credit cards

Consumers are savvier than ever, so shopping for credit cards shouldn’t be any different. We want a card that where we reap the benefits. However, the issue for many of us is that credit cards don’t appear to reward customers for their ongoing loyalty (especially in comparison to some of the fantastic introductory offers).

Take note of everything they offer

These days, most cards offer attractive sign-up bonuses — for example, low-interest rates, cash back, 0% APR, etc. You get the idea!

Sadly, there are only so many perks credit companies can offer. Otherwise, they’d fail to run at a profit. This forces them to try and balance their benefits to suit customers both in the short and long term.

A tricky balancing act

This poses a delicate balancing act that some credit card providers have successfully mastered.

For example, some of the Discover credit cards offer bonuses to new cardholders. They don’t, however, give them immediate access. Generally, they pledge to match all the rewards they’ve earned during their first year of using their card; then, at the end of the annum, they cash in!

When to change cards

If your card is perfect for everyday purchases, then there’s a good chance you should stick with what you know, rather than trading it in for an enticing introductory offer. However, if your lifestyle has drastically changed since the time you took out your credit card, it may be time for an upgrade.

For example, if you initially took this card to use the 0% intro APR offer, then it may not serve its purpose anymore. Perhaps you were in the middle of making a large purchase, and you’ve since paid this off. If you’re not reaping any other rewards from your card, it stands to reason there’s probably a better deal available.