credit card

It’s difficult year-round to stay out of credit card traps and save money where you can. But over the holidays people are often way more susceptible to maxing out their credit cards and throwing down tons of cash without getting anything back. Thankfully, these five credit card hacks can help you save money during this yearly event of grandiose spending.

Stack credit card rewards with rebates

Those credit card rewards can come in handy around this time of the year, but they may take a while to stack up and not stretch very far once you’re ready to utilize them. So, try stacking the rewards with online rebates found through companies like Ebates to maximize savings and get some money back in the process!

Online shop through your credit lenders website

Many banks, like Wells Fargo and Chase, offer multiple opportunities for cash back if you simply shop through the online portal provided on their website rather than buying from the store directly. Just go to your credit card provider’s site and find the feature that allows you to shop through the online portal and you could get extra cash back for every purchase you make. It’s worth the extra effort!

Check on your current credit card reward options

Many credit card providers will rotate rewards, offering different cash back or reward points opportunities for spending at various places. Especially around the holidays. Typically high traffic establishments are featured more often around this time. Check every week to see what department stores are added or if Amazon deals are available. They usually are.

Reserve your credit card for big purchases

This might seem like a no-brainer, but try and hold on to your credit card for big purchases only and use cash or debit where you can. It’s very easy to throw down that plastic for every single gift on your list, but it will be much better for you in the long run if you try to stick with the money you already have. Your credit card bill will thank you.

Think about repayment ahead of time

This is another item that may seem like a given, but it’s amazing how easy it is to hand over that card over and over again without thinking of the repercussions. Budget ahead of time and plan out how much you can spend from your own money and what you can put on your credit card. It will be much easier to avoid holiday debt if you’re conscious of it during your shopping.