (the International Hessian newcomer cup Butzbach) I was able to rake in two cups,” Koleszar explains. “I wasn’t just victorious in my class – I also won the complete competition including all-female classes.”

bodybuilding championbodybuilding champion
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Just a month later, Koleszar dominated the International Niedersachsen Cup in Salzgitter and the German Championships in Bochum, claiming the championship and vice championship respectively.

Health complications

It seems easy to claim that Koleszar just won the genetic lottery, which enables her to stay in peak physical condition. However, she’s had to overcome some critical obstacles.

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Shortly after she turned 30, Adrienne was hospitalized and had to have a painful tumor removed from her chest. Fortunately, it was benign, but it put things in perspective for the athlete/policewoman.


The experience highlighted how important her health is to her, and hard she must continue to work to reach her goals.

policewoman exercisepolicewoman exercise
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“Only illness or force majeure could keep me away from the gym,” she said. “I’m far from being at my final goal. Building your body naturally takes time.” 

Little did she know that showing off that natural body would get her into serious trouble one day …

What’s her secret to getting in shape?

No one wants to hear this but there is no real secret. It takes lots of time and energy to see results. However, Adrienne is willing to share some helpful tips she’s learned on her own fitness journey through her Instagram.

working out in the gymworking out in the gym
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Thousands of people follow her page religiously, taking her advice and inspiration.

Of course, she surely has thousands of other followers who follow her for other reasons. That’s what caught the attention of Koleszar’s employer.

Traveling the world

In 2018, Koleszar decided to take a six-month sabbatical. During this time she posted nearly non-stop as she traveled, lounging by the beach in some of the most beautiful locations the world has to offer.

cop travelling the worldcop travelling the world
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Obviously, this content helped her amass even more of a passionate following. It seemed that her lucrative side hustle was really starting to pay off.

But everything was about to change.

Summoned by her boss

It’s a popular buzzword you frequently hear thrown around these days: “work-life balance.” Truth be told, a perfect balance between work and the passions you have outside of work is something few of us achieve. In Adrienne Koleszar’s case, one would ultimately threaten the other.

Germany's hottest copGermany's hottest cop
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The tipping point came when police chief Horst Kretzschmar called Koleszar into his office and gave her an ultimatum: Either she eases up posting these “sexy pictures” or she turns in her badge.

A difficult decision

The choice between Instagram and career would be an easy one for most of us, but for Adrienne Koleszar it’s not so simple. For her, Instagram is a lucrative platform that enables her to profit off of something she’s passionate about.

deep in thoughtdeep in thought
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On the other hand, police work is also something that she loves and remains important to her.

Was it really time for “Germany’s Hottest Cop” to retire?

She needed time to think

This would not be an easy choice to make. She’d likely be able to make more money using her platform on Instagram, but if she chose that over being a police officer, she’d lose the job she’d always wanted and had worked so hard to achieve.

thinking in poolthinking in pool
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Fortunately, she’d had a lot of time to think in the past six months she had spent traveling. Getting away had given her perspective on what was important to her.

She made her choice

On New Year’s Day of 2019, Adrienne decided to break the news to her followers. She explained to them what was happening in her life and the reasoning behind the tough choice she had just made.

thinking hardthinking hard
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In the post, she laid it all out and made clear what was about to change going forward and how she felt about it.

She chose the force

On January 1st, Adrienne posted a photo of herself in her police uniform on her Instagram. “I’m going to work,” read the caption. “I’m going back on the beat, I’m putting my uniform on.” However, she made sure to let her followers know this wasn’t the last they’d see of her, however.

choosing the forcechoosing the force
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“I’ll still be on Instagram on social media – of course not as much as in the last six months but I’ll still be just as present as I was before July 1.” Fortunately, the people that she inspired by posting her fitness regimens and nutrition tips would still get the content they desired. Other followers? Perhaps not so much.

She had done some soul searching

“Of course I had to consider whether I would go back on January 1 and whether I wanted to,” she went on. “That’s a decision I had to make for myself, because it’s no secret that the half-year was a time when I thought about where I’m going. “

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“Am I happy with what I’m doing at the moment? Am I unhappy and do I need to change anything? It wasn’t really any more than that.”

Many of us struggle with finding ourselves and our purpose in life and many find it refreshing to hear someone with such a platform express their vulnerabilities and uncertainty.

Back on the beat

If criminals thought they’d have an easy time intimidating this Instagram model/police officer, they’d be sorely mistaken. Koleszar is ready for anything they can throw at her.

Adrienne Koleszar, fitness copAdrienne Koleszar, fitness cop
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“I have no fear about returning to my duty, being on patrol and working my shifts. I’m convinced (fitness modeling) won’t hinder my work.”

That’s good, because her district needs all the help they can get …

A shortage of boots on the ground

As of early 2019, the state of Saxony — where Adrienne works — was in desperate need of more officers. They were attempting to fill the positions of 1,000 new police officers.

While Koleszar’s decision to return to the force undoubtedly pleased her superiors, it is sure to disappoint some criminals, as well as thousands of her thirsty Instagram followers.

Germany's hottest cop returnsGermany's hottest cop returns
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Although, by looking through her recent posts, it doesn’t seem like her followers have much to complain about.

We’ll let you be the judge of that …

Adrienne’s love life takes an unexpected turn

There’s a high price to Instagram fame. In Adrienne Koleszar’s case, part of that cost was a 10-year relationship. According to her, her long-time partner was uncomfortable with the publicity she was getting.

sad copsad cop
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That said, it seems there are no hard feelings about the breakup. Life in the public eye is not for everyone, and Koleszar seems to understand that.

The conscious uncoupling

Ironically, Koleszar announced the break up through Instagram. She shared a photo of her and her now ex-partner holding hands with a heartfelt caption. “You in the public,” she wrote. “In a world you never wanted. But I wanted it. Absolutely. At any price.”

in the gym lost in thoughtin the gym lost in thought
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“Nothing is as it seems. Now I say openly: We’re free. Two people. New chances. And yet, forever. Translation: (my boyfriend) and I have separated.”

The announcement undoubtedly broke the hearts of many of her followers but also inspired false hope in many others.

Suitors take warning

Just because she’s single now doesn’t give dudes the right to be creepy in her direct messages. Also, she’s a police officer in peak physical shape, she’d snap your scrawny arms like a twig.

workout buddyworkout buddy
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Not to mention, it seems like you might have some rock-solid competition as evidenced above.

But enough of the gossip, let’s get into some fitness stuff.

Fitness regimen

As we mentioned before, Adrienne first started working out to slim parts of her body she was unhappy with. In her mind, she had some excess fat she wanted to get rid of in some specific regions. She tried doing lower body exercises to target the areas in question.

in the gym working outin the gym working out
adrienne_koleszar via Instagram

Unfortunately, she didn’t see much success. She had to learn the lesson that many fitness gurus and students know all too well — spot reduction isn’t possible.

So how did she eventually see improvement?

A strict diet

Many fitness experts will tell you that 75% of fitness is diet. And there’s some evidence to back that up. “An analysis of more than 700 weight loss studies found that people see the biggest short-term results when they eat smart,” Dr. Shawn M. Talbott, a nutritional biochemist told Huffington Post.

adrienne_koleszar via Instagram

Adrienne’s experiences seem to confirm that conclusion. But what exactly makes up this bodybuilder-turned-cop’s diet?

An unorthodox approach

No one diet works for everybody. But Adrienne has found a plan that works for her. Unlike many trendy approaches currently dominating the airwaves, Koleszar is a fan of carbohydrates in her diet. She prefers potatoes over rice.

adrienne_koleszar via Instagram

To make sure she’s getting all her nutrients, Adrienne consumes several supplements, including whey protein, magnesium, zinc, multivitamins, BCAA, and creatine. Koleszar also eats a relatively large amount of food daily — 2500 calories. For her, eating that much is a necessity, because of how hard she trains.

Training regimen

Like we explained above, spot reduction — targeting certain areas of the body for weight loss — is impossible. That’s why Adrienne makes sure she works out her whole body, dedicating two days to her legs, but targeting all muscle groups equally.

gym selfiegym selfie
adrienne_koleszar via Instagram

Unlike many other athletes, she doesn’t believe in having a rest day (consult with a professional before you try this). When she’s not in the gym or on the beat, you’ll likely find her cycling.

Somehow, with her busy schedule, she still found time to appear on the reality series Fitness Diaries.