Samantha Jayne

Our lives are incredibly hectic. No wonder people often opt for the most convenient choices. Why do in an hour what can be done in five minutes? But, is all of this convenience costing you unnecessary expenses? These are five areas where you should skimp on convenience to save some cash.

As Hard As It’s Going To Be, Stop Eating Out So Much

When you eat in, you pay for the cost of your food. When you eat out, you tip the waiter and pay overhead for the business. Eating out gets even more expensive if you use the convenience of a delivery service app. A $5 meal can end up costing $20!

Making Miscellaneous Online Purchases

Shopping online is great for finding cheaper prices, but there is also a potential pitfall. When making purchases that can be done with the click of a button, you’re more likely to make more purchases, and your decisions can be even more impulsive. Limit the time your browse online retailers.

No One Shares The Cost With Ridesharing Services

Uber, Lyft, and all ridesharing services are incredibly convenient. They are often cheaper than cabs, but surge pricing must be taken into consideration. If available in your area, public transportation is much cheaper than taxi or a ride sharing app. Some cities offer a single monthly cost for public transportation.

Don’t Pay When You Can DIY

Do you pay someone to wash your car or mow your lawn? Could you bathe your own dog? Can you think of any other services you buy that can be done at home? If you discontinue some services of convenience, you can have more disposable income to save or spend.

Do You Really Need The Premium Version Of That App?

Spotify and Pandora allow users to skip extra songs if they pay a monthly subscription. YouTube lets consumers go ad-free for a monthly subscription. Many gaming apps give you a boost to the next level if you pay only $0.99. All of these subscriptions and incidentals add up.