Traveling The World

Twenty-somethings, Katie and Ben, have boiled travel down to a science. They got married, quit their jobs and went on an adventure and haven’t looked back since. Their best 5 tips for how you can travel the globe on a budget will be everything you need to go yourself, except for maybe a passport!

The first thing you might be thinking is, how much could this cost?

Save Your Money

While this may seem like a no-brainer, Katie and Ben have a bunch of tips for saving money that you can use to fund your own travel. Things like setting a savings goal, prioritizing your spending, being wary of auto-debited payments for subscriptions and services you can live without and even finding some side work online.

Money aside, where do you want to go?

Choose Less Expensive Destinations

Katie and Ben know what they mean when they say that a budget of $5,000 will mean something vastly different in Western Europe than it does in India. The cost of traveling in cheaper countries verses more expensive places could mean the difference between touring a new part of the world for a few weeks or a few months.

But what about your everyday cost of living in a new place?

Be Accountable For Your Expenses

The pair says that it is imperative to track every one of their expenses to stay ahead of their budget. In addition, they also recommended travel cards perfect for travelers such as the Charles Schwab High Yield Investors Checking Account debit card which is free to set up, has no annual fees and reimburses ATM fees at the end of the month.

Ben and Katie also have some advice about meals you can’t miss.

Keep Food Costs Low

Food expenses can add up quickly, but Katie and Ben have been there before and say that there are ways to stay on budget while enjoying all the very best and most authentic cuisine. Things like: trying street food, asking locals where they eat, eating a big portion at lunch and knowing which restaurants to avoid.

What if you want to cut back on the cost of room and board?

Consider A Skill Exchange

Katie and Ben suggested some widely-trusted organizations that can set you up with free or very inexpensive lodging in exchange for tasks like organic farming. Interested? They say to check out sites like WWOOF and WorkAway as well as HelpX to find valid volunteer opportunities that won’t be a detriment to the community you’re visiting.