credit card

Literally, anyone could find themselves lumped with copious credit card debts. Don’t believe us? Well, some of the internet’s most renown credit card experts have themselves indeed suffered from such deficits!

The critical thing to remember here is that you should never feel ashamed of what you owe because this goes to show that virtually anyone could find themselves in the same position. Instead, the more important thing to focus on is how you approach your finances moving forward.

Kenley Young

A few years after graduating college, Kenley Young got his first credit card and spent $1,800 on a Martin guitar. As an entry-level copy editor, it’s needless to say he didn’t have the money to fund those kinds of purchases. So like, many of us, Kenley cracked out his card and used it to support himself. Although his balance sheet was excellent in other areas of his life, he admits buying this guitar was a tad impulsive.

Kimberly Palmer

Kimberly Palmer very recently took on credit card debt for the very first time. She needed to purchase new windows for her home, and this set her back as much as $15,000! So, Kimberly applied for a card boasting 18 months worth of 0% APR. However, she adds that you can set up automatic monthly payments to ensure the repayments are made before the introductory rate expires. As such, she hasn’t experienced any trouble!

Robin Saks Frankel

Until relatively recently Robin never incurred credit card debt. However, when her husband (who works purely on commission) had a couple of bad years, they had to pay off their kid’s school fees using one of their credit cards. It wasn’t long before they were unable to make the minimum payments, so they eventually maxed out the card. She said that; ‘to say this was stressful would be an understatement.’