Buying a new car can be daunting, especially when you feel like the only thing you can afford is an old beater. But don’t worry! This list will take you on a practical, step-by-step journey on how to save on expensive car costs so you can afford the perfect vehicle for your motoring needs!

Explore your financing options

Take your time when shopping for a new car. Just because you’ve found the perfect one at your local dealership, doesn’t mean you have to stick with the financing options the dealer offers. Compare manufacturer rates, and those from banks and credit unions. Get all the info and try to counter offers to get the lowest rate. If you already have your ideal car, look at refinancing!

Talk with your insurance agent

Not many people take advantage of the fact that there are actual insurance agents who want to help you! Call up your company or set up an appointment to see if there are ways to cut down on your monthly payments. Most of the time you can bundle up and double down when it comes to new or existing policies.

Be a smart spender

If prospective gas costs are bringing you down, know that there are ways to get the most out of your gas tank. AARP claims using cruise control can reduce your highway fuel usage by 7%, saving you around $100 annually! Scout out the cheapest stations, and get hooked up with grocery store or credit cards that offer loyalty points. Wallet hacks for the win!

Save money on mileage

Gas and mileage go hand in hand. Keep both in check by maintaining proper control of your car while driving. No pretending to be Speed Racer, and no slamming on the brakes at every stop. Regularly check your tires to make sure they’re properly inflated. You’ll be shocked at the savings.

Extend the life of your new speedster

There’s a reason people refer to cars as their babies – they have to be taken care of! Perform regular oil changes and tune-ups to keep that motor running as long as possible. Performing minor tasks yourself via YouTube tutorials can also save you big bucks by avoiding meaty mechanic bills. Now, wise up and go get that car you’ve been eyeballing every day. You got this!