Every week, you have the opportunity to save back some cash. You don’t have to make enormous changes. Small sacrifices win the race. They also bulk up your savings account. Challenge yourself to create new habits this week. At the end, calculate how much money you’ve saved, then try to do even better next week.

Name brand ditch

Name brand items are expensive. No one needs to tell you that. What you may not realize is that off-brand items are just as good. Generic brands exist for a reason. As you shop this week, swap out name brands for store brands and generic options. It’s okay if you can’t do it for everything. Off-label Cheerios will never taste the same as real Cheerios.

Dirt cheap dinners

What’s your favorite dinner? What’s your favorite inexpensive food to make? As you plan meals for the week, stick to affordable recipes that are easy, simple, and lend themselves well to leftovers. Crockpot meals, pasta, and egg dishes are all top choices. Keep it as nutritious as possible, but do your best to save on groceries.

The carpool lane

Change the way you drive to work for at least one week. You have several options for this tip. Do you live close to your job? Consider walking or riding your bike. Commuters can carpool with colleagues who live close by, or hop onto public transportation. The only time public transport isn’t a worthwhile endeavor is if your bus or metro pass costs more than you spend on gas.

Out to lunch

Stop going out to lunch! It’s an expensive weekly habit that eats up more cash than you think. Use all those leftovers to your advantage. Pack your lunch with delicious, healthy foods that you love. Do the same thing with your coffee. Make it at home instead of buying Starbucks all week.

The lap of luxury

Think of the luxury items you indulge in, whether they’re weekly or not. For you, that might be a subscription to a premium cable channel or a bi-weekly massage. No one wants to cut their luxuries, but get rid of one of them this week, just to find out what you save.