Cell phone insurance


Cell phone insurance is one of those things we loathe paying for, but deep down we know we need it, but what if we told you, you might already have coverage with your credit card provider? Below we’ve highlighted a few cards that offer such protection. Continue reading to see whether yours is there.

Full disclosure: Our best advice is always to contact your provider to double check you’re entitled to this perk.

The Wells Fargo Propel American Express card

In addition to the card named above, there are plenty of other credit cards offered by Wells Fargo that give customer cell phone protection. If your claim’s successful, you can either repair or replace your stolen or damaged device.

The Uber Visa card

This credit card also provides mobile phone insurance that funds a maximum of $600. Your coverage protects you in the event of theft and/or damage. Just like the Wells Fargo Propel American Express card, you’ll need to shell out a $25 deductible to access your claim.

You’re also limited to making two claims a year, and these can’t exceed a total of $1,200.

The Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card

If you’re a business owner, this deal might be better suited to you. This card provides cell phone insurance for companies. You can claim on this insurance if you’re suffering from any of the following scenarios: theft, damage, and involuntary/accidental separation from your phone.

The Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card entitles customers to claim up to $600 to make right the issue. However, there is a $100 deductible. But unlike the other two cards, you can make up to three claims a year, totaling $1,800.

Are any of your credit cards listed here? If so, let us know in the comments!